skeptic or cynic

skeptical or cynical?

"Skepticism is a discipline fit to purify the mind of prejudice and render
it all the more apt, when the time comes, to believe and to act wisely."

George Santayana

"The skeptic does not mean him who doubts, but him who investigates or researches, as opposed to him who asserts and thinks he has found."

Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo

leap of faith

"Jesus' flesh is the tangible manifestation of God in and for this world and the visible way to reach the mystery of God." - Jon Sobrino Jesus the Liberator

An insurmountable problem with Christianity is the cultish requirement that disciples "believe" in a set of dogmatic concepts that require a "leap of faith".

The problem with this is that anyone can claim to have undergone a "leap of faith" and be "saved" but there is no way to know if their profession of belief is genuine or just an assertion in the hope of becoming a member of, or fitting in with, the social group.

Many myths from and before the period of time that Jesus lived speak of gods descending to Earth in the form of a human.

There are also myths that speak of virgin birth.

Anyone who has any understanding of the Catholic religion should understand that wherever the Catholics have gone as missionaries they have taken local gods and added them to their pantheon as saints.

This is a clever way to get the followers of other gods to also worship your god and tithe to your god.

This politically motivated adoption of other gods began in the Levant and can be seen in both Babylon and Eygpt.

Ancient religions are littered with stories of gods descending from the heavens to have intercourse with men and birth half-god, half-men offspring:

Abhimanyu incarnation of Varchas, son of moon god Chandra; Achilles born of mortal man and a nymph; Aeacus; Aeneas; Agenor; Alpheus; Amphion; Arcas; Arjuna son of the thunder-god Indra and incarnation of Shiva-Nataraja; Ashwathama contained the spark of the great god Rudra - god of cosmic destruction and universal dissolution; Aesculapius son of the sun god Apollo; Belus; Bhima son of god of air and wind Vayu; Bhishma incarnation of celestial god and king of Vasus; Cu Chulainn; Chrysaor son of sea god and Medusa and the brother to Pegasus; Clymene; Cycnus; Daedalus; Dardanus; Dhristadyumna materialised out of a ritual fire-altar, quasi incarnation of fire-god Agni; Dionysus son of Zeus; Drona contained a spark of Brihaspati; Epaphus; Faith; Florencia; Ghatotkacha born of a demigod and a demoness; Gilgamesh; Goliath a decedent of the Nephilim; Hanuman; Helen of Troy; Hercules ; Iasion; Iravan; Karna son of sun-god Surya; Kritavarma; Lakshmana incarnation of great dragon god Ananta; Minos; Memnon; Nakula son of one of the god Ashvini Kumaras; Otrera daughter of the war god; Orion son of Poseidon; Orpheus; Peirithous; Perseus; Kastor and Polydeukes; Pradyumna incarnation of Sanatkumara; Rhadamanthus; Sahadeva son of one of the god Ashvini Kumaras; Satyaki; Shantanu; Shikhandi; Sugreeva; Theseus; Tityas; Vali; Viviana; Yudhisthira son of god of death and justice Yama; Zetes; Zethus.

The phenomenon of an Avatar, the descent of the Divine in human and/or other forms, is still observed to this day in Shamanism, Hinduism, Ayyavazhi, Sikhism and Catholic Chistianity in the form of Saints.

Pope Francis gives Catholic church hundreds of new saints.

Thus Avataravada is one of the core principles of Hinduism along with Ekeshwaravada (One Supreme Divine Reality), Veda Praman (Authority of the Vedas), Atman, Karma, Murti Puja, Ahimsa, and Punarjanma (Reincarnation).


Christ the Creator

divinity of Jesus

The Supermanification of Jesus

The requirement of believing in the divinity of Jesus is a problem in that it takes the emphasis off of the Living Christ.

Common Christian belief is that Jesus died for communal sin.

Jesus lived and died for us, not for himself.

Therefore Jesus was selfless.

When the major concern becomes whether or not you believe that Jesus is a deity, as that belief is your key to heaven, then you have totally missed the point that Jesus the Tannaim was trying to make.

If you are worried about going to heaven then you are concerned with yourself which is not selfless.

Jesus the Tannaim asks us to have compassion for our neighbor as ourselves for two reasons:

1) If we are as concerned with what happens to our neighbor as much as we are concerned about ourselves then we are not likely to commit acts of aggression,

2) If we treat others with respect then that respect will be reflected back to us (by civilized individuals) making our lives more enjoyable and fulfilling. (This is the intelligent objective way to live.) Most people fail to realize that the behavioral disorders - lack of manners or failure to conform to the perceived social norm - is a reflection of the behavioral disorders others see in them.

Jesus the Tannaim set out a blueprint for mankind to create heaven on Earth but this is not fully reflected in the writing, rituals and traditions of any of the sects or cults claiming to be of the Christian church.

We truly know very little of the life and teachings Jesus the Therapeutae.

The narratives that are titled the gospels were written years and possibly centuries after Jesus of Nazareth walked the Earth.

We know that religion evolves, that religion is political, that motivations of mythweavers change over time and that understanding of reality evolves.

Men that have a vested interest in the status quo of existing institutions are not likely to give up their position nor are they likely to analyze and criticize their meal ticket even if they have an epiphany and recognize the fallacy they have adhered to.

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