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Chinese charater for control

Facebook: Colonialism 2.0. Managing Public Perception.
The Pinnacle of Social Engineering

New FOIA Documents Reveal DHS Social Media
Monitoring During Obama Inauguration

Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media

Army of fake social media friends to promote propaganda

US Military Caught Manipulating Social Media,
Running Mass Propaganda Accounts

Monsanto Scientist Drops Bombshell:
Entire Department Exists To “Discredit” Other Scientists

The British Army is Creating a Battalion of "Facebook Warriors"

you can check in anytime you like but you can never leave

Israel: Government pays students to fight internet battles

Cyber Attack Spikes Report of Collusion Between
Scientists, Industry, and Government

Offensive Cyber Operations in US Military Doctrine

Spies Infiltrate a Fantasy Realm of Online Games

Social Media in Strategic Communication

Army establishes Army Cyber Command

Wanted: Cyber Warriors and Media Sanitizers

Facebook Research: Violating Social Contracts

Fake Facebook page costs US taxpayer $134,000

Hundreds of South Carolina Inmates Sent to Solitary Confinement Over Facebook

The US government can brand you a terrorist based on a Facebook post

Israel student union sets up “war room” to sell Gaza massacre on Facebook

Hasbara spam alert: Israel's foreign ministry organising volunteers
to flood news websites with pro-Israeli comments

Internet outraged by Facebook's 'creepy' mood experiment

Everything We Know About Facebook's Secret Mood Manipulation Experiment

Facebook Tinkers With Users’ Emotions in News Feed Experiment, Stirring Outcry

Facebook's Psychological Experiments Connected
to Department of Defense Research on Civil Unrest

Did Pentagon Help Fund Facebook's Mood Manipulating Experiment?

"The trick to freeing oneself from the social cultural control grid is to stop building narratives and start living a ritual enactment of life. You step away from being the producer - director - actor and simply become the holy ghost soul driving a meat skeleton through moments of Reality."

Morning Star Athbhreith Athbheochan Kwisatz Haderach Druid

HAL 9000

behavior molding

perceptual control theory

Behavioural Insights Team - GOV.UK

White House forming 'nudge squad' to influence Americans

White House presses for team of ‘nudge’ experts to sway American behavior

Four librarians gagged and threatened with prison time under the Patriot Act

Watching Behavior Before Writing the Rules

"If you are not one of us, you are one of them!"

Why do innocent people confess to a crime?

"Dominance creates megalomanic illusions of insuperable control.
This illusion in turn is crystallized into a prevailing ideology of dominance.
This ideology is delusional, indeed perhaps insane."
- Peter Dale Scott

fat, poor and stupid

"Our zeal to control anyone harmful to ourselves or our group is so primal in its near-reflex necessity as to leave no doubt that it is also encoded at the instinctual level. Our instinct, however, does not differentiate between behavior motivated by simple human failure and behavior performed by individuals with pathological aberrations." - Andrew M. Lobaczewski
{Psychopaths obscure their crimes by claimed they are simply "mistakes" due to human error!}

"So long as we need to control other people, however benign our motives, we are captive to that need. In giving them freedom, we free ourselves."
– Marilyn Ferguson

"There have always been plenty of control freaks in Washington who feel the primary purpose of the Federal government is to use its coercive powers to impose their will on everyone else. From the very beginning this sick breed of humans has recognized that they can control the entire country by controlling the small group of people we call our representatives in Congress." - Bruce McDonald

"Despite the strenuous efforts of government, business, the church, the schools, to control their thinking million of Americans are ready to consider harsh criticism of the existing system, to contemplate other ways of living." - Howard Zinn

"Perfect deterministic, reductionistic knowledge suggests the possibility of perfect control.

Control the initial conditions of any system, and you control the outcome.

The world of control that determinism opens up extends far beyond science and technology. In politics too, and indeed in personal life, control rests upon a similar foundation: the application of force based on precise data about reality.

Accordingly, power-hungry politicians and totalitarian governments are obsessed with controlling the flow of information because, in their view, knowledge is power.

The same goes for all controlling personalities. They want to be privy to inside information; they want to know your secrets; they hate it when something happens behind their backs.

That knowledge is equivalent to information is a direct consequence of the world-view that arose with Newtonian kinetics. We try to discover all the "forces" bearing on a situation; knowing them, we can control the outcome, provided we have enough force of our own.

Whether in physics or politics, force plus information equals control.

Keep that formula in mind next time you read the news. F + I = C.

Unfortunately the strategy of control only works in certain limited circumstances. It fails miserably in non-linear systems, in which effects feed back into causes. Tiny errors lead to huge uncertainties and radically unpredictable results.

The situation spins out of control.

Despite centuries of progress in the technologies of control, we have made little overall progress in improving ecological, social, and political conditions.

If nature is inherently unpredictable and mysterious, if it somehow eludes complete description in the form of numbers, if identical setups produce different results each time, then the goal of perfect control is unattainable." - Charles Eisenstein


control is defined as:

personal agency

to hold in restraint; check.

to reduce or prevent the spread of.

to adjust to a requirement; regulate.

Influence skillfully to one's advantage.

a restraining device, measure, or limit.

verify by using a duplicate register for comparison.

discipline in personal and social activities.

a mechanism that controls the operation of a machine.

have a firm understanding or knowledge of; be on top of.

the activity of managing or exerting control over some thing; evil doers try to control others.

an intelligence agent who supervises or instructs another agent.

to exercise authoritative or dominating influence over; direct.

lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits.

power or authority to check or restrain; restraining or regulating influence.

a relation of constraint of one entity (thing or individual or group) by another.

to exercise restraining or governing influence over; to check; to counteract; to restrain; to regulate; to govern; to overpower.

any of the physical factors determining the climate of any particular place, as latitude,distribution of land and water, altitude, exposure, prevailing winds, permanent high or low barometric pressure areas, ocean currents, mountain barriers, soil, and vegetation.

television free range chicken

control through television

In 1969, Herbert E. Krugman conducted a series of experiments regarding the effect of television on a person’s brainwaves. What he found was pretty startling:

Herbert E. Krugman monitored a person through many trials and found that in less than one minute of television viewing, the person’s brainwaves switched from Beta waves - brainwaves associated with active, logical thought - to primarily Alpha waves. When the subject stopped watching television and began reading a magazine, the brainwaves reverted to Beta waves.

A ‘Beta’ state is considered a normal, awake state, while ‘Alpha’ states are experienced in a deep relaxation or ‘daydreaming’ state. When in the Alpha state, a person is subjected to a passive learning experience with the right side of the brain at the wheel, leaving critical thinking skills behind.

Type ‘television’ and ‘low vibrational energy’ into a search engine, and it’ll quickly return the fact that watching a lot of TV is like undressing your mind and submerging it into a bath of negative energy. TV effectively numbs the left brain while rendering your right brain incapable of properly decoding and critically analyzing the information being presented to you. Essentially, you go into a hypnotic trance. You are on ‘auto-pilot’.

Herbert E. Krugman concluded:

a) "Internal Alpha responses can be stimulated by appropriate external rhythms or frequencies."

b) “The time may come when the mass media may create special programs to help people modify certain attitudes or behavior."

c) “This means that passively learned material has an important ‘advantage’ which some have also associated with so called subliminal perception, extrasensory perception, or hypnotism."

d) “For early education there may be an opportunity to accept the fact that many children fidget in class, and that this interference with their attention is not to be blamed on parents, teachers, or the child. Mild drugging of these children, or training in relaxation through Alpha driving, may be dramatically helpful to their educational achievement."

e) “For public television there may be an opportunity to accept without shame the fact that it has taught violence to an entire generation. The clear store of television violence is not that a new generation is more violent but that the new generation knows more violence. The political consequences of this may yet be what some would call 'good' (e.g., pacifist)."

f) “It is possible that the relaxed and successful character of passive learning can be enhanced by the artificial induction of Alpha rhythm, this with the aid of a flickering light."

[Televison flicker rate operates at 50 Hz (PAL, SÉCAM systems) or 60 Hz (NTSC).]

"Let me try to explain the special qualities of one, two and three exposures. I stop at three because as you shall see there is no such thing as a fourth exposure psychologically; rather fours, fives, etc., are repeats of the third exposure effect:

Exposure # 1 is a "What is it?" type of response.

Exposure #2 will elicit some response of the remembrance of the first time and attempt to find something new or novel, not seen the first time if only to discard the image or object as of no further interest. The second exposure response is "What of it?" ... Does it have personal relevance ?

By Exposure #3 the viewer has been through "What is it's?" and "What of it's?," so by the third viewing, the image or object is locked in through interest. Given the proper future contextual stimuli, such as a corporate logo, immediate recognition of the image or object occurs.

"There is a myth in the advertising world that viewers will forget your message if you don’t repeat your advertising often enough. It is this myth that supports many large advertising expenditures… I would rather say the public comes closer to forgetting nothing they have seen on TV. They just ‘put it out of their minds’ until and unless it has some use and then the response to the commercial continues."

Herbert E. Krugman spent decades at General Electric (GE) headquarters as corporate manager of public-opinion research.

"The way in which you restrain people from doing a wide variety of things, not compatible with the social order of which they are members, is that you subject them to ritual. The process is simple: you make them dance round a totem pole until they are wild with excitement and become jellies in the hysteria of collective frenzy; you enhance their emotional state by any device, by all the locally available audio-visual aids, drugs, dance, music and so on; and once they are really high, you stamp upon their minds the type of concept or notion to which they subsequently become enslaved. Next morning, the savage wakes up with a bad hangover and a deeply internalized concept. The idea is that the central feature of religion is ritual, and the central role of ritual is the endowment of individuals with compulsive concepts which simultaneously define their social and natural world and restrain and control their perceptions and comportment, in mutually reinforcing ways. These deeply internalized notions henceforth oblige them to act within the range of prescribed limits. Each concept has a normative binding content, as well as a kind of organizational descriptive content. The conceptual system maps out social order and required conduct, and inhibits inclinations to thought or conduct which would transgress its limits. I can see no other explanation concerning how social and conceptual order and homogeneity are maintained within societies which, at the same time, are so astonishingly diverse when compared with each other.

One species has somehow escaped the authority of nature, and is no longer genetically programmed to remain within a relatively narrow range of conduct, so it needs new constraints. The fantastic range of genetically possible conduct is constrained in any one particular herd, and obliged to respect socially marked bounds. This can only be achieved by means of conceptual constraint, and that in turn must somehow be instilled. Somehow, semantic, culturally transmitted limits are imposed on men…" (Ernest Gellner, Anthropology and Politics, Blackwell, 1995.)


A human brain that is calcified in a belief system - believing it because their social group, peers, family, also believe it - literally experiences pain if they try to open their mind and think in an unlimited and unbiased way.

The same thing happens to a person trying to understand the different social constraints that are accepted as perfectly normal in a different cultural group.

social control through drugs
social control through religion
social control through fear and anger
social control through public 'education'
social control through ideological divisions
social control through popular culture and mass media
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