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"Historically, society evolves in cycles from one governed by imagination, superstition, and custom to one governed by rational understanding and that, in turn, declines into a society governed by imagination." - Giambattista Vico

All cultures have both patriarchal and matriarchic elements.

The "balance" of patriarchal and matriarchic elements
can be observed in macro-cultural behavior.


American Culture

mercantilism spawns MICE culture

chains of social culture bind

Infusing our entire culture,
anxiety fuels our defining
compulsion to control.

Culture is defined as:

shared knowledge and values of a society

refinement formed by aesthetic and intellectual training

predominating attitudes and behavior that characterize the functioning of a group

A particular civilization at a particular stage of intellectual and artistic activity and the work produced.

The state of being cultivated; physical improvement; enlightenment and discipline acquired by mental and moral training; civilization; result of civilization; refinement in manners and taste.

The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought patterns considered as the expression of a particular period, class, community, or population.

I'll tolerate 'em when they when they stop being freaks and act like me

The cultural genome:
Google Books reveals traces of fame,
censorship and changing languages

pyschological manipulation of consciousness

American culture: paradoxical paralogical psychopathic

Early American culture honored the value of hard work, integrity, courage and 'character' - a function of individual moral fiber.
American culture evolved with coming of the Eastern Europeans.

Modern American culture honors the personality of the celebrity, superficial charm, artificial charisma, political correctness, appearance of wealth, and transhumanism through allopathic intervention.

Embedded deep within the American psyche is technological utopianism.

As technology progresses"problems" will be "solved" by new technological breakthroughs like iphones.

"Many fresh college graduates knowledge of reality is remarkably limited. The notion of learning from a tight knit family community is just part of what has passed from American culture." - Frederick J. Parrella

political correctness

"The social role demanded of all in the new culture of personality was that of a performer. Every American was to become a performing self."- Warren Susman

other cultures
drugged into stupidity

Hunter-gatherers and the mythology of the market

An irony of modern life is that, in spite of spectacular increases in material abundance and centuries of technological progress, hunter-gatherers, people who have lived with almost no material possessions, have enjoyed lives in many ways as satisfying and rewarding as lives led in the industrial North.

Neoclassical economic theory contains more than a set of beliefs about human nature. It is also an ideology justifying the existing economic organization, resource use, and distribution of wealth

Hunter-gatherers don't burn more calories

How Hunter-Gatherers Maintained Their Egalitarian Ways

For aging hunter-gatherers, hypertension is rare

Health risks of physically strenuous work

Scant Evidence that Early Prehistoric People were Warlike

cultural assumptions

mercantilism spawns MICE culture


5th century Mongolian-Turk Khazars ravage and plunder Europe as part of Attila's horde. They eventually settle in the area of Southern Russia and Ukraine.

652 They form the medieval kingdom of Khazaria. For centuries the Khazars control the trade between China and Europe along the ancient Silk Road, providing them with the tax revenue to pay for the largest standing army in Europe.

late 8th century Khazars convert to Judaism allowing them to trade with both their Muslim and Christian neighbors.

By the tenth century the Khazars controls all trade from the plains of Hungary to the Aral Sea and Ural Mountains. The capital of Kazaria, Itil, is at the crossroads of east-west as well as north-south trade routes. The Khazars extracted a large revenue from taxing goods passing through their territories, to the civilizations of Islam, Byzantium, western European kingdoms, northern Europe, and the Turkic peoples to the east of their domains.

Byzantium regarded Khazaria as more important than any Western kingdom, as can be seen from the Byzantine emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos where letters of correspondence to the Khaqan of the Khazars are to be given a gold seal worth three solidi whereas those addressed to the pope in Rome, the 'Emperor in the West', are given a seal worth only two solidi.

1016 Khazaria is conquered when a joint Russo-Byzantine expedition is launched against the Khazars. The Khazar empire suffers an irremediable loss and dissolves.

Sephardic Iberian Peninsula Jews

During the synthesis of cultures around the Mediterranean Jewish merchants migrated to North Africa and they brought their culture, in the form of their religion, with them.

Once the Alexandrian Hebrews, the Pharisees, scribed the mythology of the Hebrews and the council of seventy translated these scriptures into Greek, the resulting Greek Septuagint was used to convert people of the Hellenism centered culture to Judaism.

Tannaim were Hebrew teachers that taught the Oral Tradition of the Hebrews. Jesus of Nazareth was a Tannaim that believed in teaching followers of other traditions the Oral Tradition of the Hebrews. The Pharisees disapproved of the Oral Tradition as it was based upon natural moral law and not statutes.

Around the period of time Jesus walked the Earth a group of indigenous Moroccan Berbers adopted the Hebrew faith and culture by converting to Judaism but it is unclear whether they adopted the religion from a teacher or a book.

8th century Jewish Moroccan Berbers enter Spain after the Moorish invasion as part of the occupation force serving their Moorish masters as tax collectors and dominating the Western trade route to the Orient.

1492 Iberian Peninsula catholicized with the fall of the last Islamic state in Iberia at Granada. Many of the Iberian Peninsula Sephardic Jews move to Holland and later England, where they are at the forefront of Dutch and English efforts to take over the lucrative spice, silk and slave trade from their (mostly Jewish) Portuguese and Arab competitors.

Semitic Mizrahi Jews

The Sassoons, Baghdadi Jews, established themselves Mumbai. They totally integrated into Indian culture taking family surnames and family names were like those of other Indians names, wearing traditional Indian clothing and even adopting the culinary habits of Indians. Persian speaking Jews closely related to Baghdadi Jews from Afghanistan and Iran came with the Ghaznavid, Ghori and Moghal invasions of Mahmud (11th century), Muhammad (12th century) and Babur (16th century). The most obscure of Indian Jews, they were traders and courtiers of the Mughal. Jewish advisors at the Court of Akbar the Great in Agra played a significant role in Akbar's liberal religious policies and they built a synagogue there.

The Baghdadi Zionist Jews of India emigrated to Israel, the US and the UK following Indian independence as they feared that an independent India would become hostile to Communist Zionists.

The Kadoorie family, originally Mizrahi Jews from Baghdad, established trading houses in Mumbai, India and later in Hong Kong and Shanghai, China.

Sassoons and Kadoorie families main source of wealth came from the opium trade and these families were responsible for the Opium Wars which drowning the country in cheap opium from India and Afghanistan.

In 1860, during the second Opium War, Lord Elgin, the British High Commissioner to China, took 3,500 British troops to set the entire Old Summer Palace ablaze. The massive fire lasted for three days. 300 remaining eunuchs and palace maids perished. Only 13 buildings survived intact, most of them in remote areas or by the lakeside.

"You can scarcely imagine the beauty and magnificence of the places we burnt. It made one's heart sore to burn them; in fact, these places were so large, and we were so pressed for time, that we could not plunder them carefully. Quantities of gold ornaments were burnt, considered as brass. It was wretchedly demoralising work for an army." - Charles George Gordon

After the Boxer Rebellion the Summer Palace was sacked once again and completely destroyed in 1900 when the forces of the Eight-Nation Alliance invaded Beijing.

Ashekanzi Jews brought communist ideology to China, financing and arming the communist party, for the same reason as they did in Russia and elsewhere, the refusal of the government to hand over the lucrative central banking business (ability to create fungible assets) to the international bankster cartel.

In the late 19th century, Jewish Chinese drug lords began funding 'China towns' all over the world as operational bases for their fledgling global drug business, using local authorities as their distribution channel to circumvent prohibition. Later with their Siclian Italian counterparts they set up New York Pizza pallors to sell their Marsellies heroin which originated in the Golden Triangle.

Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mizrahi have a 14 centuries old business relationships with the Chinese along the Silk Road.

1972 Henry Kissinger and Mao Zedong create the framework for Western firms to set up manufacturing plants in China. Hong Kong sweatshops, previously restrained in their growth by soaring real estate prices and labor costs, seize the opportunity. They move their factories across the border to Shenzhen, enabling them to flood the world with cheap products.

350,000 Hong Kong blue collar jobs get lost in the process, by 2010 over 1.5 million Hong Kong white collar workers - about a third of the entire Hong Kong workforce - commuted across the border every day, to manage and supervise the millions of Chinese workers, working 70-80 hour weeks - in appalling conditions - for as little as US$400.

Ashkenazi controlled Western multinational corporations quickly follow, forcing their competitors to do the same or go out of business. Western consumers are hard pressed to find a manufactured good that is not made in China. The rise of China is no accident.

From the perspective of a Zaddikim Zionist or Ashkenazi Vampire it killed two birds with one stone. Increased profits, accelerated the enslavement of Western peoples while destroying the Western individualist's psyche.

From a Chinese communists' point of view, it is equally beneficial. China became the world's number one economy while destroying the Western individualist's psyche making collapsing Western culture sycophants ripe for harvesting.


"It staggers me to think that there are many who now associate 'freedom' with the normalization of everything formerly regarded as morally repugnant, when the truth is we're building a world in which the majority will be slaves to every whim and fancy, not to mention dark and abhorrent desire, the human imagination can conceive." - Jonathan Stonehouse

Modern anti-culture (popular culture) is relentlessly negative, increasingly obscene, attacks the sources of dignity, decency and hope that define us as human beings rather than animals. True culture is based on refining our animal instincts in terms of our spiritual ideals (like truth, justice, goodness and beauty.)

Anti-culture is based on demoralizing and destroying society by disparaging spiritual ideals.

Anti-culture portrays man in purely materialistic terms. Every sexual impulse and bodily function, recognized and often indulged, is considered "courageous" while to be demur is considered prudish. Human dignity requires privacy. Female allure requires modesty and mystery. We have souls, not only bodies. The exaltation of man's animal nature, at the expense of his spiritual qualities, is a direct consequence of the deification of man.

Anti-culture assumes that man is a finished product and doesn't need to be transformed by God's Compassion. A symptom of making man God is that we worship human beings. We worship a cult of great minds, a cult of great beauty, a cult of great wealth and power.

By eating the forbidden fruit, Lucifer promised: "Your eyes will be open and you will be like god, defining good and evil." (Genesis 3:5)

God is good. When man makes himself god, good becomes whatever the most powerful man or group wants.

Anti-culture can be traced to the Zaddikim view of their "chosenness."

Originally Hebrews had a conception of God as a Universal Moral Force.

79 BC The Saducees are defeated at Masada and the Pharisees proclaimed the supremacy of the rabbinic interpretation of the Torah.

Rabbinic interpretation teaches that Hebrews were exceptional - chosen by god to lead mankind - godlike with the right to redefine reality.

"Christianity is essentially preoccupied with the individual salvation of man. Zionism only contemplates the salvation of the House of Israel." - Wladimir Rabinovitch

"The advent of Jesus was a national catastrophe for the Pharisees. Until then they alone had been the sons of the covenant; they had been its sole high priests and beneficiaries.... The irreducible antagonism with which Judaism has opposed Christianity for 2000 years is the key and mainspring of modern subversion ...[The Jew] championed reason against the mythical world of the spirit ... he was the doctor of unbelief; all those who were mentally in revolt came to him either secretly or in broad daylight..." - Leon de Poncins

Modern anti-culture (popular culture) makes men into Gods. Man defines everything including goodness and truth. The result is that we are in a spiritual prison cut off from God and oppressed by relentless reminders of our own stunted development. I'm afraid spiritual and psychological enslavement is but a prelude to a political and economic one." - Henry Makow, April 18, 2004

"You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies." - John 8:44

"In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God." - 2 Corinthians 4:4

Phariseeism = Zionism = Talmudism = Vampirism = Kabbalahism = the ideology of the Zaddikim

Phariseeism also Pharisaism:

The doctrines and practices of the Pharisees.

Hypocritical observance of religious law without regard for the spirit; sanctimoniousness.

The Free Dictionary online April 11, 2008
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