culture is your operating system

"The social forms and institutions of nonaggressive cultures positively reinforce acts that benefit the group as a whole while negatively reinforcing acts (and eliminating goals) that harm some members of the group.

The social forms of aggressive cultures, on the other hand, reward actions that emphasize individual gain, even or especially when that gain harms others in the community." - Ruth Benedict

Human nature is shaped by culture

The messy biological basis of culture

"Historically, society evolves in cycles from one governed by imagination, superstition, and custom to one governed by rational understanding and that, in turn, declines into a society governed by imagination." - Giambattista Vico

chains of social culture bind

Open vs. Closed Stratification Systems

The Cultural Sickness Needs to be Named

mercantilism spawns MICE culture

Zionist anti-culture

Infusing our entire culture,
anxiety fuels our defining
compulsion to control

Culture may be defined as:

shared knowledge and values of a society

refinement formed by aesthetic and intellectual training

'civilization' at a particular stage of intellectual and artistic activity.

predomint attitudes and behavior that characterize the functioning of a group

The totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns:



products of human labor;

thought patterns considered as the expression of a particular period, class, community, or population as exemplified by lifestyle and activities.

The cultural genome:
Google Books reveals traces of fame,
censorship and changing languages

I'll tolerate 'em when they when they stop being freaks and act like me

American culture:
paradoxical paralogical psychopathic

Early American culture honored the value of hard work, integrity, courage and 'character' - a function of individual moral fiber.

American culture evolved with coming of the Eastern European Jews.

Modern American anti-culture honors the personality of celebrity:

superficial charm, artificial charisma, political correctness, appearance of wealth, and transhumanism through allopathic intervention.

Embedded deep within the American psyche is technological utopianism.

As technology progresses"problems" will be "solved" by new technological breakthroughs like iphones.

"Many fresh college graduates knowledge of reality is remarkably limited.

The notion of learning from a tight knit family community is just part of what has passed from American culture." - Frederick J. Parrella

political correctness

"The social role demanded of all in the
new culture of personality was that of a performer.

Every American was to become a performing self."

Warren Susman

pyschological manipulation of consciousness

Zionist anti-culture

"It staggers me to think that there are many who now associate 'freedom' with the normalization of everything formerly regarded as morally repugnant, when the truth is we're building a world in which the majority will be slaves to every whim and fancy, not to mention every dark and abhorrent desire the human imagination can conceive." - Jonathan Stonehouse

Modern anti-culture (popular culture), in descension, is relentlessly negative, increasingly obscene, attacks the source of human dignity - decency and hope - that defines us as human beings rather than animals.

Gnostikos culture, in ascension, is based on refining the human animal's instincts in terms of human spiritual ideals (like truth, justice, goodness and beauty.)

Anti-culture is based on demoralizing and destroying society by disparaging spiritual ideals.

Souls inhabit flesh during a physical human lifetime which is very short in cosmic terms.

Anti-culture portrays man in purely materialistic terms.

Every sexual impulse and bodily function, recognized and often indulged, is considered "courageous" while to be demur is considered prudish.

Human dignity requires privacy.

Female allure requires modesty and mystery.

The exaltation of man's animal nature, at the expense of his spiritual qualities, is a direct consequence of the deification of man.

Anti-culture assumes man is a finished product and doesn't need to be transformed by the Agápe of the Creator and Sustainer.

A symptom of making man into God is that we worship official human beings.

We worship a cult of great minds, a cult of great beauty, a cult of great wealth and power, a cult of muscle men, a cult of crooks and a cult of pantywaists.

By eating the forbidden fruit, Lucifer promised:

"Your eyes will be open and you will be like god, defining good and evil." (Genesis 3:5)

When man makes himself god collective insanity follows.

Anti-culture can be traced to back to the Zaddikim.

"Christianity is essentially preoccupied with the individual salvation of man. Zionism only contemplates the salvation of the House of Israel." - Wladimir Rabinovitch

"The advent of Jesus was a national catastrophe for the Pharisees.

Until then they alone had been the sons of the covenant; they had been its sole high priests and beneficiaries.

The irreducible antagonism with which Judaism has opposed Christianity for 2000 years is the key and mainspring of modern subversion." - Leon de Poncins

Zionist anti-culture (popular culture) makes men into Gods.

other cultures
drugged into stupidity

An irony of modern life is that, in spite of spectacular increases in material abundance and centuries of technological progress, hunter-gatherers, people who have lived with almost no material possessions, have enjoyed lives in many ways as satisfying and rewarding as lives led in the industrial North.

Neoclassical economic theory contains more than a set of beliefs about human nature. It is also an ideology justifying the existing economic organization, resource use, and distribution of wealth.

Health risks of physically strenuous work

Hunter-gatherers don't burn more calories

For aging hunter-gatherers, hypertension is rare

Hunter-gatherers and the mythology of the market

How Hunter-Gatherers Maintained Their Egalitarian Ways

Scant Evidence that Early Prehistoric People were Warlike

cultural assumptions

subconscious determinants of free decisions in the human brain

unique library index

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American social mores and values have declined precipitously over the last century as the corrupt international cartel has garnered more and more power. This power rests in the ability to deceive the populace in general through corporate media by pressing emotional buttons which have been preprogrammed into the population through prior corporate media psychological operations. The results have been the destruction of the family and the destruction of social structures that do not adhere to the corrupt international elites vision of a perfect world. Through distraction and coercion the direction of thought of the bulk of the population has been directed toward solutions proposed by the corrupt international elite that further consolidates their power and which further their purposes.

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