"There can be no freedom without freedom to fail."
Eric Hoffer

Failure as a Way of Life

"The visceral experience of failure seems to have been edited out of the career trajectories of gifted students.

It stands to reason, then, that those who end up making big decisions that affect all of us don't seem to have much sense of their own fallibility, and of how badly things can go wrong even with the best of intentions.

No doubt because those who sit on the swivel chairs tend to live remote from the consequences of the decisions they make." - Matthew B. Crawford

"Do not be discouraged by anything you would call a failure.
Discouragement is a trick of the ego that seeks immediate results.

It is the ego insisting on a perfection that does not exist.

Leave perfection to God." - Vincent Cole

Failure can knock self-worth surprisingly early

Fail is defined as:

being unsuccessful

proven insufficiency

judged unacceptable

fall short of expectations

ceasing proper functioning

perform ineffectively or inadequately

disappoint, prove undependable, abandon or forsake

decline in strength resulting from excessive strain; made otherwise useless

The ultimate taboo - failure!

"The Rolling Stones had it right you can't always get what you want.

Nevertheless, losing is a taboo in American society.

The ultimate put down is "loser," and failure is the ultimate f-word.

Hundreds of books have been written on how to win; there are scarcely any on how to lose.

We forget that losers changed the world.

Columbus missed his target by thousands of miles.

Thomas Edison had most of his inventing triumphs before the age of 40, and in his later years he rolled up an ever increasing number of failures.

Mozart died impoverished and was buried in the pauper's section of the cemetery.

Most of the first edition of "Walden" remained in Henry David Thoreau's personal library.

Winston Churchill distracted himself from defeat with painting, writing, gardening and breeding butterflies.

Winner worship is embedded early.

Children returning from games are asked whether they won or lost, when they should be asked whether they had fun, or asked nothing at all.

Parents often play games with their children and allow them to win, ill preparing them for the 'game' of life.

Some educators feel that flunking a class is so detrimental to self-respect that they move children along to the next grade - to bigger failures to come.

Nowhere is winner worship and loser loathing more evident than in sports or in that other great arena: politics.

Few losers suffer more acutely than defeat candidates.

Jimmy Carter was stunned by his land-slide 1980 loss to Ronald Reagan, and for about five years he vanished from the national media.

He took no part in the 1984 presidential campaign - even though his former vice president, Walter Mondale, was running against Ronald Reagan.

Americans still revere the images of the lone cowboy, riding off into the sunset in search of his destiny.

But how many of us are timid couch potatoes, spectators at the game of life, content to see the spotlight on the winning team, to forget about the other side of every zero sum transaction?

Americans need to confront their losers and their losses.

Something as universal as failure deserves our attention.

Losing can be positive and enabling if it compels us to examine why we lost."

adapted from William Ecenbarger

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