Marshall Applewhite

Heaven's Gate Cult Initiation

Marshall Applewhite took 38 followers through Heaven's Gate to hitch a ride on the comet Hale-Bopp in 1997.

divine plan

Jim Jones

Peoples Temple is highly-acclaimed for humanitarian service.

Jim Jones is swiftly gaining a reputation as a political dissident, setting up Peoples Temple as a public forum for a host of leaders and causes on the left.

Spring of 1977 A fierce smear campaign is concocted by Elmer and Deanna Mertle, (Jeannie and Al Mills), and published in the Murdoch and Hearst presses in San Francisco.

The Mills coordinated with David Conn.

David Conn and his ex-wife Donna, bragged of "high priority Treasury Department numbers" in secretly taped conversations.

Intensive lobbying campaigns in both Washington and Georgetown (the Guyanese capital) follow.

Fall of 1977 After the original smear in Murdoch’s New West magazine, duplicate smears appeared in newspapers thousands of miles apart, in the Toronto Star, where there was known to be a large concentration of Guyanese immigrants, and in the New Times weekly in the Soviet Union.

November 18, 1977 Timothy O. Stoen - attorney, strategist, close confidante and friend of Jim Jones - lures Congressman Leo Ryan to Jonestown, to his death by claiming paternity of Jim Jones’ son, John Victor.

Leo Ryan is the most vocal CIA critic in Congress at the time.

The airstrip death had all the earmarks of a professional military hit.

Disturbing facts later emerged from the Guyanese coroner, Leslie Mootoo.

Hundreds of bodies were forcibly injected from behind while trying to escape, shot with guns or arrows.

187 bodies killed by injections were examined by Mootoo and his team.

Victims had been injected in portions of their bodies they could not have reached themselves, such as between the shoulder blades.

US Special Forces (Green Berets) were in Jonestown within 6 hours.

"We saw many bullet wounds as well as wounds from crossbow bolts." - Charles Huff, US Army Special Forces

February, 1980 Mills are found dead in their Berkeley home.
Police described the killings as "professional," using dum-dum bullets while leaving no traceable clues.

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