The House Of Saud:
It’s Jewish Origin And Installation By The British Crown

Taliban indoctrinates kids with jihadist textbooks paid for by US

Mohammad Javad Zarif: Let Us Rid the World of Wahhabism


"The main obstacles to investigate Islamic terrorism were US oil corporate interests and the role played by Saudi Arabia in it." - John P. O'Neil, died on Sept. 11, 2001

"If the grace and mercy of Allah is present, then surely one reforms, otherwise, the person just wanders around in the desert of knowledge and intellectualism.

After studying the educational history of the Earth, this point becomes very clear that all the mischief and chaos that were forged, were all at the hands of intellectuals and geniuses.

During the period of Ilm (knowledge) a greater portion of Fitna (mischief) appeared by the way of Ilm.

Even among the Ulama-e-Haqq, many geniuses due to their sharp intelligence and accentricity became victims of their wrong thoughts and ideas." - Moulana Muhammad Yusuf Binnori

The House of Saud became powerful on the Arabian pennisula in the eighteenth century, when the radical cleric Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, the founder of the puritanical Wahhabi movement, wandered into Dar'iya, near present-day Riyadh, and made a bargain with its ruler, Muhammad ibn Saud.

The Saud family would provide the generals, and the Wahhabi's would provide the foot soldiers.

Islamic extremists have been fighting imperial Christian and Talmudic powers for over a millennium.

Islamic extremists insist that Islamic governments be based on Islamic law - Sharia, Shari-'ah, Shari'a, Shariah or Syariah- the Law of Allah.

Islam classically draws no distinction between religious and secular life. In truth Islamic cultures vary as much as Christian or Talmudic cultures.

To extremists like the Wahhabi secular state religions or any other version of their particular sect of extremist religion is a threat to the power structure much in the same way the rabbis of the Warsaw Ghetto saw Moses Mendelssohn.

Mawdudi and the Jamaat-e-Islami have existed in Pakistan for over a half century.

In Saudi Arabia Wahhabism rose due to a deal that the House of Saud cut with the Wahhabi.

The Wahhabi promised not to speak out against the opulent and ostentatious life style of the royal family members of the House of Saud if they were given funds to run madrasas.

Popular imams all over Saudi Arabia have called openly for a jihad against the West.

Two out of every three Ph.D.s earned in Saudi Arabia are in Islamic studies.

Fifteen of the nineteen hijackers on 911 were Saudis.

Until 911, Saudis were not even required to appear at the American embassy in Riyadh or the consulate in Jidda for a visa interview.

Under a system called Visa Express a Saudi had only to send his passport, an application, and the application fee to a travel agent.

America, directly and indirectly, supported the rise of Wahhabism.

Directly by supporting the Taliban in the civil war in Afghanistan, the despotic governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and the military government of Pakistan.

Indirectly by purchasing petroleum from the House of Saud.

1997 Abdul Aziz coordinates a $100 million aid package for the Taliban. All of the wealth of the House of Saud comes from oil sales, much of that oil is and was sold to America. Much of the Saudi money was funneled into Pakistan to support religious madrass.

1998 Attacks on the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, supposedly organized by Usamah bin Mohammad bin Laden from his bases in Afghanistan.

House of Saud continues to aid the Taliban and its main supporter in the region, Pakistan.

The Pakistanis are directly involved with the civil war in Afghanistan as money, supplied by the American government through the CIA, is funneled through the Pakistani Intelligence Service to provide arms and ammunition to professional mercenaries, Usamah bin Mohammad bin Laden for one, that were fighting the USSR supported marxist government of Afghanistan.


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"What I do know, what the money trails do show, is that the Saudi's are complicit. In other words, the ones that are extremely fundamentalist, the ones that promote Wahhabism - I'm not saying it's all of them, but parts of them - are working hand-in-hand, lock step with elements within American intelligence whether it's official or unofficial. There's proof of that." - Indira Singh

"Reports are tacitly washing the hands of actors like Washington, Tel Aviv, Paris, and London clean of blood by trying to construct a series of false narratives that either blame everything on a regional rivalry between Tehran and Riyadh or the premise that the Sunni Muslims and Shi'a Muslims are fighting an eternal war that they are biologically programmed to wage against one another. The US and Israel have been prodding the House of Saud - which does not represent the Sunni Muslims, let alone the people of Saudi Arabia which are under its occupation - against Iran, all the while trying to conceal and justify the conflict being instigated as some sort of "natural" rivalry between Shi'a and Sunnis that is being played out across the Middle East." - Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya 1/6/14

70,000 Indian Muslim clerics issue fatwa against ISIS, Taliban, al-Qa`ida

Saudi Arabia may be getting out of the Oil Business

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