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Don’t Lock Laws Behind Paywalls

How I Changed My Mind on Intellectual Property

Librarian of Congress Renews and Expands Protections for Fair Uses

Copyright Monopoly Created As Censorship Instrument

Fair Use Protects So Much More Than Many Realize

The Constitution gives individuals the sole rights to their own creations for a limited time.

Creative works originally held an intial copyright period of 28 years from the date publication; a copyright could be renewed for another 28 years for a total of 56 years.

1976 Copyright Act changes existing copyright.

After January 1, 1978, the copyright period was changed to life of the author plus fifty years after the author's demise.

June 26, 1992 1976 Copyright Act amended to extend all copyrights still in existence to a term of 75 years.

For works created after January 1, 1978, the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act, signed into law on October 27, 1998, amends the copyright protection term to endure for the life of the author plus an additional 70 years.

For anonymous and pseudonymous works and works made for hire, the term will be 95 years from the year of first publication or 120 years from the year of creation.

For pre-1978 works still in their original or renewal term of copyright, the total term is extended to 95 years.

"Under Eisner's watch Disney was the driving force behind the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act. Disney success was due to its widespread use of stories and concepts from the public domain." - Mike Masnick

Copyright periods have been more than doubled recently.

This benefits corporate elite in three ways:

first, corporate elite retain a revenue stream;

second, information capture and retention;

third, important broad health knowledge, economic and statistical trend knowledge, psychological operations knowledge, ecological and environmental knowledge and other general knowledge that concerns every individual citizen is not available to the general public because it lies deeply buried in a mass of separately packaged and largely insignificant knowledge that must be purchased separately, the accumulative cost of which is exhorbinant to the individual but not to the corporate elite interests.

Television has replaced traditional tales as well as family stories and community stories.

The old-fashioned storyteller, someone who can spin a good yarn, is a rarity these days; rare too are the types of venues and occasions where her stories might be heard.

Instead, through our consumption of television and movies, we pay remote specialists to produce our stories for us.

Significantly, the producers of these stories now own them, an unprecedented development.

For most of human history, no one imagined that you could own a story.

Stories were simply not conceivable objects of property, but constituted in each culture a vast commonwealth.

Today, corporations such as Disney mine that commonwealth, wall off parts of it for themselves, and convert it into money.

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Shadow Regulation Around the World

Publishers Still Fighting to Bury Universities,
Libraries in Fees for Making Fair Use of Academic Excerpts

Federal Court Rules Against Public.Resource.Org,
Says Public Safety Laws Can Be Locked Behind Paywalls

Recently there was a court case between Exxon and Kellogg over the cartoon tigers used to market their brands: the Exxon gas tiger and Tony the Tiger.

The two look quite similar (and similar as well to "Tigger" of Winnie the Pooh fame, and to "Hobbes" from the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes).

One of these two corporations claimed that the other infringed on its trademark rights, in effect asserting property rights over a certain rendering of an animal—the tiger—that has very deep cultural resonance.

Tigers may be part of nature, but the idea and image of a tiger, with all its associations of strength, power, and beauty, is a kind of cultural capital.

Since there are really only a limited number of ways to draw a tiger and have it still look like a tiger and carry these associations, the litigants were in effect asserting private ownership over an item of cultural capital that was once public, unowned.

"I'm lovin' it" is the property of the McDonalds (it has the exclusive right to a certain use of that phrase).

"Make every drop count" is the property of Coca-cola.

"Ideas for life" is the property of Panasonic.

"Always" is the property of Walmart.

"Making life better" is the property of Penn State.

You can still use these words for most purposes, but not as a slogan for your organization. Penn State has taken them.

Nike has taken "Just do it."

Donald John Trump has taken "You're fired!"

These are but a few of the tens of thousands of common phrases that have been expropriated from the public language.

Corvette owns a certain shade of red, UPS a certain shade of brown.

These are parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Did these companies create these colors, or just enclose them, wall them off and call them theirs?

In 2001 a Michigan jewelry merchant using "Love your neighbor" sued a Florida charity named "Love thy neighbor" for trademark infringement, claiming that the similar name confused customers and resulted in lost profits" - Charles Eisenstein

Copyright Is Becoming Guilt By Accusation

Obama Administration Considers Joining Publishers
In Fight To Stamp Out Fair Use At Universities

The Copyright Monopoly Was Created As
A Censorship Instrument – And Is Still Used As One

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