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Corporate executives are guilty of securities fraud if they misrepresent the truth about their corporation's financial condition.

"Every crisis has three Vs: the victim, the villain and the vindicator. We want to know who to like, who to believe and who to hate. That's how the media tells its stories related to crises. A crisis is resolved when you muddy the rigid roles of these three types of characters or when you reverse the roles. So the goal of PR person is to enact that switch." - Eric Dezenhall

Eric Dezenhall believes that the best strategy is to rarely, if ever, admit guilt and to meet each accusation with a counter attack.

In the middle of a public relations crisis, companies pay consultants anywhere from $50,000 and up, depending on how long and how many people are deployed.

A pre-crisis preparation session costs at least $25,000.

Still, says Eric Dezenhall, who has represented such companies as Procter & Gamble, ExxonMobil, Eli Lilly and General Electric, "the amount of money spent on crisis management is a drop in the bucket compared to what you might lose."

Five days before filing for bankruptcy CEO Richard Severin Fuld Jr. assures investors that Lehman Brothers has $42 billion in liquidity.

"Our liquidity and balance sheet are strong." - Alan Schwartz, CEO of Bear Stearns 36 hours before seeking emergency funds for two failing hedge funds

Joseph Cassano of American International Group is "highly confident that we will have no realized losses" on the credit default swap portfolios less than three months before they posted more than $11 billion in losses.

"How does $42 billion vanish in five days. Did Lehman officers know of harbingers of doom they weren't sharing?" - Roger Parloff


"One article that appeared immediately after the shooting down of KAL Flight 007 accused Secretary of the Navy John Lehman of being "one particular culprit in the deaths of 269 over Sakhalin Island.

The Lehman design, titled "Horizontal Escalation" in defense circles, outlines a series of provocations against the USSR.

Lehman is quoted as saying, "He who gets the signal to fire first in the North Pacific will enjoy a tremendous tactical advantage.

This region . . . is most probably where we shall witness confrontation with the Soviet Union." - Mae Brussell


"What's worrisome and even more expensive, however, are the strategic missions now assigned to the greatly enlarged surface fleet.

Secretary of the Navy John F. Lehman is emphasizing the use of aircraft carriers and submarines to undertake offensive strikes in Soviet waters.

In a crisis, the Navy is to move close to Soviet shores, bottle up the Soviet fleet, sink the fleet and, using planes and missiles, destroy the Soviet fleet's logistical ''train'' deep in Soviet territory.

In addition, if Moscow makes a serious military move in an area where it has ''local superiority,'' our Navy plans to ferret out other Soviet ''blue water assets'' and obliterate them.

It's called ''horizontal escalation.'' - James A. Nathan

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