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"Limiting the freedom of news 'just a little bit' is in the same
category within the classic example 'a little bit pregnant'."
Robert Heinlein

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Why the news isn’t what it used to be

A Mental-Health Epidemic In The Newsroom

Retractions Of Reporting Are Quite Selective

Corporate Media Uses the Word Militant to Crush Dissent

10 News Outlets Corporate Media Doesn’t Want You to Follow

Corporate Media Refusal to Acknowledge Civilian Victims of US Wars

Fox News commentator sentenced to 3 years for lying about CIA ties

The Problem With Our Media Is Extreme Commercialism

"The corporate culture came to dominate the news business, treating news as a commodity or service no different from 'toasters, light bulbs, or jet engines'." - Lawrence Grossman 1995

"The rhythm of the news cycle has changed so dramatically that what's really been excluded is the time that it takes to think." - Barry Schwartz

"The readiness with which the corporate media and intellectuals adapt to and serve their leaders surprises many who don't grasp the extent to which the corporate media are a part of the imperial enterprise structure, and how naturally the intellectual community accepts and works within the parameters fixed by imperial needs." - Edward S. Herman

Most newspapers in the early 19th century cost six cents a copy and were affordable only to the upper classes, though a barter system often allowed readers to trade rags, whiskey or other goods for a subscription.

Presses were still hand-powered and essentially unchanged from Gutenberg's design.

1810 German printer Friedrich Koenig patented the steam-powered press.

1820 500 newspapers are being published.

1843 American Richard M. Hoe makes a further improvement with the rotary printing press, which arranged the material to be printed on a cylinder rather than a flat plate, allowing a much larger volumes of material to be printed - millions of copies in a day rather than thousands - at a lower cost available at prices affordable to the working class.

1860 3,000 newspapers are being published in the US with a circulation of roughly 1.5 million.

i am the inferior of any man whose rights i trample underfoot

1898 William Randolf Hearst runs the following headline in the New York Journal the day after the USS Maine is blown up:


"I rather like the idea of war - not a big one - but one that will arouse interest and give me a chance to gauge the reflex on our circulation figures."

Joseph Pulitzer

cheap dime novel

Joseph Pulitzer realized he needed to create a newspaper for a broad audience who was steeped in cheap dime novels and family story papers.

Joseph Pulitzer* pioneered the use of illustrations, drawn images, cartoons and comic strips, employing color lavishly and writing news in such a way that it appealed to the fundamental emotions.

The evolution of the New York World into a visual entertainment medium increased circulation from 15,000 to 350,000 within four years.

"The New York Graphic editor Emile Gauvreau, with an insight not unlike Hearst's realized that newspapers could create characters from real people and then "star" them in adventures that could be featured on the front page news. Once they were forged, anything these individuals said or did would be news simply by dint of their recognizability. Thus was the celebrity forged." - Neil Gabler

"In the days before radio and television, public opinion was controlled almost exclusively by newspapers. There must have been more deliberate lying in the world from 1914 to 1918 than in any other period of the world's history." - Arthur Ponsonby

press has a powerful image making role

"A profession once dominated by tough, streetwise refugees from the working class is now dominated by dainty alumni from our finest schools, people to whom poverty is not only unpleasant and unhygienic but totally uncool." - Joe Queenan

Marquette University's Department of Journalism 1992 survey of 147 editors of daily newspapers:

- 93.2% said sponsors had "threatened to withdraw advertising from the newspaper because of the content of the stories." (89% replied advertisers followed through on this threat) 89.9% responded that advertisers had "tried to influence the content of a news story or feature."

- 71.4% said that "an advertiser tried to kill a story at the newspaper."

- 55.1% revealed that they had gotten "pressure from within the newspaper to write or tailor news stories to please advertisers."

- 36.7% said that advertisers had "succeeded in influencing news or features in the newspaper."

"Most editors and newsmen on the staffs of Life, Look, Time, Newsweek, etc., and most editors, reporters, and commentators at NBC, CBS, and ABC take their news and editorial cues from the New York Times. Technically, it is a great newspaper; but it reports much of the news in conformity with its editorial policies." - Alice Widener

"From 1989 to 2005, the number of US papers featuring weekly science-related sections shrank from ninety-five to thirty-four." - Chris Mooney

make up your mind !

Stagecraft itself is at the center of 'news reports'.

Journalism of verification has ceded ground for years on talk shows and cable to a new journalism of assertion, where information is offered with meager attempts independently to verify the informations veracity.

The result is that stories are sometimes true and sometimes false.

All this makes it easier for those who would maniplulate public opinion - governments, think tanks and corporations.

Those who distrust corporate news media are often heavier consumers of news outlets than those who are more trusting. This is explained by the fact that there is so much conflicting content.

Journalists need to make significant changes by documenting their reporting process openly so that audiences can decide for themselves whether to trust their reports.

Viewers of PBS will see a different range of concerns from those who watch cable, where entertainment and celebrity are a notable part of the agenda.

On Fox News, the journalists themselves offer their opinions, without attribution to any reporting, in seven out of ten stories. That happens in less than one story out of ten on CNN, and in fewer than three stories out of ten on MSNBC.

Fox news stories are more deeply sourced than those of its cable rivals, but are also more one-sided.

PBS's NewsHour, however, is noticeably even more thorough in its sourcing.

"News organizations often willingly collude with efforts to censor because media owners are members of the political elite themselves and therefore share the goals and outcomes of government leaders. Profit ranks higher than truth telling in the minds of media owners and many of their employees." - Nancy Snow

2004 7% of all newspaper stories, and 13% of front-page stories, contain anonymous sources. Among the largest newspapers, 12% of all 2004 coverage contained anonymous sources, compared to just 3% at the smallest newspapers and 6% at mid-range newspapers. Magazines, the growth area in publications, focus on shopping.

53% of all network television stories contain anonymous sources. On the morning television programs the figure rose to 79%.

The use of anonymous sources was rare on cable television news. Just 9% of the stories overall contained any anonymous sources. Online 19% of the stories studied contained anonymous sourcing.

The long term trend is toward investing fewer resources in original news gathering.

Much of the investment and effort is in repackaging, reformulating, redacting, reenacting, thus re-presenting previously presented "information" in new distracting ways, not in gathering it.

Americans are more likely to see the same images across multiple television channels, read the same wire story in different publications and observe the crosspollination the various media outlets such as a television advertisement that is also played on the radio and, as well, is visually incorporated into a billboard and print ads venues than they were a generation ago.

this just in ...

Americans remain skeptical about the corporate news media.

A wave of high-profile scandals involving plagiarism and fabrication at some of the nation's most established news institutions confirmed what people already thought.

People have long considered the press sensational, rude, pushy, and callous.

you do not have permission to ask that question

"In the late 1970s early 1980s, consumers of news began to see the press as less professional, less moral, more inaccurate, and less caring about the interests of ordinary Americans.

Statistical changes of opinion about 'news' between 1985 and 2002:

highly professional - decline from 72% to 49%;

moral - decline from 54% to 39%;

accurate - decline from 55% to 35%;

cover up mistakes - increase from 13% to 67%;

politically biased - increase from 45% to 59%.

Overall, trust in news sources is down. Despite major news events such as the war in Iraq, the median cable news audience has not grown since 2001. English language newspaper circulation declined 11% since 1990 and network evening news ratings are down 34% over the last decade.

The percentage of people who believe what they read in newspapers has declined from 80% in 1985 to 59% in 2003, and the percentage who give high grades in credibility to network news dropped from 74% in 1996 , to 65% in 2002.

Americans resent the lack of independence, the lack of altruistic aspiration and the sense of professional ethics that defined the quality journalism of the past." - Project for Excellence in Journalism

jounalistic integrity

Journalistic Integrity

Journalism: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Murderous spooks drive journalism project to WikiLeaks

Public Relations Ghosts Place Op-Eds in Major US Newspapers

"The military newspaper Stars and Stripes reported that the Pentagon was using one of its favorite public relations firms, the Rendon Group, to produce profiles of reporters requesting to embed with US forces in Afghanistan.

Profiles graded reporters' past coverage as "positive," "neutral" or "negative," sometimes suggesting how to "neutralize" expected negative coverage or how to design embeds to "result in favorable coverage".

In some cases, the profiles prompted military officials to reject reporters' embed requests." - The Weekly Spin, September 9, 2009

"Christ is important because his solidarity with his brothers
and sisters is what guarantees salvation in the present."

Jon Sobrino Jesus the Liberator

"Investigative reporting - the kind Jack Anderson used to do regularly and which was carried in hundreds of papers across the country, the kind of muckraking, data-intensive work that takes time and money and ruffles feathers - is dying.

To begin with, investigations take time and money.

In America's cash-short, instant-deadline journalistic world, there's not much room for that.

Are there investigative reporters in America?

I'll mention two:

Seymour Hersh, formerly of the New York Times, and Robert Parry, formerly of the Associated Press, who uncovered the Iran-Contra scandal.

Robert Parry tells me that he can no longer do investigative work within the confines of an American daily newsroom.

One of the biggest disincentives to doing investigative journalism is that it jeopardizes future access to politicians and corporate elite.

During the I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby trial, the testimony of Judith Miller and other American journalists about the confidences they were willing to keep in order to maintain access seemed to me sadly illuminating." - Greg Palast

"Professional journalism had three distinct biases built into it, biases that remain to this day.

First, it regards anything done by official sources, government officials and prominent public figures, as the basis for legitimate news.

Second, professional journalism posits that there had to be a news hook or a news peg to justify a news story. This helped to stimulate the birth and rapid rise of the public relations (PR) industry. Surveys show that PR accounts for anywhere from 40 to 70% of what appears as news.

Thirdly, professional journalism smuggles in values conducive to the commercial aims of the owners and advertisers as well as the political aims of the executive boardroom class." - Robert McChesney

mainstream news keeping you in the dark

news room culture

"Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one."
AJ Liebling

"The reality is that it is increasingly less realistic to expect commercial broadcast outlets to effectively serve two masters: the and the corporate bottom line." - Orville Schell, dean of UC Berkley's Graduate School of Journalism

"What were once legitimate news programs now fill our minds with stories about criminals. Dateline NBC and 48-Hours are prime examples." - John Kozy

Television news is driven by questions such as, "Can we get good video of this?" "Is it dramatic?" "Will it draw an audience?" It's not impossible to produce serious, quality journalism when those conditions are always on your mind, but it's difficult. The reality is that people in the US get most of their information about politics and policy from television, and they get fed a lot of propaganda in the process." - Sheldon Rampton

Traditional journalistic news room culture determines the basic nature of a story before the facts are assembled.

Just as theorists develop a working hypothesis before collecting data, journalists formulate the frame of a story before they interview anyone, read a document, or collect any other facts.

"A young reporter writes an expose, but the editor says, "I don't think we're going to run that." The second time the reporter goes to her editor, the editor says, " I don't think that's a good idea." She doesn't research and write the story. The third time the reporter has an idea. But she doesn't go to her editor. The fourth time she doesn't get the idea." - Nicholas Johnson, formerly FCC commissioner

The changing economic structure of the television networks has eroded newsroom values. Where once a culture committed to great journalism flourished, a culture dominated by MBAs and financial accountability has taken its place.

One of the many byproducts of news consultancy on the news industry has been the decreased time spent by news programs on each story.

This emphasis on condensation and brevity is a very subtle, but very real form of censorship in that only accepted conventional wisdom will be broadcast.

Accountability to shareholders has replaced accountability to democracy and the citizens it serves.

"The realities of journalism don't involve just facts, for if they did, computers would replace journalists. Journalism always involves choices – choices among subjects, treatment, words. As a result, the claim of objective reporting functions simply to camouflage what is in fact a value laden activity. It is not only the readers who are misled by the claim. The journalists too can be blinded by their own cover." - Vladimir Vladimirovich Pozner, Soviet propagandist and son of Vladimir Aleksandrovich Pozner*.

(Vladimir Aleksandrovich Pozner was chief engineer of the European branch of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in Paris in 1938 and in 1943 headed the Russian Section of the film department of the US War Department. Vladimir Aleksandrovich Pozner was identified as a Soviet spy by the Venona Project and corroborated by the Mitrokhin Archives after the fall of the Soviet Union.)

News Distotion Rule

News Distortion Rule

Monsanto and Fox: Partners in Censorship

Monsanto Forced Fox TV to Censor Coverage of Dangerous Milk Drug

2003 Goldman Environmental Prize, known as the "Nobel Prize for grass roots work," bestowed on former Fox television network reporters Jane Akre and Steve Wilson.

The two investigative reporters lost their jobs when they refused to change a news report that had displeased Monsanto.

The reporters had visited regional dairies and discovered that Monsanto's bovine growth hormone was being injected into cows.

The chemical was present in the state's milk supply despite commitments by Florida's supermarkets not to sell milk tainted by bovine growth hormone.

In various studies Monsanto's rBGH bovine growth hormone has been linked to cancer and is banned by many countries, including Canada, New Zealand, and the entire European community.

Jane Akre and Steve Wilson's report said that Monsanto had been accused of scientific fraud in connection with information it had provided to the EPA concerning food safety and had attempted to bribe public officials in Canada.

Jane Akre and Steve Wilson testified that the local Fox television network station manager, David Boylan, carefully reviewed the investigative reports for factual accuracy, found no errors, and scheduled them to run the following week. Monsanto hired a powerful law firm before the show ran and threatened to sue Fox television network if the report was run.

The station offered Monsanto an opportunity to appear on the show and respond but Monsanto declined the offer.

Jane Akre and Steve Wilson testified that the local Fox television network station manager, David Boylan, then ordered the reporters to edit the show in a way that was favorable to Monsanto and deceptive.

Declining to cooperate in the deception both reporters were given a 'special assignment' with full salaries for their contract period provided they agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement and provide a report acceptable to Monsanto. For nine months they worked on 83 different drafts of the story - none of which satisfied Monsanto.

"For every fact we intended to broadcast, we had documentation six weeks from Sunday. The station's lawyer told us, 'You don't get it. It doesn't matter what the facts are, we don't want to be spending money to defend a lawsuit.'" - Steve Wilson

Jane Akre testified that the station had tried to force her to say that Monsanto's rBGH milk was safe and no different from milk without Monsanto's rBGH, despite abundant studies that proved otherwise.

"We told them to go ahead and kill the story," Steve Wilson says, "just don't make us lie."

They were fired. They sued. They won on whistleblower statute law. Overturned on appeal.

The 50 year old FCC News Distortion Rule which prohibits broadcast of false reports was declared to not qualify under the whistleblower statute since it had been forged over the years in judicial decisions and was never promulgated in a rule creation process.

2006 Monsanto agrees to pay $100 million to the University of California for patent infringement of the rBGH bovine growth hormone.

alternate facts

fake news

It seems rather ironic that anyone would complain about fake news considering the fact that the News Distortion rule was abandoned and that the federal government made it legal to disseminate domestic propaganda.

cult news

video and audio "news" releases

"I thought news briefings were meant to inform not entertain." - Matt Giorgi

"We are vunerable to video lies. Against purposeful lies, truth has never been so helpless."
David Gelernter*

"Most of what we, the audience, thinks is news is just PR that is pitched to program producers by the publicity department of an entity with a vested interest in seeing that person or idea promoted." - Nancy Snow

"There's a market for news that weighs counterclaims and assesses truth value. It just hasn't kept up with demand. No wonder Jon Stewart has such a loyal audience: His perspective is rooted in reality and is not ideologically based." - Marty Kaplan, associate dean USC Annenberg School

VNRs (also referred to as fake television "news") or ANR's (audio "news" releases) are video or audio segments designed to be indistinguishable from independently-produced "news" reports.

Laurence Moskowitz* is the President, Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board of Medialink Worldwide and Director of the Jewish Community Federation. Medialink Worldwide specializes in "news" releases.

Television stations incorporate VNRs into their newscasts, rarely alerting viewers to the source of the footage. While government-funded VNRs have been most controversial, most VNRs are paid for by corporations. Laurence Moskowitz worked closely with the Radio-Television News Directors Association to establish a "code of ethics" based on full disclosure relating to the production and distribution of VNRs - a "code of ethics" which appears to have been compromised as VNRs orginations are rarely disclosed!

ANRs may be simply the audio component of a video news release, from a satellite media tour or can be tailor made. On its website, one corporation outlines that it "will prepare a script, record the necessary soundbites, and then have the script professionally voiced. We will then produce and edit the ANR into a final mixed cut, and after approval from our client, distribute it to radio stations throughout the country."

fake news

"We extol the virtues of the free press, but the reality is that our press really is not free." - Syed Hussani

Du Pont heir convicted of raping daughter spared prison

exit stage left

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