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"A patriot must always be ready to defend his country
against his government." - Edward Abbey

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." – Samuel Johnson

"In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man and brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot." – Mark Twain

"When I was deployed in Iraq and had a chance to watch American news channels, I heard commentators say that if we question or criticize our government, we do not love America and are being unpatriotic. They believed that patriotism meant waving a flag and being blindly obedient, but this is not what it means to love our country. If we love our country we will do our best to improve it. We will try to make America a better place for everyone, as courageous citizens have always done." - Captian Paul K. Chappell, US Army

"Patriotism runs counter to ordinary human morality. This flagrant negation of humanity, which constitutes the very essence of the State, is from the point of view of the latter the supreme duty and the greatest virtue: it is called patriotism and it constitutes a morality of the State beyond human comprehension. The morality of the State is the reversal of human justice and human morality. This anti-human morality of the State requires the corruption of men who are charged with carrying on State functions. The triumph of human morality can be realized only through the destruction of the State." - Mikhail Bakunin


"The ideal of patriotism is taught to citizens of every nation as soon as they enter kindergarten. Being gradually reinforced all through school, patriotism becomes ingrained. Most citizens accept patriotism as they accept grass being green - just a natural aspect of their lives.

Perceiving deceit and falsehood behind political rhetoric is a necessary discernment any person who wishes to have a truly free mind must cultivate. If you cannot separate your feelings from the source of stimuli and see the entire process as objectively as possible, you are ripe for knee-jerk patriotism.

Cultivating an awareness of the negative machinations of one's government isn't an exercise confined to the political arena of anti-establishment radicalism. Such awareness - has to do with learning to perceive things with a well honed intelligence, to see things as they are.

The ability to perceive the distortions of manipulative propaganda requires being respectfully attentive to the reality of Earth, attentiveness of cultural differences in order to understand others and in reciprocal comparison, learn about ourselves.

Understanding patriotism demands being informed beyond what standard schooling teaches and corporate media conveys." - Lew Paz


definition of the inverse of a patriot

Patriot is defined as one who loves and defends his or her country which just happens to include the people that make up the populace of his or her country not just the elite who control the country.

A patriot is not defined as one who goes on 'crusades'.

A patriot is not defined as one who supports corporate monopolies.

A patriot is not defined as one who declares war on the common man.

A patriot is not defined as one who takes from the poor and gives to the wealthy.

A patriot is not defined as one who lusts for power.

A patriot is not defined as one who declares war.

A patriot is not defined as one who grubs after material wealth.

A patriot is not defined as one who makes sure his buddies get good government jobs.

A patriot is not defined as one who makes sure his buddies corporations land no-bid government contracts.

A patriot is not defined as one who fails to enforce laws of his country that are inconvenient to his buddies.

A patriot is not defined as one who allows his buddies to spoil the 'commons' with toxic waste.

A patriot is not defined as one who worships a patriarchal image of god.

A patriot is not defined as one who 'bends the rules' as the ends justifies the means.

A patriot is not defined as one who is in inflexible because inflexibility is seen as a sign of weakness.

A patriot is not defined as one that has been born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

patriotism blind

A patriot is not defined as one who works under cover of darkness to hide his secrets.

A patriot is not defined as one that uses fear and terror to increase his political fortunes.

A patriot is not defined as one who expertly stages 'citizen' 'city hall' meetings.

A patriot is not defined as one who expertly stages 'mission accomplished' entrances.

A patriot is not defined as one who knows what is best for his citizens.

A patriot is not defined as one who fears educated citizens.

A patriot is not defined as one prefers 'pseudoscientific babble' to real science.


A patriot is not defined as one who uses propaganda to further political objectives.

A patriot is not defined as one who has underlings commit crimes and then grants pardons in order to keep underlings from squealing like stuck pigs.

A patriot is not defined as one who grants a pardon to a political supporter who kills endangered and protected national symbols - bald eagles.

George Walker Bush pardoned Leslie O. Collier for shooting two bald eagles.

Leslie O. Collier runs a 600 hundred acre grain farm.

Leslie O. Collier must have been protecting his grain from the bald eagles - after all bald eagles consume tons of grain.
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