"Trump Wall" - Western TV Show Parody

"Politics has become an extension of war; systemic economic uncertainty and state-sponsored violence increasingly find legitimization in the discourses of privatization and demonization promoting anxiety, moral panics and fear; undermining any sense of communal responsibility for the well-being of others." - Henry A. Giroux


The Era of Walls in a Warming World

"Deregulation and privatization are in reality Trojan horses for corporate corruption." - Scott Trimingham

"Historic observation shows that any time you mandate people's inclusion in a private program, the only beneficiary is the corporation left free to feed on that captive population." - Elizabeth Sholes

"Everywhere I turned I saw people who seemed quite happy to make money doing things that drained and liquidated our permanent infrastructure and productivity as a people and a nation." - Catherine Austin Fitts

"In a speech on September 10, 2001, Donald Henry Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon could not account for that $2.3 trillion.

Donald Rumsfeld also announced his intention to outsource many defense jobs to private industry.

The idea at the heart of Rumsfeld's forgotten speech is the central tenet of the Bush regime, following Milton Friedman's economic ideas:

that the job of government is not to govern but to subcontract the task to the private sector, which will do it for profit.

Let me translate that.

What this means is transferring our tax dollars away from governmental agencies - which are answerable to us - to private contractors, which have no accountability to us.

Over 90% of Blackwater funding comes from state and governmental contracts, which means our tax dollars.

But in Iraq, Blackwater employees cannot be prosecuted for crimes they commit – including murder – either under Iraqi laws or under US laws, as we learned when they killed seventeen Iraqi civilians last September." - Davidson Loehr


David Koch’s Monstrous Legacy

Climate 'academics for hire' conceal fossil fuel funding

1981 When James Watt took over the Department of the Interior under Ronald Reagan he began selling off America's resources, public lands, water and mineral rights.

During a Senate hearing James Watt, a 'Dominion theologist', declared that he was giving away America's heritage because "I do not know how many future generations we can count on before the Lord returns."

Since the beginning of the environmental movement corporate industrialists have established 'foundations', better known as ' think tanks', to counter the reach of environmental law.

The list of industry sponsored pollution and junk science promoters, entities described as "think tanks", include:

Heritage Foundation;

John M. Olin Foundation;

Sarah Scaife Foundation;

Castle Rock Foundation;

Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation;

Competitive Enterprise Institute;

American Enterprise Institute;

Reason Foundation;

Federalist Society;

Marshall Institute;

Mercatus Center;

Citizens for a Sound Economy;

Citizens for the Sensible Control of Acid Rain;

Mountain States Legal Foundation;

Advancement of Sound Science Coalition;

Sagebrush Rebels.

Death as an Assistant

"American Enterprise Institute is heavily funded by corporate philanthropy." - Christopher Levenick, former AEI fellow

The purpose of industry sponsored think tanks is to run interference for their corporate industrialist funders and act as a counter weight to public interest groups shining a light on the antisocial activity of the destruction of the commons by corporate industrialists.

August 1988 Sagebrush Rebels morph into Wise Use ! founded by Jewish American author Alan Merril Gottlieb.

Alan Gottlieb: The Merchant of Fear

Ron Arnold, Gottlieb's right hand man, states, "It is our goal to eradicate the environmental movement. We want to be able to exploit the environment for private gain, absolutely!"

The Christian Broadcasting Network of Zionist Marion Gordon Robertson supported Wise Use ! making anti-environmentalism one of it's main themes.

Wise Use !, basically a front group for the resource extraction industry, propelled Newt Gingrich to the Speaker's chair.

Wise Use ! spun off the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, Defenders of Property Rights, Property and Environment Research Center and National Legal Center for the Public Interest.

Wise Use ! helped install George Walker Bush and Richard Bruce Cheney in the White House.

George Walker Bush installs Wise Use ! radical Gail Norton and Wise Use ! leader Thomas Sansonetti.

Other Wise Use ! followers take control of every single federal agency that deals with the environment.

Existing environmental laws are no longer enforced.

Waivers and exemptions to corporate polluters and campaign contributors becomes the standard.

1989 George Walker Bush markets Gail Norton as a lifelong conservationist even though Gail Norton advocates an end to the enforcement of environmental regulations while working for the Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy.

Gail Norton states, in regard to the end of the enforcement of environmental regulation, "I view that as something positive."

1996 In a speech Gail Norton lists federal incursions into the private domain as atrocities.

These included American with Disabilities Act requirements for wheelchair ramps, EPA requirements to remove asbestos from schools and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Gail Norton has suggests that no National Park, National Monument or National Forest land should be exempt from mineral extraction, oil extraction, and timber extraction.

If rare and endangered species are present they do not exist.

Rejection of Coal and Nuclear Subsidies Is Fact-Based Policymaking

2002 After a eight year drought water in the Klamath River is in short supply.

Farmers in the area seek redistribution of the water.

Ecologists state that if more water is taken there is a possibility that the king salmon would go into sharp decline.

2006 Federal officials declare a commercial fishery failure along 700 miles of the California and Oregon coast due to extremely low counts of king salmon.

"The Pacific Fishery Management Council voted April 10, 2008 to cancel the chinook fishing season in an effort to reverse the catastrophic disappearance of California's fabled run of king salmon." - John Koopman

"Gail Norton's five-year tenure as Interior secretary has irreparably damaged our country.

Under her leadership employees in the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service have been demoralized into leaving their positions - replaced by people who give away our public lands to the energy and timber industries.

Our national parks are in their worst shape ever.

When Gail Norton next visits her cherished Western mountains.

She will find the scenery altered; it now includes drilling rigs, clear-cutting and new roads churned by off-road vehicles.

Gail Norton's oil and gas friends will probably take good care of her; they owe her big time." - Crista Worthy

"The EPA is no longer a public health agency. With the George Walker Bush administration, whether or not environmental laws are enforced depends on who you know." - former chief enforcement officer of the EPA Eric Shaeffer

"The George Walker Bush administration routinely mismanages scientific information through distortion and omission whenever scientific truth is inconvenient to its industrial allies.

It's hard to decide what is more demoralizing about the administration's politicization of the scientific process - its disdain for professional scientists working for American government or its willingness to deceive the American public." - Roger G. Kennedy, former director of the National Park Service

"The current George Walker Bush administration has taken intolerance of science dissent to a new orbit.

The repression against internationally renowned professionals and experts in their fields just for exercising the scientific method objectively is unprecedented." - Tom Devine, a Goldwater Republican who monitors the treatment of federal whistleblowers for the nonpartisan Government Accountability Project

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