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Chinese charater for heaven

Creator and Suatiner's Dream

Creator and Sustainer's Dream

"Before Newton, the heavenly realm and the earthly realm remained separate.

The heavenly realm was the realm of perfection, where heavenly bodies moved in perfect circles (well, actually ellipses) and along predictable paths.

The earthly realm was chaotic; what order there was (tides, day and night, seasons, and so forth) seemed to originate in the heavens.

Naturally, then, people associated the heavenly realm of order and mathematical perfection with God.

Heavenly bodies were not subject to earthly laws - the moon does not fall out of the sky the way Galileo's weights fell from the leaning tower of Pisa." - Charles Eisenstein

the divine plan is not to escape earth  but to bring heaven to earth

Chinese charater for paradise

The Gates of Paradise

A soldier named Nobushige came to Hakuin, and asked:

"Is there really a paradise and a hell?"

"Who are you?" inquired Hakuin.

"I am a samurai," the warrior replied.

"You, a soldier!" exclaimed Hakuin.

"What kind of ruler would have you as his guard?

Your face looks like that of a beggar."

Nobushige became so angry that he began to draw his sword, but Hakuin continued:

"So you have a sword! Your weapon is probably much too dull to cut off my head."

As Nobushige drew his sword Hakuin remarked:

"Here open the gates of hell!"

At these words the samurai, perceiving the master's discipline, sheathed his sword and bowed.

"Here open the gates of paradise," said Hakuin.

heaven is green

"Behold, to the Lord thy God belong the heavens and the heavens of the heavens."

Resh Lakish said, they are seven, viz.: Vilon, Rakia, Shchakim, Zbul, Maon, Makhon, Araboth.

Vilon serves no purpose whatever save this,
that it enters in the morning, and goes forth in the evening,
and renews every day the work of creation.

Rakia is that in which are set sun and moon, stars and constellations.

Shchakim is that in which the millstones stand and grind manna for the righteous.

Zbul is that in which is the heavenly Jerusalem and the Temple,
and the altar is built there,
and Michael the great prince stands and offers upon it an offering.

Maon is that in which are companies of ministering angels,
who utter His song in the night and are silent in the day for the sake of the glory of Israel.

Makhon is that in which are the treasures of hail,
and the high dwelling-place of harmful dews and the high dwelling-place of the round drops,
and the chamber of the whirlwind and of the storm,
and the retreat of noisome vapor;
and their doors are made of fire.

Araboth is that in which are righteousness and judgement and grace,
the treasures of life and the treasures of peace and the treasures of blessing,
and the souls of the righteous and the spirits and souls which are about to be created,
and the dew with which the Holy One, blessed be He, is about to quicken mortals."

- Babylonian Talmud, Tract Hagiga, Chapter II
translated by Michael Levi Rodkinson

"God, who is all these kinds of heavens in one, has fallen on our heads like thunder, and God's infinity is ours." - Henri Barbusse

emerald city is exclusive

Parable of the People with a Higher Aim

Imam el-Ghazali relates to tradition from the life of Isa, ibn Maryam: Jesus, Son of Mary.

Isa one day saw some people sitting miserably on a wall, by the roadside.

Isa asked: "What is your affiiction?"

They said: "We have become like this through our fear of Hell."

Isa went on his way, and saw a number of people disconsolately arranged by the wayside.

Isa said: "What is your affiiction?"

They said: "Desire for Paradise has made us like this."

Isa went on his way, until he came to a third group of people.

They looked like people who had endured much, but their faces shone with joy.

Isa asked them: "What has made you like this?"

They answered: "The Spirit of Truth. We have seen Reality, and this has made us oblivious of lesser goals."

Isa stated: "These are the people who attain. These are they who dwell in the Presence of God."

[Eight hundred years before Pavlov the Sufi el-Ghazali pointed out the problem of conditioning. In spite of Pavlov the ordinary student of the mind is many times unaware of the power of indoctrination. Indoctrination, in totalitarian societies, is seen as desirable as it provides conforming belief. Many times the presence of indoctrination and conditioning is scarcely even suspected. This is what makes almost anyone vulnerable to indoctrination.

At the time of el-Ghazali's writing informed opinion was split between whether any type of indoctrination was desirable or inescapable. El-Ghazali pointed out that what people call a belief system is in reality many times an emotional state of obsession. El-Ghazali, in accordance with Sufi principles, stated that indoctrination and conditioning is unnecessary and that it is essential for people to be able to identify indoctrination and conditioning tactics.

El-Ghazali regarded the distinction between opinion and knowledge as something which can easily be lost. When opinion and knowledge becomes confused El-Ghazali taught that it is incumbent upon those who know the difference to make such indoctrination and conditioning as visible as possible.

El-Ghazali arrived at his understanding of true knowledge through his upbringing in Sufism, among Sufis, and through direct perception of the truth. El-Ghazali stressed the role of the inculcation of belief, and invited his readers to observe the mechanism involved. El-Ghazali insisted upon pointing out that those who are learned may be, and often are, ignorant as well, and can be bigoted, obsessed. El-Ghazali affirms that, in addition to having information and being able to reproduce it, there is such a thing as true knowledge, a higher form of human understanding.

His works were so highly acclaimed by his contemporaries that al-Ghazali was awarded the honorific title "Proof of Islam". Al-Ghazali contributed significantly to the development of a systematic view of Sufism and to its integration and acceptance in mainstream Islam. As a scholar of orthodox Islam, he belonged to the Shafi'i school of Islamic jurisprudence and to the Asharite school of theology. Al-Ghazali wrote more than 70 books on the sciences, Islamic philosophy and Sufism. Al-Ghazali is recognized as Mujaddid (Renewer of the Faith).

Al-Ghazali has been referred to by some historians as the single most influential Muslim after the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Al-Ghazali so successfully criticized early Islamic Neoplatonism infecting Islam built on an alien foundation of Hellenistic philosophy that Orthodox Islam became tolerant of Sufism. Most of El-Ghazali books were burned in an attempt to destroy the knowledge he imparted on indoctrination and conditioning.]

"In the utterances of the divine Avatars the term "heaven" hath been applied to many diverse things; such as the "heaven of Command," the "heaven of Will," the "heaven of the divine Purpose," the "heaven of divine Knowledge," the "heaven of Certitude," the "heaven of Utterance," the "heaven of Revelation," the "heaven of Concealment," and the like. In every instance, He hath given the term "heaven" a special meaning, the significance of which is revealed to none save those that have been initiated into the divine mysteries, and have drunk from the chalice of immortal life." - Bahá'u'lláh

introduction to heaven

Chinese charater for heaven

heaven is defined as:

The dwelling place of the gods; the abode of bliss; the abode of the blessed after death.

The abode of God, the angels and the souls of those who have gained salvation.

Any place conceived of as the domains of divine beings in any of the various religions.

The condition of supreme happiness or great comfort, delight, or pleasure; perfect felicity; bliss; a sublime or exalted condition; as in - a heaven of delight.

The expanse of space surrounding the earth; especially, that which appears to be over the Earth like a great arch or dome; the firmament; the sky; the place where the sun, moon, and stars appear.

The usual Hebrew word for "heavens" is _shamayim_, a plural form meaning "heights," "elevations" (Gen. 1:1; 2:1). The Hebrew word _marom_ is also used (Ps. 68:18; 93:4; 102:19, etc.) as equivalent to _shamayim_, "high places," "heights." Heb. galgal, literally a "wheel," is rendered "heaven" in Ps. 77:18 (R.V., "whirlwind"). Heb. shahak, rendered "sky" (Deut. 33:26; Job 37:18; Ps. 18:11), plural "clouds" (Job 35:5; 36:28; Ps. 68:34, marg. "heavens"), means probably the firmament.

"To Jews as well as to Judaism - the two are often not in agreement - the thought that Dr. Jonas Salk, who saved millions from polio, would go to hell for not believing in Jesus while some Nazi murderer could be saved, thanks to his belief in Jesus, is theologically and morally unacceptable." - Dennis Prager

"A person that reads Ruhnama becomes smart . . . and after reading it, he will go straight to heaven." - Turkmenistan's autocratic leader, president Saparmurad A. Niyazov. The Ruhnama is a book that dispenses moral and spiritual guidelines for Turkmenistan's citizens written by Saparmurad A. Niyazov.

Uutopia in America is the same as Autopia at Disneyland

Island of Utopia

"The last century, encompassing two world wars, genocide after genocide, and the accelerating deterioration of the living planet, has finally rendered utterly transparent the illusion that control over Nature - and its apotheosis in the Machine - could ever fulfill its Utopian promise." - Charles Eisenstein

The Island of Utopia is very similar to a Japanese or British Isle.

Each city on Utopia is made of close familial relations, in great obedience to their common parent, whose sons all remain at home to serve him.

The population of each city is strictly maintained - each city with supporting agriculture will have no more than 6,000 families.

No family may have less than ten and more than sixteen persons in it; but there can be no determined number for the children under age.

This rule is easily observed, by removing some of the children of a more fruitful couple to any other family that does not abound so much in them.

The oldest man of every family on Utopia, as has been already said, is its governor.

Wives serve their husbands, and children their parents, and always the younger serves the elder.

Every city on Utopia is divided into four equal parts, and in the middle of each there is a marketplace.

All production is arrayed at the marketplace and thither every father goes and takes whatsoever he or his family stand in need of, without either paying for it or leaving anything in exchange.

There are several religions on Utopia even in every village with some worshiping the sun, others the moon or one of the planets.

Some worship such men as have been eminent in former times for virtue or glory, not only as ordinary deities, but as the Supreme God.

The greater and wiser sort of them worship none of these, but adore one eternal, invisible, infinite, and incomprehensible Deity.

They call the Father of All, and acknowledge that the beginnings, the increase, the progress, the vicissitudes, and the end of all things come only from Him; nor do they offer divine honors to any but to Him alone.

And indeed, although Utopians differ concerning other things, yet all agree in this, that they think there is one Supreme Being that made and governs the Earth, whom they call in the language of their country Mithras.

Thomas More's Utopia, penned in 1515, is a communist tyranny.

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