“One of the main functions of organized religion
is to protect people against a direct experience of God.”

Carl Jung

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religion evolves

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"Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams - they all have different names, but
they all contain water. Just as religions do - they all contain truths."

Muhammad Ali

Religion is an informal human subconscious governing structure implanted by the local social culture.

Religion that abandons its moral baseline, the support of LIFE, loses its subconscious governing ability and becomes nothing more than a cult of idol worshipers.

A religion will initially be based upon an original unique mystical experience of the founder of the religion.

Ritualized religion begins to lose its ability to continually revitalize the Eternal Soul once it becomes caught in the trap of taking the metaphor, meant for children, as literal truth.

Effective religious mythology has three levels of associated understanding which reveals the Thinspace.

Base level mythology, the moral compass of a child, incorporates Archaic and Magical consciousness.

The middle level mythology, designed for adults, teaches community to care for the general welfare of the tribe by incorporating Mystical and Rational consciousness.

The highest level mythology, related to timeless wisdom, makes use of the Thinspace of the bicameral brains of sages, wizards and mystics through the energization of gamma wave arrays - walking in Integral consciousness.

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Does religion cause terrorism?

Does growing up religious cut the urge to share?

"Manipulating a religious structure in order to use its thoughtforms for domination purposes is common within any religion, no religion is immune to such parasitism and corruption." - Leland Lehrman

"Religion have always been a way for wily, hypocritical leaders using superstition to intimidate people and extort riches from them." - Wallace Danielson

Roman Catholicism and many other Christian cults took another deep ponerological turn when Isaac Newton's theories of a clockwork material reality assigned the Creator the role of deterministic clockmaker and miracle provider entirely removed from Creation.

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"Wherever there stands the implication that man can do something which directly and automatically guarantees that God will perform a desired action in response, there is "religion".

Thus, when a man makes a wax doll, pokes it full of pins, mutters incantations, and believes that God is thus put under obligation to punish his enemy, this is a "religious" act.

But likewise, when a specially endowed holy man utters a formula over bread and wine and believes that God thereby changes them into divine substance which ineluctably has an ameliorative effect on those who partake, this is a "religious" act." - Vernard Eller

"Imagine that we are sitting here talking of religions and that the maid Masha hears our conversation.

She, of course, understands it in her own way and she repeats what she has understood to the porter Ivan.

The porter Ivan again understands it in his own way and he repeats what he has understood to the coachman Peter next door.

The coachman Peter goes to the country and recounts in the village what the gentry talk about in town.

Do you think that what he recounts will at all resemble what we said?

This is precisely the relation between existing religions and that which was their foundation.

You get teachings, traditions, prayers, rituals, not at fifth but at twenty-fifth hand, and, of course, almost everything has been distorted beyond recognition and everything essential forgotten long ago." - Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff


an attempt by man to understand,
categorize and quantify the Ineffable,
is always doomed to failure !

religion versus spirituality

God hardwired brain

Conceptualization of the Creator and Sustainer
is hardwired into the human brain.

"Mystical states of unitive experience - oneness with the cosmos or with God - correspond to measurable activity in certain parts of the brain."
Charles Eisenstein

Understanding there is something greater than self helps one to see the actual insignificance of attempting to control things beyond one's self.

Institutionalized religion evolves over time into no more than a social control mechanism concerned with the traditions, masquerading as morals.

Institutionalized religion is incapable of doing the very thing that is needed by an individual feeling separated from life.

Institutionalized religion can bring the "lost soul" into a feeling of fellowship with fellow 'believers' but it can never heal the separation that man feels from the Creator and Sustainer.

The only thing that can heal the the separation that man feels from the Creator and Sustainer is mystical states of unitive experience - oneness with the cosmos or with the Creator and Sustainer.

Spiritually corrupt individuals take the reigns of religious power elevating dogma while obscuring truth.

No intercessor is needed for participation in a mystical experience !

In fact participation in a mystical experience precludes intercessors !

truth is the highest religion

religion is defined as:

an institutionalized system of belief;

Set of beliefs, values, and ritual practices based on the thought of a spiritual leader which creates a conceptual structural foundation for the extended worldview of the disciple.

Religion carries a moral obligation to cherish life along with the spirit of reverence and veneration for life.

Religion is subjective, designating the emotions and rituals of a group of people in relation with the Ineffable. Theology is objective denoting those ideas which an individual entertains respecting systematized conceptual structures of the Ineffable.

Practicing a religion is an attempt to conform in ritual and in faith to the Will of the Creator and Sustianer.

creator manifest

"Natural religions are not attempts to control nature
but to help you put yourself in accord with nature."

Joesph Campbell


Shaman asks four questions of those feeling psychic illness:

When did you stop dancing?

When did you stop singing ?

When did you stop enjoying the telling of a story ?

When did you stop enjoying silence ?

Shamanism refers to a range of traditional beliefs and practices concerned with communication with the spirit world.

Although there are many variations of shamanism throughout the world, there are some beliefs that are shared by all forms of shamanismshamanism:

The spirits can play important roles in human lives.

The shaman can control and/or cooperate with the spirits for the community's benefit.

The spirits can be either good or evil.

shamanic vision

Shamans engage various processes and techniques to incite trance: singing, dancing, taking entheogens, meditating and drumming.

Animals play an important role, acting as omens and message-bearers, as well as representations of animal spirit guides.

The shaman's spirit leaves the body and enters into the Thinspace during certain tasks.

The shamans can treat illnesses or sickness.

Shamans are healers, gurus and magicians.

"Shamanistic traditions of great antiquity in Asia and the Near East has as one of their most important elements the attempt to find God through the Vale of Tears; that cannabis played a role in this, at least in some areas, is born out in the philology surrounding the ritualistic use of the plant. Whereas Western religious traditions generally stress sin, repentance, and mortification of the flesh, certain older non-Western religions employed Cannabis as a euphoriant, which allowed the participant a joyous path to the Ultimate; hence such appellations as "heavenly guide". - William A. Embolden, Jr

native gnostic

ancient Gnosticism

To the Ancient Gnostics the Demiurge forged Material Reality out of the Pleroma, with the help of his six sons - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune - the planetary Genii.

The Ancient Gnostics viewed Material Reality as faulty, a failure of the Demiurge's design due either the Demiurge's cruel nature or due to the fact that a higher power forced it upon the Demiurge.

The Ancient Gnostics divided humanity into three groups:

savages who could see nothing outside the material realm (Atheists); those, who like Talmudists, worshiped the Demiurge; and lastly themselves, who worship Nous (Christ) and the true spiritual light of Æon.

To the Ancient Gnostics Christ was the personification of Nous (Divine Mind) which emanated from the higher spiritual Æons.

The material body, bound in Nature, was termed Apis; the Eternal Soul, which escapes the material shell at death, was termed Serapis which is defined as the Power that organizes the noumenon into its present Order.

personal empowerment

A free soul needs no intercessor to God.

This enlightened manner of reflecting on the noumenon to understand the foundation of reality brings awakening and understanding of the noumenon.

This awakening moves individuals towards personal responsibility as well as personal empowerment.

The ultimate awakening to reality occurs when we personally experience the revelations of the infinite eternal power of the divine spark that resides within each and every human heart/soul.

From the ultimate awakening of gnosis we find infinite compassion as we walk hand in hand with God in the Garden of Paradise on the perfect evening at the end of the perfect day.

tax-free community service versus entertainment industry

religion evolves

"When we see the same ideas promulgated as divine truth, on the ancient banks of the Ganges, and the modern shores of the Mediterranean, we are constrained to admit that they have something common in their source.

They may be the result of celestial revelation, or they may all alike emanate from human ingenuity.

As men invent new forms of religion now, there is a presumption that others may have done so formerly.

As all men are essentially human, so we may believe that their inventions will be characterised by the virtues and the failings of humanity.

Experience tells us that similarity in thought involves similarity in action." - Thomas Inman

While true religion is always the same thing, in each century and every land it has never been the same thing in any two centuries or lands.

Anyone, who traces the history of what is called Christianity, will see that nothing changes more from age to age than the doctrines taught as Christian, and insisted on as essential to Christianity and personal salvation.

The heresy of one age is the orthodox belief of the next.

Since our various theologies are so transient, why do we need to accept the teachings of men, as though they were the Word of God?

Almost every sect makes Christianity rest on the personal authority of Jesus, rather than the immutable truth of the doctrines themselves.

It is hard to see why the great truths of Christianity should rest on the personal authority of Jesus, any more than the axioms of geometry rest on the personal authority of Euclid, or Archimedes.

"The authority of Jesus, as of all teachers, must rest on the truth of his words. God's word will not change, for that word is Truth. From this Jesus subtracted nothing; to this he added nothing." - Theodore Parker

Nothing has ever emerged spontaneously in human culture from an absolute vacuum.

A religion has never suddenly appeared and been accepted by any large number of people.

All religions start from an older religion which is transformed in an attempt to better fit the current conceptual understanding of the collective.

The Hebrew religion was built upon the beliefs of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten as well as myths of Sumerians, Babylonians and Canaanites.

Christianity was built by a synthesis of the Hebrew, Egyptian, Persian and Greek religions.

Islam is built upon the Christian and Hebrew religions and Arabic tradition.

Vedic Sanskrit, a classical language of India, is the liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism.

An example of a modern religion that has transformed Christianity to fit its Septuagint precepts is Mormonism.

A new testament appeared, the book of Mormon - a rewritten New and Old Testament, and Christians were converted into Mormons.

To Catholic, Protestant and Rastafari Christians this new testament appears as a fictional account of the Adventures of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God but to Mormons the book of Mormon is the 'Word of God' written down by Joseph Smith when possessed by the Holy Spirit.

The individuals that first accepted Mormonism were Christians before they became Mormon.

Christianity and Islam have much in common.

When a religion is founded it is usually founded with a "book" or a body of literature.

An example of a religion that was founded upon a mixture of Christianity and Judaism is the Elcesaites Elkasites, Helkesaites, Elchasai or Echasaites based upon the writings of Elchasai.

These writings gave rise to cenobitic monasticism which resulted in the Desert Fathers - hermits, ascetics and monks - who lived mainly in the Scetes desert of Egypt, beginning around the third century.

Their ideas through their writings eventually gave rise to the Discalced Carmelites which was founded on the writings of Teresa Sanchez de Cepeda y Ahumada (St. Teresa of Ávila) and Juan de Yepes Alvarez (St. John of the Cross) in 1593.

325 Anno Domini Although Christianity has two main branches Catholicism and Protestantism they both use basically the same testament that was decided upon by the Council of Nicaea.

Protestants take the early Christian writings the Roman Catholics claim are not heretical and accept them wholeheartedly but get a slightly different message from them.

Protestants never stop to ask the question of whether the books contained in the Bible tell the whole story or whether they have been edited, corrected, redacted, combined, added to, re-edited, re-corrected and corrupted by the very group that protestants condemn as a "cult", the Holy Roman Catholic Church of scribes/priests/monks, management and of course the chief executive officer, the Pope.

The difference between main stream religion and "cults" is basically the degree of acceptance by the culture in which the religion exists although many religious "authorities" condemn any religious viewpoint not their own as heretical and groups that hold such views as "cults."

All of the aforementioned religions have come from a already existing popularly acceptedinstitutionalized religion and that is why they have large numbers of adherents.

Religious "cults" that are not based upon existing religious traditions typically do not survive through generations.

Religious "cults" based upon existing religious traditions that pratice celibacy, like the Shakers, do not survive through generations either.

Religious "cults" based upon existing religious traditions that attempt to set up their own social system while disregarding the State do not survive !

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