A man's soul is made in the image of God
God permeates all of Creation, God seethes throughout animate life, God lives within reality

Chinese charater for revelation

"Creation waits in eager expectation
for the Sons of God to be revealed."
Romans 8:19

"Know that within the heart the bountiful shower of mercy, raining from the heaven of divine revelation has fallen, the earth of those hearts has been changed into the earth of divine knowledge and wisdom."

"Æon forged the perfect body of Adam drawing it out of the Earth and breathing into it His sacred breath.

Æon said to Gabriel, "Take from the sea of My Omnipotence three pearls, place them on a Plate of Light, and present them to Adam so he can choose one."

The three pearls were Reason, Faith, and Humility.

Gabriel presented the plate to Adam.

Adam, illumined by Divine Light, chose the Pearl of Reason.

Gabriel was supposed to take back the plate with the two pearls as it still held the Sea of Omnipotence; but, because of their heaviness, he did not have the strength to lift them.

The pearls of Faith and Humility then said to Gabriel, "We cannot separate ourselves from the holy company of our sibling Reason; without Reason, we cannot even exist! The pearls of the Sea of Omnipotence are inseparable."

The Voice of Æon rang out, "Gabriel, leave the two pearls where they are and return!"

Reason installed itself at the peak of human intellect; true faith lodged itself in Adam's pure and sensitive heart; true humility reigned on his holy face.

These three pure pearls are the heritage of the children of Adam.

Every child descended from Adam who is not adorned by these pearls and does not shine with their brilliance is shut off from the Infinite Light and deprived of authentic Gnosis." - Rumi

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One can not deny the existence of substance because all substance, everything one sees, hears, smells, tastes, touches is within existence.

Perhaps some unknown Power, a Lumière Infinie, forged Everything ?

Historically Westerners has chosen to call this unknown power the 'Creator'.

This unknown Power that forged all the matter of the Universe, all Life on Earth and that set the Rules of Reality, the Law of God, is the Power that eternally pulses within the noumenon - known to gnostics as Æon.

personal witness

I have gone through several different phases in my life as to my faith.

Throughout my life I had never doubted the existence of God.

I doubted my understanding of God was always correct.

I doubted man's understanding of God was correct.

And I questioned various aspects of many theologies.

Several years ago, I came to a very bleak spot in my life.

I felt that the Creator and Sustainer just could not exist.

I had never had such a dark night of the spirit.

My innermost being felt that the Creator and Sustainer just could not exist and that the atheist followers of Newton were correct - a dead universe.

In my a dark night of the spirit I had what some call a vision.

Psychiatrists call it a mental breakdown or the advent of psychosis.

Medical doctors assume I had a stroke.

Buddhists call it ego death which creates awakened heart.

The thought patterns that I identify as myself were overwhelmed by an intense white light welling up from deep within that seemed to be not of this world and not of my own making that threatened to overcome my thought patterns and obliterate them.

I could not see clearly within The Light but my Eternal Soul understood this was Christ filling me from within.

Christ began chopping away at my Ego with a blazing sword of light.

As engrained ego patterns started falling away I could begin to see through the Veil of Cognitive Blindness.

As the engrained ego patterns that had blinded me began to fall away I noticed the sword was not metal but made of rainbow light.

It was the sword of true knowledge named Sophia.

My Eternal Soul told me that Christ walked the Earth with the sword of true knowledge and my mind instantly labeled this as the Second Coming of Jesus.

I began searching for proof of the Creator outside the theology I was familar with and I started to see that everyone had some idea of the reality of existence, even atheists.

Digging deeper I noted that in many different places and times people had suggested that true knowledge or wisdom - gnosis - was the Path to God.

I realized that this esoteric knowledge that leads to the Creator was not technical rational knowledge but a true knowledge found deep within the Eternal Soul based on Absolute Truth.

And that true knowledge came from experiencing reality while always searching for truth and not accepting anything without a firm and strong foundation of understanding.

In an epiphanous moment a lifetime of conflicting information all of a sudden made perfect sense.

I could 'see' that which was the truth and that which was in error as i had finally acheived Gnosis - or as Siddhartha Gautama named it - Nirvana.

Now my true faith grows stronger every day - and it cannot be blind !

I have absolutely no doubt of the existence of the Creator and Sustainer.

The Creator of which I speak is the God of Truth, the God that forged the universe and everything within it, the God that sustains Creation.

Æon, the Creator and Sustainer, set the physical laws of the universe.

Æon breathes a spark of life into inanimate substance granting an Eternal Soul to inanimate clay animating it with a spark of the divine breath of Æon.

The quest for truth suggests I be able to express the Truth of God in both a reasoned and mystical manner that does not lead others astray.

The biggest roadblock is man's ability to delude and deceive himself and man's dialectic nature which tends to put him squarely on one side - having either a rational skeptical footing or a mystical blind faith.

It is possible to hold an observant scientific viewpoint, rational and logical, and still stand in awe of the intricacies and natural mysteries of Creation which extends beyond any one man's ability to completely comprehend.

This is Living within God, Walking the Thinspace, attaining Nirvana or evolving into Integral Consciousness - what the Gnostic Mystics term Christ Consciousness.

We must satisfy ourselves with learning as much as possible while appreciating how little we actually do comprehend and realizing that within natural objective reality there exists an infinite number of natural mysteries:

what is life?

what is time?

what is light?

what is existence?

what is natural objective reality?

what are the limits of human knowledge?

can rational thinkers actually understand reality?

can most humans shift into Integral consciousness in time?

will humanity be able to save the abilty of Earth to support life?

We must learn to see the nearly incomprehensible beauty that exists in the complex structures of the living organisms - Children of Creation.

Study natural objective reality until we mesh with the Ineffable aspects the noumenon to simply become another unique individual stitch in Creation.

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