cosmic wormhole

The common misperception of an interdimensional doorway is of individuals approaching a doorway, such as in this artist's rendering.

The focal point of an actual interdimensional doorway is indeterminate.

Transfer through an interdimensional doorway is instantaneous.

The circumference of the doorway is immeasurable as it appears only for a billionth of a billionth of a second existing only on the edge of electron orbits of the molecular structure experiencing interdimensional transference looking more like a cartoon cutout than a doorway.

In reality happy young Voyagers might very well find themselves wayward adventurers at the wrong end of a black hole rather than setting foot on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Beverly Drive.

Stepping through the Looking Glass I find myself in Wonderland.

Falling down the Rabbit Hole I lose touch with bodily sensation.

Yea though I walk through a Valley of the Shadows I shall not fear evil.

Walking the Thinspace I walk a thin line between Life and Death.

There is no anchor, no foundation as I float on waves of tumbleweeds rolling aimlessly across a bleak alien landscape under an aboriginal blood moon.

Faulty brain apparatus fail to decipher swirling pulsing energy forms.

Previously hidden sensory apparatus spring to life.

Gone is the rational thought stream - a quieting of the "little voice".

What seems to someone that has never undergone rebirth/rebooting as insane behavior is reality testing of renoticed repressed sensory inputs.

An observer watching reality testing action might come to the conclusion that this was a ritual "spell" designed to modify some aspect of reality.

Which of the elements of the ritual are critical ?

Was it the wine (blood) or the bread (bone)?

The observer will not know what the critical factor is.

The observer may believe that the critical factor is dependent on the particular set of elements - numbers or letters - for example.

In this case the compass directions, the nails themselves, the concrete, the way in which they are placed or any combination of the sets of elements which are ALL ritually generated through subconscious action.

The ritual is a dance for the person that does it and it gives that person power of healing the psyche/soul/mind by creating Intentional Reality.

For others attempting to recreate the magic through ritual mimic, it fails as it is not the spontaneous exploration of conscious intention which is the one that opens the door to a better understanding of one's actual form.

Ritual can reconnect you with nature but release comes from the Heart.

To reenact a past ritual connection one must hold the original intent.

Rituals relieve the psychic pressure of separation from Nature.

Ritual fails when the granting of miraculous power is expected.

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