Suffering creates a change of attitude. Attitudinal change is never beneficial for the person who causes the suffering.

"The will we know is the will to live, and to live
is to desire, and to desire is to suffer." - Arthur Schopenhauer

Chinese charater for suffering


foundation of current suffering

"Only when we learn to live from the heart and feel the suffering of others as if it were our own do we truly become compassionate." -Karen Armstrong

"There is a growing element of scorn on the part of the American public for those human beings caught in the web of misfortune, human suffering, dependency and deprivation." - Henry A. Giroux

"It has been said in a Judaic-Christian-Islamic context that separation from God, the Fall, is the source of all suffering. Buddhism names attachment as the cause of suffering, but careful examination reveals its teaching to be nearly identical to that of esoteric Western religion.

Attachment, to the impermanent, delusory 'ego' and all those things that reinforce it, maintains
a separation from the rest of the universe from which we are not actually separate.

As for separation from God, what is God but that which transcends our separate selves and interpenetrates all being? On the origin of suffering, Eastern and esoteric Western religion are in fundamental agreement." - Charles Eisenstein

The complex and intensly stressful American social culture creates a longing to be freed from its burdens. This is easily done with the innate human ability to hide from the conscious thought stream the actual facts of its material circumstances. This innate ability allows us to confront a seemingly bleak situation that otherwise might entirely sap our will to live.

The mammal brain has several traits that cross over to all other mammals. Emotional reaction occurs directly in response to sensory stimulation without conscious consideration in all mammals.

One of these is emotions is fear.

Every mammal reacts with fear to sensory stimulation that 'frightens' the mammal. A subconscious 'bodily' response to that stimulation is observed as the 'fight or flight' response. Strong emotion in mammals is a biological triggering response to existing physical conditions which are triggered to enhance the chances for survival of the individual.

All humans are conditioned to observe the social mannerisms, culturally acceptable behavior and religious traditions of the social group to which they belong basically from infanthood.

Appropriate emotional response to social group traditions must be learned by the individual.

Behavior that does not fit within the proscribed boundaries defined by the traditions of social group are condemned as breaches of acceptable behavior. Individuals with emotional responses that are unacceptable to the social group will be ejected from the group.

The consequence of this rejection is alienation and isolation. Alienation leads to an increase in anti-social behavior. The alienated individual trapped in a cycle of rejection experiences intense emotional suffering and "acts out."

The most simplest and effective method to relieve oneself of this intense emotional suffering is to build a fantasy within which to live. "Everything will work out for the best".

It is in the best interest of the individual to adapt, to stifle unwanted and unacceptable emotions, besides the social group demands it !

How better to achieve this goal than to build a fantasy castle with high walls and wide moat that will keep those unacceptable, unwanted emotions in check as they dash upon the buttressed granite ramparts of the castle of the ruler of the domain of the self - which just happens to be you !

shit happens

All of us have built some type of fortress. We have built these fortress' in order to survive socially within our social group.

If we have built our fortress' upon the solid ground of reality then we have an adequate foundation to support our fortress, but if we have built our fortress upon the shifting sand of blind faith then our fortress is in danger of collapsing.

The spirit of a mind that has built its fortress on the solid foundation of reality will be a beacon of light in the deep, dark night to the spirit of a mind that has built its fortress on the shifting sands of blind faith.

The spirit of a mind that has built its fortress on the shifting sands of the blind faith by accepting a belief system presented to it without carefully examining the actual claims made is suffering from the spiritual corruption of a sycophant.

There is a real and inherent danger to the spiritually corrupt individual as new concepts, ideas, intuitions, and understanding contrary to the hyperreality built upon the shifting sands of blind faith dawn upon the consciousness.

Spiritually corrupt individuals experience searing emotional pain when false sets of rules, precepts, and conceptual images are destroyed by the cold and hard reality of existence.

Temporary insanity is real and occurs when these sets of rules, precepts, and conceptual images are destroyed beyond a capacity for the mind ruled by blind faith to accept.

Thrust into a nightmare world of the inconceivable, of an ordering of reality alien to reality as originally understood with blind faith, a reality of the 'other', these individuals can be expected to commit irrational acts.

Searing emotional pain demands release and drives irrational acts.

Spiritually corruption is the root cause all emotional suffering.

Natural Law requires those seeking redemption from spiritual corruption to note, accept and work to correct their own mistakes in judgement thus basing their new redeemed existence within the noumenon upon a solid foundation.

devil's harvest

A new method of rooting out the evil doers has surfaced.

"Corruption is endemic in the enforcement of drug laws. Many people who have cash and property seized are never charged with a crime. Many police departments are dependent on drug related seizures for basic budget items." - Clifford A. Schaffer

In rural East Texas, methamphetamine labs often operate unnoticed.

Misdemeanor drug charges in Smith County; about 100 miles southeast of Dallas, are as common as drunk driving arrests according to district attorney Matt Bingham.

In the last six years, the Troup police force sent just 2 drug cases to the district attorney's office.

Major Mike Lusk, head of criminal investigations for the Smith County Sheriff's Department, said Troup police had sent a total of two drug evidence samples to the Texas Department of Public Safety crime lab since 2000. "We do that much in an hour." - Major Mike Lusk

"It appears from the current investigation that the problem is not with the Troup Police Department prosecuting innocent people, it is that they were not prosecuting guilty people." - district attorney Matt Bingham

"America contains 4% of the Earth's population and has incarcerated 25% of all imprisoned people on Earth. Twenty years ago America spent $36 billion on police, courts and incarceration a year while today it spends $167 billion. The economic costs of a criminal justice system that emphasizes punishment and incarceration at the expense of rehabilitation and the potential for recovery are unsustainable." - Joe Domanick, senior fellow in criminal justice at USC Anneberg's Institute for Justice and Journalism.

"Since 1975 California criminal justice policy has developed haphazardly, through laws passed by politicians whose chief goal was to appear to be tougher on crime than their opponents. One obstacle to serious reform in the California prisons is the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, the correctional officers union, which wields tremendous political power. Even legislators who understand the issues involved in transforming the prison system have been unable to do what they need to do because of the union's willingness to use dollars and scare tactics against reform-minded politicians." - Jeanne S. Woodford, resigned as acting CEO after 28 years in the California Department of Corrections.

locking up non-violent human bsings

felony speech

In America the mentally ill are being incarcerated for life.

Up until 1808 the mentally ill were often manacled and beaten by Catholic preists.

When it is understood that mental illness has contributed to relatively minor crimes that mental illness is taken into consideration - as an increased threat to society !

People with severe mental illness are medicated, sometimes with neuroleptics which are very strong tranquilizers, so that they appear to have a basic understanding of court proceedings. They are then then considered to be sane and convicted as violent deviant criminal offenders.

1981 Stephan Lilly is convicted of DUI, controlled substance possession and misdemeanor assault.

1997 Stephan Lilly, 42, is convicted of assaulting his wife.

2005 A verbal threat against his wife goes down as second violent felony and strike two.

Upon release Stephan Lilly is paroled to a group home for those with mental illness but denied the medication that made him sane enough to go to trial.

After hearing voices that told him to run around, due to his withdrawal from the neuroleptics he had previously received in jail, Stephan Lilly got into an altercation with a guard.

The legal system made Stephan Lilly addicted to extremely potent neuroleptics, then aburptly withdrew them and expected him to remain calm.

The prosecutor noted Stephan Lilly had been medically diagnosed as schizophrenic.

The prosecutor labeled Stephan Lilly a violent deviant criminal offender.

For a verbal threat and physically detaining the guard, who remained uninjured yet shocked with fear, Stephan Lilly, received 25 to life for his third strike.

Two of the these three strikes were based on what was considered criminally violent felony verbal threats !

awaken out of suffering
exit stage left

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