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"Mother Nature long ago provided us with free devices that remove carbon dioxide from our air using natural solar power: trees and forests. One fast-growing tree can sequester many tons of carbon. In addition to curtailing carbon emissions, let's get back to basics. How about planting trees?" - Elan Glasser

2005 Cherry trees are flowering on average two weeks earlier than in 1995.

A thousand large lakes in Siberia have dried up within the last 25 years. Thawing of the perma frost layer allowed the water from these lakes to seep into the ground. Migratory birds depending upon the lakes of Siberia are expected to be negatively impacted.

The Mexican government reported a suprising reduction of 75% of the Monarch butterfly population due to adverse weather conditions.

"I've been doing this I was big enough to carry a bucket. Tapping in January? Never. Never. Never." - Rex Marsh, a 71 year old a Vermont maple syrup producer, stated in the spring of 2006 that he had tapped his 9000 sugar maple trees in January - two years in a row.

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2006 July heat wave in America breaks more than 2,300 daily records and sets 50 all-time records for hottest temperature ever recorded.

The slight moderation in temperature is being seen in pine forests of 10 western American states including California, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and in British Columbia. Lodgepole pines in Idaho and Colorado, ancient white-bark pines of Idaho and Montana, pinon pines in Colorado, firs in Montana and aspen trees throughout the West are dying by the millions. Beetles have ravaged the drought weakened trees. Temperatures below zero for several days on end are required to kill the beetle which has not happened since the 90's.

"Nothing like this has occurred in the last 350 years. Whole landscapes have been affected." - Wayne Shepperd, Forest Service researcher

"The mountainsides are blanketed with dead trees as far as the eye can see." - Erik Olsen 11/19/2008

2009 Over a fifth of the aspen trees in Colorado have died due to global warming.

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In Old English, the words looked and sounded much more alike than they do now: "tree" was trow and "true" was trowe. The first of these comes from the Germanic noun *trewam; the second, from the adjective *treuwaz. Both these Germanic words ultimately go back to an Indo-European root *deru- or *dreu-, appearing in derivatives referring to wood and, by extension, firmness.

Truth may be thought of as something firm; so as well can certain bonds between humans, like trust, another derivative of the same root.

A slightly different form of the root, *dru-, appears in the word druid, a type of ancient Celtic priest; his name is etymologically *dru-wid-, or "strong seer."

a tree hugger hold truth close to the heart

A tree hugger holds truth close to the heart.


I saw in Louisiana a live oak growing,

All alone stood it and the moss hung down from the branches,

Without any companion it grew there uttering joyous of dark green,

And its look, rude, unbending, lusty, made me think of myself,

But I wonder'd how it could utter joyous leaves standing alone there without its friend near,

for I knew I could not,

And I broke off a twig with a certain number of leaves upon it and twined around it a little moss,

And brought it away, and I have placed it in sight in my room,

It is not needed to remind me as of my own dear friends,

(For I believe lately I think of little else than of them,)

Yet it remains to me a curious token, it makes me think of manly compassion;

For all that, and though the live oak glistens there in Louisiana solitary in a wide flat space,

Uttering joyous leaves all its life without a friend a lover near,

I know very well I could not.

Walt Whitman

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