Implicit bias shapes our views without us knowing it

Fracking Leases Threaten Already Smog-choked Communities

"Our very human need to not feel threatened by our immediate environment allows us to ignore certain realities existent in that environment.

We do this without the conscious awareness of choosing to ignore.

This is due in large part simple to the large amount of conflicting data.

Some we sort consciously and some we sort subconsciously." - AA

"Overconfident judgements are utterly representative' of those made by professionals in medical care, financial services, and a host of other settings of "expert" decision making.

In fact, physicists, economists, and demographers all suffer from this bias, even when reasoning about their field of expertise.

When you have a good theory, overconfidence may do less damage.

The problem is people usually believe they have a good theory." - JD Trout

"Human beings have a nasty habit of ignoring the cold hard facts of the present in the hopes of using apathy as a magical elixir for future prosperity.

They want to believe that disaster is a mindset, that it is a boogeyman under their bed that can be defeated through blind optimism." - Brandon Smith

Oklahoma City bombing:
20 years later, key questions remain unanswered

The pathological legacy of the Oklahoma City bombing

Final Report on the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building
September 13, 2001

Oklahoma was the first state to allow the first commercial application of hydraulic fracturing, which occurred on March 17, 1949, at an oil well near Duncan.

From 1976 to 1992 the United States government funded the Eastern Gas Shales Project, a set of dozens of public-private hydro-fracturing pilot demonstration projects.

The program made a number of advances in hydraulic fracturing of shales.

During the same period, the Gas Research Institute, a gas industry research consortium, received approval for research and funding from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

1991 The first horizontal well in the Barnett Shale is drilled.


ATF Manufactures Crime

What is a barometric bomb?

Bomb Damage Analysis of Alfred P. Murrah


April 19, 1995 Set charges go off in the Alfred P. Murrah building leaving 168 people dead and hundreds more injured.

1997 Nick Steinsberger, an engineer of Mitchell Energy, applied the slickwater fracturing technique, using more water and higher pump pressure than previous fracturing techniques in the Barnett Shale.

2017 Oklahoma is not tracking the number of oil and gas wells that are hydraulically fracked.

what could possibly go wrong ?

Fracking Bubble: Scam Behind Aubrey McClendon's Gas Boom

Widespread and systemic contamination found - at the EPA

Canadian Farmers Call for a Fracking Moratorium

Doctor Sues Over Act 13 "Gag Rule"

Fracking and water consumption

Farmers are watering your food with fracking chemicals

California's Fracking Wastewater Full of Toxic Chemicals

Surprising Connection Between Food and Fracking

Fracking Fluids Tell a Bigger Story

Fracking chemicals alter hormones of baby mice

Fracking Industry Wells Associated With Premature Birth

Poor health more likely for babies born near fracking

High levels of benzene found in fracking waste water

The Myth of Purifying Fracking Water

US Breweries go to War against Fracking Industry

Fracking reduces value of properties dependent on groundwater

Wastewater Illegally Injected Into Central California Aquifers

State let oil companies taint drinkable water in Central Valley

Waste Water from Oil Fracking Injected into Clean Aquifers

Farmers getting fracked

Toxicology of oil field pollutants in cattle

A Dairy Farmer Shares Her Story About Fracking

Fracking Chemicals Are Killing And Neutering Farm Animals

Fracking Complaint Investigations Are "Cooked" & Shredded

Fracking chemicals may harm developing immune system

Fracking Is Interfering with Farming in WV and PA

Livestock Falling Ill in Fracking Regions


Drought strains US oil production

Is there enough water for 'fracking' boom?

Fracking sucking up water in drought areas

Fracking boom triggers water battle in North Dakota

Colorado just one area where fracking fuels water fight

Energy Risk: Fracking Increasing Competition for Water

New California Water Grab for Fracking and Agribusiness

For Farms in the West, Oil Wells Are Thirsty Rivals

A Texan tragedy: ample oil, no water

Drought-Stricken New Mexico Farmers Drain Aquifer To Sell Water For Fracking

Despite Historic Drought, California Used 70 Million Gallons Of Water For Fracking

prevent faucet fires !

The Power of Divestment

The New American Oil Empire Built on Sand

Weakening U.S. Shale Productivity "Very Bullish" for Oil Prices

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