"Of all religions Christianity is without a doubt the one that should inspire tolerance most, although, up to now, the Christians have been the most intolerant of all men."

Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire

Chinese charater for Jesus Christ

i literally want you to follow me

"Christianity is

a rejection of power

and a fight against it."

Jacques Ellul

The words spoken by Jesus

On refuting a primitive and simplistic notion of God

The spirit of the Creator upon me has

appointed me to preach the Word of the Sustainer.

I am come to heal the brokenhearted;

to redeem the spiritually corrupt;

to announce the captives release;

to awaken those blinded by the needle;

to free the downtrodden from their oppressors.

The Creator is ready to share Life with All.


a warrior is not required to sacrifice himself

"Heaven can be entered only
through the narrow gate

The path to spiritual corruption is
, and the gate is wide.

Gateway to Life is small,
as the way is narrow,
only a few ever find it."

listen to understand

Was Jesus a Therapeutae?

"In the first two centuries followers of Christ had no image of god.

Emerging as they did from Judaism they disdained "idol worship."

They were even accused of being atheists." - Kenneth Humphreys

Depending on point of view, one of the beauties/problems with the Christian Bible is that, through carefully framing it can mean whatever you want it to.

Using passages from the Gospels Christian theologians have 'proven' that Jesus was a Pharisee, an Essene, a revolutionary Zaddikim, a Kabbalist, a Marxist, a Taoist and even a supply-side Republican but not a Democrat .

Others have found passages to repudiate these assertions and prove Jesus wore three hats - Tannaim / Tekton / Therapeutae and dined with Essenes.

Still others have left no stone unturned searching for the truth about Jesus.

Over time, as we know entropy, everything decays or becomes corrupt.

This would have been the case with 1) the original sayings of Jesus, 2) the original writings about Jesus and 3) the copies of texts of Jesus' teaching.

Having no way to know what changes were made research suggests original texts were simply statements and sermons of Jesus later elaborated upon.

Thousands of men spent their entire lives reframing religious foundations.

There was much debate about authorship and actuality as opposed to what was heretical even in the first century after the birth of Jesus.

The process of narrative selection gradually evolved.

The Bible itself suggets it is not the full story or a complete image.

Gnostic thought began to build Mystery upon the evolving legend of a wandering rabbi with a mystical power to heal many afflictions.

Mystical Gnosticism is a simple religion of natural redemption - wisdom of truth gained through the coupling of experience with knowledge.

Once the Legend of the Narzarine became widespread Gnostikos universally heralded Jesus the Tannaim as One who brought Knowledge of Truth.

"In Gnostic terms the body's site of power has been referred to as those of the 'sleepers' and 'wakers.'

The 'sleepers' being those whose conscious self has yet to break through the layers of the body's social conditioning.

The spiritual-somatic experience has been seen as a threat to hierarchical societies because it exists beyond their bounds of power and control.

This is one reason why ecstatic experiences - whether through spiritual or other means - have been suppressed, outlawed, and discredited by religions and governing institutions alike.

Ecstatic experiences that can break down human thought patterns and conditioning structures are unnerving for institutions of political power.

How can you control anything with no physical location?" - Kingsley Dennis

Faith in True Knowledge,

the TRUTH,

is the Foundation of Enlightenment.

Creator Sustainer Council

In conclusion,

the books of New Testament where chosen by the Roman Catholics to be the 'Word of God' and any writing that did not fall within the dogma of the Imperial State Religion of Holy Roman Catholic Church was destroyed.

Most of the historical texts that could have shed light on what actually occurred when Jesus walked on the Earth and what Jesus actually said were destroyed for the sole purpose of elevating the Holy Roman Catholic Church to the position of intercessor to God.

The Holy Roman Catholic Church defined the religion of Christainity by defining the books that would be included in the Bible.

The truth is this:

Jesus' original works were in words not in writing.

Many different men, with many different opinions, wrote down the oral accounts of the works, words and life of Jesus embellishing and refining as they saw fit according to their own belief system, a system always unique to the individual believer.

If we understand that spiritual corruption is real we can learn to walk with God by understanding the Bible as a metaphorical allegorical amalgamated guide for living embedded in a marvelous art work.

With this understanding we can respect every living thing God has brought into creation for what it is: the Spirit of God animating inanimate matter.

If you see life as a horrible, ugly thing then you have entirely missed the message of Jesus' word that Jesus gave his life to bring to you.

Jesus reminds us the attitude we have when living our lives is what saddles us with our own personal hell or showers us with our own personal paradise.

Revelation frees the soul in this life, right now, as opposed to some mythical afterlife that has never been shown to actually exist in reality.

Redemption comes from understanding one's own weakness' and working to correct those weakness'.

Jesus accepts everyone !

Jesus' message is a message of tolerance, rebirth, forgiveness, compassion, redemption and salvation.

Ego must forgive Self for imperfection as much as Ego must forgive others that trespass against Ego to free Self from detrimental negative emotions.

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