Reduced Prefrontal Cortical Gray Matter = Harsh Corporal Punishment

Evolution of conformist social learning can cause population collapse

Five ways social conformity destroys your health

"One should flee the multitude of men going in a herd."

Chaldæan Oracles of Zoroaster

"We can see and feel the waste of material things.

Awkward, inefficient, or ill-directed movements of men, however, leave nothing visible or tangible behind them.

Appreciation calls for an act of memory, an effort of imagination.

And for this reason, even though our daily loss from this source is greater than from our waste of material things, the one has stirred us deeply, while the other has moved us but little."

Frederick Winslow Taylor, Principles of Scientific Management

"Surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher regard those who think and act alike than those who think and act differently."

Friedrich Nietzsche

"Every central government worships uniformity: uniformity relieves it of inquiry into an infinity of details."

Alexis de Tocqueville

"On July 19, 1958, in Venice, California, the beach crowd stared bewildered at the attractive lifeguard who took to the little lifeguard hut in the sand.

She settled in and started her job, keeping watch for floundering swimmers.

What puzzled the families, the bikinied sunbathers and the surfers, was the lifeguard was clad in a blue Pan Am suit with the little bag and coiffed hair.

Her pristine look would surely be ruined by the breezy heat of the beach, and how well can she swim in that get-up anyway?

That same summer day in California on Pan Am flight 927 with non-stop service to Tokyo, the passengers looked on with wonder at the tanned lifeguard, whistle around his neck and red rescue buoy tethered to him.

A fellow passenger he was not.

Instead, he was assisting the passengers with getting set for take-off.

The travelers were questioning the mental wellness of this individual because he obviously was not a stewardess (he was so nice and tan and handsome).

With the flight attendant in the lifeguard hut and the lifeguard taking charge in the cabin of the plane, the first indicator that something awkward was afoot was that the uniforms of these individuals were completely wrong.

Save for the fact that in the 1950's the men did the lifeguardin' and the women did the stewardin', what gave it all away from the start was that their costumes were completely off and were fundamentally inappropriate.

Fictional scenarios are easily model the psychology behind the uniform.

Encountering a uniformed individual, people tend to simultaneously regard and disregard the uniform.

Yes, it's there, dressing the individual because he is employed to complete a specified task, hence the uniform, but the uniform is secondary, so get on with your task, Uniform Man. Or is it secondary?

The uniform and the schema behind it make life and social interactions easier, allowing attention to move on to something of more importance.

The lady in the postal clothes will not administer treatment to the sick.

The man in the white coat and stethoscope necklace will not deliver the mail.

Acquiescence is a requisite of the uniform." - Matthew Ortiz

Talkin' Bout a Revolution

"It will be found, as men grow more tolerant of their instincts, that many uniformities now insisted upon are useless and even harmful." - Bertrand Russell

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