Quantum of Life

Long May You Run

It Is Your Life

"Life is not a problem to be solved,

but a reality to be experienced."

Søren Kierkegaard

Chinese charater for lifeforce

"For in Truth it is Life that gives onto Life -

while you, who deem yourself a giver, are but a witness."

Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

Alan Watts: Understanding Life

Never Comes The Day

Science of Life

What is life?

No one knows.

Life is aware of itself the moment it becomes life, that much is certain.

Consciousness, as sensitivity to stimuli, is undoubtedly aroused to some extent at even the lowest, most undeveloped stages of life's occurrence.

It is impossible to tie the emergence of consciousness to any particular point in life's history - to link it, for instance, to the presence of a nervous system.

The lowest animals have no nervous systems, let alone a cerebral cortex, and yet no one dares deny that they are capable of responding to stimuli.

You can anesthetize life, life itself, not just the special organs capable of the response that informs life, not just the nerves.

You could temporarily suspend the responses of every speck of living matter, in both the plant and animal kingdoms, narcotize eggs and sperm with chloroform, chloral hydrate, or opium.

Self-consciousness is an inherent function of the right combination of matter once it is organized as life, and if that function is enhanced it appears to turn against the organism that strives to fathom and explain the very phenomenon that produced it, a striving of life to comprehend itself, as if nature were rummaging around to find itself in itself.

What is life?

No one knows.

No one can pinpoint when life first emerged from nature.

Nothing in the realm of life is self-actuated, life seemed to have actuated itself.

If anything can be said about life, then, it is this: life's structure is so highly developed that nothing like it could occur in the inanimate world.

The distance between an amoeba - a pseudopod - and a vertebrate is minor, insignificant in comparison to that between the simplest form of life and inorganic matter, which does not even deserve to be called dead - because death is merely the logical negation of life.

Between life and inanimate nature is a yawning abyss.

Isn't Life Strange

What is life?

Life is warmth, the warmth produced by instability attempting to preserve form, a fever of matter that accompanies the ceaseless dissolution and renewal of protein molecules, themselves transient in their complex and intricate construction.

Life is the existence of what, in actuality, has no inherent ability to exist, but only balances with sweet, painful precariousness on one point of existence in the midst of this feverish, interwoven process of decay and repair.

What is life?

Life is not matter, it is not spirit.

Life is something in between the two, a phenomenon borne by matter, like the rainbow above a waterfall, like a flame.

Although it is not material, life is sensual to the point of lust and revulsion, it is matter shamelessly sensitive to stimuli - existence in its lewd form.

Life is a secret, sensate stirring in the chaste chill of space.

Life is furtive, lascivious, sordid - nourishment sucked in and excreted, an exhalation of carbon dioxide and other foul impurities of a mysterious origin.

Out of overcompensation for its own instability, yet governed by its own inherent laws of formation, a bloated concoction of water, protein, salt, and fats - what we call flesh - ran riot, unfolded; and took shape, achieving form, beauty, and yet all the while was the quintessence of sensual desire.

This form and this beauty are not derived from the spirit, as in works of poetry and music, nor derived from some neutral material both consumed by spirit and innocently embodying it, as is the case with the form and beauty of the visual arts.

Rather, they are derived from and perfected by substances awakened to sexual passion, to reproduction, by decomposing and composing organic matter itself, by reeking flesh.

-from The Magic Mountain, Thomas Mann

New view of the tree of life

derivation of life

Metabolism & Nutrition

"Over the last 25 years a new understanding of life has emerged at the forefront of science.

I want to illustrate this new understanding by asking the age-old question - what is life?

What's the difference between a rock and a plant, animal, or microorganism?

To understand the nature of life, it is not enough to understand DNA, proteins, and the other molecular structures that are the building blocks of living organisms, because these structures also exist in dead organisms, for example, in a dead piece of wood or bone.

The difference between a living organism and a dead organism lies in the basic process of life – in what sages and poets throughout the ages have called the "breath of life."

In modern scientific language, this process of life is called "metabolism."

It is the ceaseless flow of energy and matter through a network of biological reactions, which enables a living organism to continually generate, repair, and perpetuate itself.

In other words, metabolism involves the intake, digestion, and transformation of food.

Metabolism is the central characteristic of biological life.

But understanding metabolism is not enough to understand life.

When we study the structures, metabolic processes, and evolution of the myriads of species on the planet, we notice that the outstanding characteristic of our biosphere is that it has sustained life for billions of years.

How does the Earth do that?

How does nature sustain life?" - Fritjof Capra

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