A master suite 4 bedroom, 2 fireplace, 2 bath home

An Art Studio for Leonard Olstead

Bathroom redone as turn of the century with claw foot tub, pull chain toilet and pedestal sink

Cabin on the North Shore of Big Bear Lake at Fawnskin

Creating both a shelter from rain & adding asthetic value to by creating an inviting entrance

Decks are the order of business here!

Historical Renovations

Cabin in the North Fork of the San Gabriel River

Typically due not due commercial work but this lab counter for a pager business!

A cathouse for the protection of the furry critters

Treedeck in a large California Live Oak

What is next is left entirely to your imagination!

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Playhouse or clubhouse? Wizards, knights, fair maidens, dwarves, elves, warriors and dragons all make there home here.
Ryan's and Andrew's Playhouse
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Playhouse or Clubhouse? This is the Entry Porch!
Entry Porch
Playhouse or Clubhouse?This is the Balcony overlooking the Garden! Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your long golden hair!

Red DragonRed Dragon

and wizards competed in search of lost artifacts. Spells were cast, battles were fought and dragons were tamed.

The playhouse footprint is 12' by 8'. It has two stories. The first story is divided into two areas. The first area, 8' by 8', is termed the "bicycle garage" and, as you guessed, bicycles and outdoor toys are stored there. The second is the front porch which sports a railing and a ladder that leads up to the "clubhouse". The "clubhouse" area is 8' by 8'. There are 6 windows. A children sized table with two benches, doubling as "treasure chests", and a set of shelves make up the furniture. A small door, watch your head, leads to a small balcony, my favorite place, that overlooks the yard. The trim color of the playhouse is purple, fitting for kings and queens, wizards and dragons.

"The playhouse has great 'lines'/scale/proportions." - Adam Linko

Note: This playhouse is not a manufacture's kit it is original. E-mail if interested in plans.

Alan's Castle

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