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Design using contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship methodology in all home improvement projects.

The larger more complex design work completed includes kitchens, bathrooms, staircases, sunrooms, an art studio and garage as well as smaller projects which include porch and entry enhancements, decks, indoor and outdoor furniture, whimsical structures and hardscape/landscape/garden.

Specializing in home improvement projects.

I will design any type of enhancement to residential property that is the best fit with existing home site conditions taking into consideration legal, physical and economical limitations.

Serving the city of Glendora and surrounding communities.

Broad integrity of design is dependent upon ...

-following intuition
-universal tolerance
-demonstrable adequacy
-conceptual use of pattern
-awareness of decoy functions
-keeping in mind past experience
-expansion of experience by action
-the integration of general principles
-objective integration of all information
-increase of value above and beyond cost
-conceptual integration of pattern experience
-conscious attunement to underlying principle
-awareness of superficial and irrelevant functions
-understanding of materials aging and expansive process'
-the relation of biological functions to mechanical functions
-knowledge of fundamentals of materials structural integrity
-overall system integration with sub-system component function
-the building self-improvised tools in the successive stages of design
-comprehensive responsibility in the formulation of a design strategy
-comprehensively rational energy relationships in line with natural law
-converting subjective a priori design experiences
into objective design formulations
-differentiation of complimentary functions
and impertinent a priori association factors
-the integration of limiting factors into an organically
persuasive reality that induces spontaneous identification


Bachelor of Architecture from California Polytechnical State University at San Luis Obispo in 1987

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