Detailed Map of the Universe


Chinese charater for the Milky Way Galaxy

Look Into The Sun


Bring Me Sunshine

Waiting for the Sun

Here Comes The Sun

Look Into The Sun


Hydroelectric Dam Changed Earth’s Rotation

Chinese charater for the planet earth

atomic weight of an atom


Democritus of Abdera

Greek philosopher (460-370 B.C.)
developed a model of the universe based on the
concept that all things are comprised of tiny particles

"Within every atom traces of the Sun hath been made manifest."

"Epicurian atomism is the best theory for the natural world.
Epicurian atomism is compatible with Christianity."

Pierre Gassendi

Elementary Particle

The Standard Model Of Particle Physics

Weasel shuts down world's largest particle accelerator

"The very attempt to conjure up an image of elementary particles and think of them in visual terms is to wholly misrepresent them."

Werner Heisenberg

"Every particle in the universe is born from the same infinite miasma, and as such, absolutely everything in the universe is one."

Adam Lanka

Our ancestors are primordial stars ripped apart by the collision of star systems.

New solar systems coalesce from clouds of stardust.

Gravity draws matter together, exploding in supernova.

Before heavier elements are forged, three cycles of death and rebirth of a star system.

Three cataclysmic stellar collisions make life!

The Living Earth is dependent upon Existent Forces.

Without that force life could not have come into being.

Embedded in the molecules of each unique thing there exists a record of the history of its ancestors!

starry night

"When I have a terrible need of
- shall I say the word - religion.
Then I go out and paint the stars."
Vincent Van Gogh

organic spaceship

Richard Feynman's Story of Particle Physics

"Our size is not an accident. It is, within quite narrow bounds, imposed by the invariant strengths of the forces of nature. A balance occurs between gravitational and atomic forces when matter has a density close to the density of single atoms. Living things are made out of intricately organized collections of atoms and molecules, held together by interatomic and molecular bonds. Planets, mountains, trees, people, insects, cells and molecules are all composed of closely packed arrays of atoms. The density of these collections of atoms is therefore similar to the density of a single one of the atoms of which they are made." - John D. Barrow

The infinite universe is made of galaxies which are made of stars which are made of planets which are made of atoms which are made of electrons (negative), protons (positive), and neutrons (neutral) which are made of elementary particles.

An elementary particle is a subatomic particle that is not made up of smaller particles, and so can be considered one of the fundamental units of matter.

There are three groups of elementary particles: quarks, leptons, and gauge bosons.

Quarks, of which there are 12 types (up, down, charm, strange, top, and bottom, plus the anti-particles of each), combine in groups of three to produce heavy particles called baryons, and in groups of two to produce intermediate-mass particles called mesons. They and their composite particles are influenced by the strong nuclear force.

Leptons are light particles. Again, there are 12 types: the electron, muon, tau; their neutrinos, the electrons neutrino, muon neutrino, and tau neutrino; and the anti-particles of each. These particles are influenced by the weak nuclear force.

Gauge bosons carry forces between other particles. There are four types: gluon, photon, weakon, and graviton. The gluon carries the strong nuclear force, the photon the electromagnetic force, the weakons the weak nuclear force, and the graviton the force of gravity.

Particle Physics - Subatomic Particle
(Leptons, Quarks, Higgs, Gravitons)

particle or wave

"Since quantum physics has clarified the dematerialization of material reality, we must accept reality as much more extensive in scope and depth than our senses reveal, and humans as potentially more flexibly expansive beings, both psychologically and spiritually, than what we have heretofore taken ourselves to be.

We have to see all things in the light of a broader radius of comprehension.

Though science has assigned metaphoric labels to the phenomena at the very edge of existence - protons, electrons, quarks, gluons, plus bits and quibits from the arena of information theory - essentially we are speaking of various configurations of frequencies."- Lew Paz

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