A false reality occurs when God's Natural Law is breached due to social control mechanisms that deny The Truth and cause violence, suffering and corruption.


a false reality

list of persistent fallacies

the table of fallacious logical conclusions

"In a deeper sense fallacies, if scientific, are often as useful as truths,
because they open new and unexpected fields for inquiry."
- Alfred Korzybski

"I was exploring how powerful industries could promote ignorance to sell their wares. Ignorance is power… and agnotology is about the deliberate creation of ignorance. In looking into agnotology, I discovered the secret world of classified science, and thought historians should be giving this more attention." - Robert Proctor, "The man who studies the spread of ignorance"

"Yes, truth is gone, and anyone who renounces evil is attacked." - Isaiah 59:15

"Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence."
– Henri Frederic Amiel

"A fox running away in terror was asked what had created the terror.
The fox stated, 'The authorities are taking camels for forced labor.'
In reply he was told, 'You are not a camel and do not even look like one!'
The fox answered, 'If a false witness were to state that I was a camel,
who would work for my release?'
" - Saadi of Shiraz

"The power to respond to reason and truth exists in all of us. But so, unfortunately, does the tendency to respond to unreason and falsehood - particularly in those cases where the falsehood evokes some enjoyable emotion, or where the appeal to unreason strikes some answering chord in the primitive, subhuman depths of our being."
- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited

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false is defined as:

deliberately untrue

not genuine or real

intentionally deceptive

contrary to fact or truth

arising from mistaken ideas

not keeping faith; treacherous

in a treacherous or faithless manner

to mislead by want of truth; to deceive

not according with truth or reality; not true

not well founded; not firm or trustworthy; erroneous

not faithful or loyal, as to obligations, allegiance, vows

not genuine or real; assumed or designed to deceive; counterfeit


"It's always amazing to me to hear an intelligent, articulate, rational person come to an absurd conclusion. This usually results when starting with an incorrect premise." - Paul Moser III

"After being taught from childhood that America is above reproach in all ways, many Americans find it impossible to believe that our government can be corrupted, our elections can be stolen, our culture can be corrosive.

This is the most frightening aspect of all: Sometimes, the American people don't want to know. We label stories that don't conform to our image of ourselves as false or mean-spirited or even treasonous.

Sadly, when our leaders are corrupt and the media is owned, there is no one left to tell us that we're being unreasonable or unfair, or even that we're being victimized. We're left to figure it out on our own, as tragedies strike: a son lost in Iraq, a home destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, a health insurance policy canceled, a pension denied. Eventually we'll understand, but by then the America we compassion and believe in may be lost." - Catherine A. McCallum

a false reality

"Infinite mercy flows continually
But you're asleep and can't see it.
The sleeper's robe goes on drinking river water
While he frantically hunts mirages in dreams
And runs continually here and there shouting,
"There'll be water further on, I know!"
It's this false thinking that blocks him
From the path that leads to himself.
By always saying, "Further on!"
He's become estranged from "here":
Because of a false fantasy
He's driven from reality." - Rumi

open third eye

Although it is likely that humanities physical conceptual image of reality upon the Earth is based upon a common objective physical reality it does not follow that factions of humanity describe that reality in terms that remain identical across tribal, religious, cultural and sociological barriers.

In the normal coarse of human communication there lies an innate problem which is one of the major causes of friction between ideological factions.

Differences of conceptual image of reality held by one tribe are amplified by their 'strangeness' in the eyes of an alien tribe perceiving modes of behavior that are strange to them. 'Strange' behavior is seen as inherently alien when compared to the behavior which would be expected of individuals residing within the tribe of the original observer.

Something similar happens to children when they grow into adults and strike out on their own. They invariably evaluate the behavior of other individuals they meet in different social settings in terms of the behavior of members of their immediate family and past friends.

The evolution of the individual personality will, naturally, be affected by behavioral traits of each of the individuals with whom the original personality spends time any time. Behaviors will be appropriated in both directions due to mirror neurons and subconscious human mimicry.

During that time of personal interaction between individuals that fallacies are spread within the bounds of a given social group.

Fallacies survive and continue to spread even after individuals eventually realize they are fallacies beaming in from hyperreality.

Sociologists call the process within the group in which fallacies are spread as a "micro-macro disconnect." The individual hears a fallacy, and testing the waters, spreads the fallacy for feedback purposes. Unfortunately at the macro level invloving the entire social culture the fallacy continues to spread.

A spreading fallacy is a lot like an epidemic disease.

Computer models of a disease can be adapted, with remarkably few modifications, to study the paradox of persistent fallacies.

Persistent fallacies always give way to the cold hard truth of reality.

Most persistent fallacies achieve an equilibrium. If too many fallacies build up on top of each other then social cohesion will collapse as persistent fallacies are mutable.

Fallacy believers belong within the range of a well-defined group by age, race, religion, culture, opinion, politics, wealth, ideology and/or all the other catagories that groups can be contained within. As individuals age, or gain more experience, they cease to believe the fallacy but are replaced, through aging or societal shifts, by a new crop of fallacy spreaders.

Many of the fallacies spread amongst the unsuspecting are originally spread by those in power.

To have a clear understanding of reality outside of personal experience it is necessary for us to get unbiased, accurate and truthful information about what is happening outside our personal environment.

People are not born with an extensive knowledge base of reality.

Although the knowledge base of reality grows with personal experience any knowledge that we have not personally experienced is entirely dependent on the information given which must be correlated, shifted through, thought about, accepted and/or rejected.

When we have been given false information we will hold a false image of that part of reality which resides outside of personal experience. think tanks, pundits and experts constantly spewing fallacies to distract, confuse and undermine confidence.

Vested interests would like us to believe the marketing spiel of wetiko which disables intellectual functions with a viral disease based in fallacy. This viral fallacy disease inundates us with a ponerologic vision that physically shifts our consciousness into a false reality.

Over time through experience the vast majority of human beings understand that their personal experiences are mirrored within the social culture by many others, that others agree that some things are just not probable and that other things most likely are possible, that many things do not happen as they have been portrayed and that there are extensive belief systems - literary metaphors or myths accepted as reality - that fail entirely to mesh with reality.

Sharing experiences helps bring the individual back into existent reality as opposed to a fantasized reality based on the false information of propaganda.

An understanding of the Law of God, of Natural Law, of redemption, of reality and of inner peace ensues.

Everything Is a Lie

List of persistent fallacies

"An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents: What does happen is that the opponents gradually die out."- Max Planck

A lie passed down through three years, thirty three years, three hundred and thirty three years or three thousand three hundred and thirty three years will never metamorphize into truth.

fallacies concerning nature

connected as one

Humans are discrete separate individuals independent of Nature;
humans are discrete separate individuals independent of Spirit.

indefinite growth finite planet

The resources of the Earth are infinite;
the ecosystem of Earth is not a closed system.

fish island

The fossil fuel based economic structure of the
global economy is sustainable as fossil fuel will last forever;
we have expended too much time and energy to change the path we are on.

dead planet profit

Mankind is not overburdening the Earth's ability to regenerate;
the Earth's capability to absorb toxins is infinite.

fallacies concerning reengineering nature

billonaire global warming

Nature is evil; man can, and will, conquer nature.

lady liberty drops her pants

Burning fossil fuel does not add carbon dioxide to atmoshpere;
carbon dioxide is not dissolved into the ocean changing acid-akaline balance.


Genetic engineering increases crop yields and drought tolerance;
genetic engineering is NOT done to increase individual plant tolerance to herbicides, make individual plants toxic to insects and create unviable seeds.

terminator seed

Mammoth multi-national corporate owned agricultural
mono-culture farms do not hurt the environment;
diversity of life is not important.

run forest run !

Shrinking forests, eroding soils, falling water tables, tainted aquifers, crop-withering heat waves, collapsing fisheries, expanding deserts, deteriorating rangelands, dying coral reefs, melting glaciers and rising seas are nothing to be concerned about;
corporations have the expertise to solve all environmental problems through lobbyists and campaign contributions.

original playstation

Astroturf is an intelligent xeriscape solution;
Astroturf cools the air just like living plants.


Mankind can and will solve any problem through geoengineering; God will grant us the technological magic to solve any problem.

fallacies concerning evolution

martian invasion plan goes awry

Nothing on Earth evolves;
there is life on Mars.

Radar Goggles

The theory of evolution precludes the existence of a motivating force;
Charles Darwin did not see biological connections and parallels.

List of persistent fallacies continued ...

"A partial truth is plausible, because there is evidence to support it.
And hence, it is easy to assume that it is the total truth.

Partial truth or half truths are often more insidious than total falsehoods. Total falsehoods can be easily exposed for what they are by citing exceptions to their claims. Hence, they are less likely to be accepted as the total truth."

- Samuel P. Huntington, American political scientist

table of fallacious logical conclusions

teleology fallacy

"He that is not with me is against me"

romantic fallacy

the idea that mankind is inherently good

depravity fallacy

the idea that mankind is inherently evil

fallacy of composition

if A equals X and B is composed of A's then B equals X

fallacy of definition

the definition fails to make clear the concept

cornucopia fallacy

there will never be enough food to feed mankind

technological fallacy

new technologies will solve mankinds problems

fallacy of formality

all (p) is ® and all (q) is ® therefore all (p) is (q)

fallacy of division

A is a part of X so all parts of A are parts of X

fallacy of personification

the tendency to attribute human characteristics
to nature, inanimate objects, animals or the Creator and Sustainer

fallacy of explanation

an explanation of a phenomenon that
doesn't actually explain anything significant

fallacy of consumption

consuming things is good for the economy
and therefore good for America

fallacy of accent

emphasis is used to suggest an understanding
different from the content of the proposition

fallacy of labor

there is a fixed amount of work in an economy
to be divided up among the total supply of laborers

"make work" fallacy

making work is a strategy employed by all classes
of workers in an attempt to appear busy and needed

fallacy of distraction

characterized by misuse of logical operators to distract from the fallacy or invalidity of the conclusion

mimetic fallacy

a written work's (possibly unsuccessful) attempt to convey a perspective state by writing in a manner that attempts to reenact that state (successful attempts Far Tortuga, Fanny Hill)

fallacy of exclusion

valid evidence that would undermine the conclusion is excluded from consideration leading to "You can prove anything with statistics"

statistical syllogisms

a statistical generalization that is usually, but not always, true

gambler's fallacy

the incorrect belief that the outcome of any particular event in a series of independent events whose outcome has a fixed probability is influenced by the outcomes of previous events in that series

naturalistic fallacy

consists of:
1) making an induction,
2) promptly forgetting the induction is provisional
3) blaming the sample rather than inductive error when observed phenomenon differ from expectations.

clustering illusion

considering randomly-distributed data by cluster.

fallacy of regression

ascribing a cause where none exists in situations where natural fluctuations exist while failing to account for these natural fluctuations.

pre/trans (before/after)

There is a qualitative difference between a system that is at B, and a system that has been at B, gone to A, and then come back to B again. The former is pre-A, the latter is trans-A. To an untrained eye, the vehicle looks the same but after driving through the desert the windshield and paint now have more pits from windblown sand.

fallacy of control

as we, individually, have so little control over events we assume that events occur randomly and are not steered by human means

fallacy of freedom

even though we have been conditioned by our environment and circumstances - parents, school, church, media, state, social status, income - we fail to recognize our own conditioning

A false reality occurs when God's Natural Law is breached due to social control mechanisms that deny The Truth and cause violence, suffering and corruption.
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