"It was government's position that the NSA could collect what-ever communications records it wanted to, without having to get a warrant because it could only be said to have acquired or obtained them, in the legal sense, if and when the agency "searched and retrieved" them from its database.

"Sniff It All" meant finding a data source; "Know It All" meant finding out what the data was; "Collect It All" meant capturing that data; "Process It All" meant analyzing that data for usable intelligence; "Exploit It All" meant using that intelligence to further the agency's aims; and "Partner It All" meant sharing the new data source with allies.

Much more revealing was an order I found from the FISA Court, a legal demand for a private company to turn over its customers' private information to the federal government. Orders such as these were notionally issued on the authority of public legislation; however, their contents, even their existence, were classified Top Secret.

According to Section 215 of the Patriot Act, aka the ''business records" provision, the government was authorized to obtain orders from the FISA Court that compelled third parties to produce "any tangible thing" that was "relevant" to foreign intelligence or terrorism investigations. But as the court order I found made clear, the NSA had secretly interpreted this authorization as a license to collect all of the "business records," or metadata, of telephone communications coming through American telecoms, such as Verizon and AT&T, on "an ongoing daily basis."

This included, of course, records of telephone communications between American citizens, the practice of which was unconstitutional." - Edward Snowden

NSA collecting phone records of Verizon customers

Feds Secretly Obtain Phone Records of AP Journalists

Phone Records of Journalists Seized by Feds

"Modern communication systems like video are not constrained to linguistic patterns per se, but can instead juxtapose action and meaning.

Post-linguistic rather than non-linguistic because the technology necessary to construct these communications depend on linguistics and context.

The propaganda of the deed is most commonly imagined as terrorism, but can mean any dramatic or awe-inspiring action designed as communication.

In the past, the actions only affected those who were physically present.

If those not present were affected it was via a retelling.

Today's media environment, in which events and actions are filmed, associated with various emotional markers through juxtaposition, and shown directly to many people repeatedly, has widened the impact of these types of communication." - Edward Wilson & Wes Unruh

Telecom corporations broke the law by wiretapping Americans.

Rather than pay fines they bought off the political opposition for immunity:

AT&T contributed $8,191,618;

Verizon Communications contributed $6,830,000;

Qualcomm Inc. contributed $3,080,000;

Qwest Communications contributed $1,829,542 and;

Sprint/Nextel contributed $1,306,000.

Rahm Emmanuel receives $28,000;

Steny Hoyer receives $29,000;

Nancy Pelosi receives $24,500.

Telecoms responsible for breaking the law are granted retroactive immunity.

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