"Some natural skepticism as to

the purity of human motives

came and sat upon my chest."

Roger Zelazny

The first industrial revolution lasted from around 1780 to 1850.

It was characterized by a transition from small scale craftwork to mechanized production in factories.

The great catalyst in the process was the steam engine which also caused a revolution in transport as it was used in railways and shipping.

The first industrial revolution was centered around the cotton industry.

As steam engines were made of iron and ran on coal, both coal mining and iron industry also flourished.

The 2nd industrial revolution started around 1870 and ended around 1930.

Characterized by rapid ongoing mechanization with steel replacing iron, introduction of the assembly line, development of the chemical industry.

Furthermore coal and water are mostly replaced by oil and electricity.

The internal combustion engine is developed.

Whereas the first industrial revolution revolved around inventions by amateurs, corporations invest money in professional observers during the second revolution, looking for new products and production methods.

In search of finances small companies merge into large scale enterprises headed by professional managers and shares are put on the market.

The third industrial revolution started around 1940 and ended in 2020.

The US and Japan played a leading role in the development of computers.

During WWII computer technology was applied for military purposes.

The American space program increased the number of applications.

Japan specialized in the use of computers for industrial design purposes.

Family business had to became Limited Liability Corporations to survive.

2020 Fourth Industrial Revolution started when c✡rp✡rate media pronounced, "Fifteen days to flatten the curve".

Evidence Of Global Fraud

How Will the Fiction be Sustained?

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Mouse Utopia and The Blackest Pill

Implementing the UK Biosecurity State

RNA-Type Vaccines Which Modify the Human Genome

The Great Reset: The Final Assault on the Living Planet

The Ecology of Trust Mechanization For the Fourth Industrial Revolution

COVID-19 replicating RNA vaccine has robust response in nonhuman primates

COVID-19 Replicating RNA Vaccine Has Robust Response in Both Young and Old Animal Models

FOI documents on origins of SARS-CoV-2, hazards of gain-of-function research and biosafety labs

EcoHealth Alliance orchestrated key scientists' statement on "natural origin" of SARS-CoV-2

Zero down easy monthly payments

"Corporatism has defeated communism.

It is now well on its way to defeating democracy."

David Korten

"What is the elephant in all our rooms? The global triumph of corporatism.

Democracy is fiercely disputed while the history of corporatism supports the crazy opinion that corporatism is an automatically self-correcting system.

Global markets are now more than ever constantly out of equilibrium.

Again and again, corporatism has needed the visible hands of political, fiscal and legal correction to complement the invisible hand of the market.

Karl Marx thought capitalism would have a problem finding consumers for the goods that improving techniques of production enabled it to churn out.

Corporatisms core logic of ever-expanding desires through the manufacture of desires is unsustainable on a global scale." - Timothy Garton Ash

Winterthur Coronavirus Travel Report

Message from the Club of Rome 1972

Winterthur, Canton Zurich, Switzerland

- founded in 1968 by David Rockefeller, Alexander King, Aurelio Pecce

"Much of modern industrial culture has been built upon the premise of perpetual material growth.

The human world is beyond its limits.

The present way of doing things is unsustainable.

The future, to be viable, must be one of drawing back, easing down, healing.

Sustainability, not better weapons or struggles for power or material accumulation, is the ultimate challenge to the creativity of the human race.

The difference between optimists and pessimists involves the question of whether human beings can operate collectively from a basis of compassion.

In a society that systematically develops in people their collectivism, their competitiveness, and their cynicism, the pessimists are the vast majority.

That pessimism is the single greatest problem of the current social system and the deepest cause of unsustainability; not dreaming of colonizing Mars.

A culture that cannot believe in, discuss, and develop the best human qualities is one that suffers from a tragic distortion of information. " - Donella H. Meadows, Dennis L. Meadows, and Jørgen Randers

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.

In their totality and in their interactions, these phenomena constitute a common threat which as the enemy, we fall into the trap about which we have already warned, namely mistaking symptoms for causes.

All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.

The real enemy then is humanity itself."

The First Global Revolution: A Report by the Council of The Club of Rome
Alexander King & Bertrand Schneider

NATO Psychological Operations

NATO use of depleted uranium in bombing
Yugoslavia was ecocide on planetary scale

NATO's "Alternate Universe" in Libya

NATO's Worldwide Expansion in the Post-Cold World Era

The Dissolution of the West - Paul Craig Roberts on GRTV

TOP OF THE WORLD: NATO Rehearses For War In The Arctic

The Breakdown in NATO's Balkan Expansion Strategy

NATO's full-spectrum war against Yugoslavia

Operation GLADIO and the Strategy of Tension

1991 NATO becomes the foundation for pan-European security architecture.

The North Atlantic Cooperation Council liason between Central European, Eastern European, and Central Asian neighbors.

1994 North Atlantic Cooperation Council founds the Mediterranean Dialogue with six non-member Mediterranean countries: Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia, with Algeria joining in 2000.

1997 North Atlantic Cooperation Council rebranded Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council.

NATO Rolls Out Offensive Cyberweapons

Atlantic Council: Securing The 21st Century

Europe Faces Crossroads as Atlantic System Crumbles

Atlantic Council Lies Dashed "On the Rocks" in Syria

"Russian hacking" NATO psyop solved

new world order

"The consequences to the average citizen from business crimes are staggering: The combined burglary, mugging and other property losses induced by the country's street punks come to about $4 billion a year.

However, the seemingly upstanding citizens in our corporate board rooms and the humble managers in our retail stores bilk us out of between $40 and $200 billion a year." - Georgette Bennett

"My boss seemed intent on retraining me according to a certain cognitive style - that of the corporate world, from which he had recently come.

This style demanded that I project an image of rationality but not indulge too much in actual reasoning." - Matthew B. Crawford

The dominant ideology of transnational corporations is predatory.

The notion transnational corporations are remotely interested in such things as "free trade," or "democracy" flies in the face of basic common sense.

The industries wreaking havoc have monopolies using the powers of government to legislate and regulate sub-contractors they wish to control.

People inclined to abuse wealth and power do as they have always done.

Powerful transnational corporations control the election process, the courts, the legislative powers of government, the international treaty process, world currencies and of course, virtually total control of mainstream media.



How NeoCon Billionaire Paul Singer Is
Driving the Outsourcing of US Tech Jobs to Israel

Riots, suicides, and other issues in Foxconn's iPhone factories

"It is an insult to our dignity to live off the produce of anyone doing demeaning work because she has to in order to survive.

Work done under compulsion is slave work." - Charles Eisenstein

"The tool can be treated just like a piece of metal - you use it if you want, you throw it away if you don't want it.

If you can get human beings to become tools like that, it's more efficient by some measure of efficiency - a measure which is based on dehumanization.

You have to demoralize workers.

That's part of the system." - Noam Chomsky

Sweatshops trick the uneducated rural poor, children and adults alike, into starting work without informed consent.

Sweatshops retain workers through debt bondage and/or duress.

Sweatshops injure workers and the environment at greater rates existing in places without effective enforced workplace safety and environmental laws.

"Our country needs to insist that our trading partners enforce their own labor laws and respect international labor standards."- Byron L. Dorgan

Christmas tree ornaments sold at Walmart Stores and other major retailers were made in a Chinese sweatshop employing workers as young as 12 and others who work more than 100 hours a week according to Byron L. Dorgan.

Nike internal pricing documents, found by Charles Kernaghan in the Dominican Republic, purpose was to maximize the profit to be wrung out of girls and young women who sew garments in the 'developing' world.

Production of a shirt is broken down into twenty-two separate operations:

5 steps to cut the material, 11 steps to sew the garment, 6 steps to attach labels, hang tags, and put the shirt in a plastic bag, ready to be shipped.

A time is allotted for each task, with units of ten thousandths of a second.

The calculations demanded each shirt take a maximum of 6.6 minutes to make - 8 cents for labor - for a shirt Nike sells in the US for $22.99.

Walmart has roughly 4,400 supplier factories in China.

A large proportion of these are sweatshops.

A Business Week investigation found in 1999, Kathie Lee handbags were being made in a Chinese factory where employees worked 14-hour days, 7 days a week, 30 days a month, for an average wage of 3 cents an hour.

2004 Gap terminates 136 labor suppliers and admittes forced labor, child labor, wages below the minimum wage, physical punishment and coercion were among abuses it had found at those sweatshop factories.

October 2007 Child workers, some as young as 10, are found working in sweatshop slavery to produce beaded children's blouses with serial numbers that Gap admits correspond with its Gap Kids inventory.

With endorsements from celebrities including Madonna, Lenny Kravitz and Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, Gap has become one of the most successful and iconic brands in fashion.

In Liberia workers are not treated any better.

"Each tapper will draw sap from about 650 rubber trees a day, where they spend perhaps a couple of minutes at each tree." - Dan Adontis, president Firestone Natural Rubber Company

That translates into a 21 hour work day.

If employees don't make their quota their daily wage of $3.19 is cut in half.

" While it shocks Americans to hear it, the central challenge in the poorest countries is not that sweatshops exploit too many people, but that they don't exploit enough." - Nicholas D. Kristof

Study Cites Social Costs of Wal-Mart

Walmart: America's real 'Welfare Queen'

Walmart found guilty of dumping hazardous waste nationwide

sweatshop redux

List of American corporations exporting jobs
prior to dawn 2nd millennium

3Com 3M A. Schulman, Inc. Aalfs Manufacturing Aavid Thermal Technologies Abbott Laboratories ABC-NACO Accenture Access Electronics Accuride Corporation Accuride International Acme Packaging Adaptec ADC Admanco Adobe Air Adobe Systems Admanco Advanced Energy Industries Aei Acquisitions Aetna Affiliated Computer Services AFS Technologies A.G. Edwards Agere Systems Agilent Technologies A.H. Schreiber Co. American International Group Air Products & ChemicalsÊ Alamo Rent A Car Albany International Corp. Albertson's Alcoa Alcoa Fujikura Allen-Edmonds Shoe Corporation Allen Systems Group Allflex USA Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc. Alliance Semiconductor Allstate Alpha Thought Global Altek Altria Group Ames True Temper AMD Americ Disc American Dawn American Express American Fashion American Greetings American Household American Management Systems American Standard American Tool American Uniform Company Applied Micro Circuits Corp. Amerigon Incorporated AMETEK AMI DODUCO Amloid Corporation Amphenol Corporation Analog Devices Anchor Glass Container Anchor Hocking ANDA Networks Anderson Electrical Products Andrew Corporation Angelica Corporation Anheuser-Busch Ansell Health Care Ansell Protective Products Anvil Knitwear America Online A.O. Smith Apex Systems Apparel Ventures, Inc. Apple Applied Materials Applied Micro Circuits Corp. Arimon Technologies, Inc. Arkansas General Industries Ark-Les Corporation Arlee Home Fashions Artex International Art Leather Manufacturing ArvinMeritor Asbury Carbons Asco Power Technologies Ashland AstenJohnson Asyst Technologies AT&T AT&T Wireless Atchison Products, Inc. A.T. Cross A.T. Kearney ATMI-Ecosys Corporation Augusta Sportswear Aurafin-OroAmerica Authentic Fitness Corporation Automatic Data Processing Avanade Avanex Avaya Avery Dennison Axiohm Transaction Solutions AXT, Inc. Azima Healthcare Services B.A.G. Corporation Bakka Ball Corporation Bank of America Bank of New York Bank One Bard Access Systems Barnes Group Barth & Dreyfuss of California Bassett Furniture Bassler Electric Company Bausch & Lomb BBi Enterprises L.P. Beacon Blankets BearingPoint Bear Stearns BEA Systems Bechtel Becton Dickinson BellSouth Bemis Manufacturing Co. Bentley Systems Berdon LLP Berne Apparel Bernhardt Furniture Besler Electric Company Best Buy Bestt Liebco Corporation Beverly Enterprises Bijur Lubricating Corp. Birdair, Inc. BISSELL Black & Decker Black Diamond Equipment Blauer Manufacturing Blue Cast Denim Blyth, Inc. BMC Software Bobs Candies Boeing Borden Chemical Bose Corporation Bourns Bowater Braden Manufacturing Brady Corporation Briggs Industries Brinker International Bristol-Myers Squibb Bristol Tank & Welding Co. Brocade Brooks Automation Brown Wooten Mills Inc. Buck Forkardt, Inc. Bumble Bee Burle Industries Burlington House Home Fashions Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway C&D Technologies Cadence Design Systems Cains Pickles California Cedar Products Company Camfil Farr Candle Corporation Capital Mercury Apparel Capital One Cardinal Brands Cardinal Industries Carrier Carris Financial Corp. Carter's Caterpillar Cellpoint Systems Cendant Centis, Inc. Centurion Wireless Technologies Cerner Corporation Charles Schwab The Cherry Corporation ChevronTexaco CIBER Ciena Cigna Circuit City Cirrus Logic Cisco Systems Citicorp Clear Pine Mouldings Clorox CNA Coastcast Corp. Coca-Cola Cognizant Technology Solutions Coherent, Inc. Collins & Aikman Collis, Inc. Columbia House Columbia Showcase & Cabinet Company Columbus McKinnon Comcast Holdings Comdial Corporation CompuServe Computer Associates Computer Horizons Computer Sciences Concise Fabricators Conectl Corporation Conseco Consolidated Metro Consolidated Ventura Continental Airlines Convergys Cooper-Atkins Corporation Cooper Crouse-Hinds Cooper Industries Cooper Power Systems Cooper Tire & Rubber Cooper Tools Cooper Wiring Devices Copperweld Cordis Corporation Corning Corning Cable Systems Corning Frequency Control Countrywide Financial COVAD Communications Covansys Cray, Inc. Creo Americas Crompton Corporation Cross Creek Apparel Crouzet Corporation Crown Holdings CSX Cummins Curtis Instruments Cutler-Hammer Cypress Semiconductor Dana Corporation Daniel Woodhead Dan Post Boot Company Dan River Data-Ray Corporation Datex-Ohmeda Davis Wire Corp. Daws Manufacturing Dayton Superior Dearborn Brass DeCrane Aircraft Delco Remy Dell Computer Del Monte Foods DeLong Sportswear Delphi Delta Air Lines Delta Apparel Disney Direct TV Discover DJ Orthopedics Document Sciences Corporation Dometic Corp. Donaldson Company Dorr-Oliver Eimco USA, Inc. Douglas Furniture of California Dow Chemical Dresser Dun & Bradstreet DuPont DuPont Beaumont Works Earthlink Eastman Kodak Eaton Corporation Edco, Inc. Editorial America Edscha eFunds e-Gain Communications Corp. Egs Electrical Group Ehlert Tool Company Elbeco Inc. Electroglas Electronic Data Systems Electronics for Imaging Electro Technology Eli Lilly Elkins Hardwood Dimension Elmer's Products E-Loan EMC Emerson Electric Emerson Power Transmission Emglo Products Endwave Corporation Engel Machinery En Pointe Technologies Equifax Ernst & Young Essilor of America Ethan Allen Ethicon Evenflo Evergreen Wholesale Florist Evolving Systems Evy of California Exabyte Corporation Exfo Gnubi Products Group Expedia Extrasport ExxonMobil Fairfield Manufacturing Fair Isaac Fansteel Inc. Farley's & Sathers Candy Co. Fasco Industries Fawn Industries Fayette Cotton Mill FCI USA Fedders Corporation Federal Mogul Federated Department Stores Fellowes Fender Musical Instruments Fidelity Investments Financial Techologies International Findlay Industries First American Title Insurance First Data First Index Fisher Controls Fisher Hamilton Fisher-Rosemount Systems Flowserve Fluidmaster Fluor FMC Corporation Fontaine International Ford Motor Foster Wheeler Franklin Mint Franklin Templeton Freeborders Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. Frito Lay Friwo-Emc Fruit of the Loom Garan Manufacturing Gateway GE Capital GE Medical Systems G.E. Packaged Power Gemtron Corporation General Binding Corporation General Cable Corp. General Electric General Mills General Motors Generation 2 Worldwide Genesco Georgia-Pacific Gerber Childrenswear Gillette Glacier West Sportswear Global Power Equipment Grp. GlobespanVirata Golden Northwest Aluminum Goldman Sachs Gold Toe Brands Goodrich Goodyear Tire & Rubber Google Goss Graphic Systems Graphic Controls Graphite Design International Green Bay Packaging Greenpoint Mortgage Greenwood Mills Grote Industries Grove US LLC Guardian Life Insurance Guilford Mills Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. Haggar Halliburton Hamilton Beach/Procter-Silex Hamilton Sundstrand Harman International Industries Harper-Wyman Company The Hartford Financial Services Group Hasbro Manufacturing Services Hawk Corporation Hawker Power Systems, Inc. Haworth Headstrong HealthAxis Hedstrom Hein-Werner Corp. Helen of Troy Helsapenn Inc. Hershey Hewitt Associates Hewlett-Packard Hoffman Enclosures, Inc. Hoffman/New Yorker The Holmes Group Home Depot The HON Company Honeywell Hooker Furniture Corporation HSN Hubbell Inc. Hudson Rci Humana Hunter Sadler Hutchinson Sealing Systems, Inc HyperTech Solutions IBM iGate Corporation Illinois Tool Works IMI Cornelius Imi Norgren Imperial Home Decor Group Inamed Corporation Indiana Knitwear Corp. IndyMac Bancorp Inflation Systems Infogain Ingersoll-Rand Innodata Isogen Innova Solutions Insilco Technologies Intalco Aluminum Corp. Intel InterMetro Industries International Garment Processors International Paper International Steel Wool Corp. Interroll Corporation Intesys Technologies Intuit Invacare Iris Graphics, Inc. Isola Laminate Systems Iteris Holdings, Inc. Itronix Corporation ITT Educational Services ITT Industries Jabil Circuit Jacobs Engineering Jacuzzi Jakel, Inc. JanSport Jantzen Inc. JDS Uniphase Jockey International John Crane John Deere Johns Manville Johnson & Johnson Johnson Controls JPMorgan Chase J.R. Simplot Juniper Networks Justin Brands K2 Inc. K&S Interconnect KANA Software Kaiser Permanente Kanbay Kayby Mills of North Carolina Keane Kellogg Kellwood Kelly-Springfield Tire Co. KEMET KEMET Electronics Kendall Healthcare Kendro Laboratory Products Kenexa Kentucky Apparel Kerr-McGee Chemical KeyCorp Key Industries Key Safety Systems Key Tronic Corp. Kimberly-Clark KLA-Tencor Knight Textile Corp. Kojo Worldwide Corporation Kraft Foods Kulicke and Soffa Industries Kwikset LaCrosse Footwear L.A. Darling Company Lake Village Industries Lamb Technicon Lancer Partnership Lander Company Lands' End Lau Industries Lawson Software Layne Christensen La-Z-Boy Leach International Lear Corporation Leech Tool & Die Works Legendary Holdings, Inc. Lehman Brothers Leoni Wiring Systems Levi Strauss Leviton Manufacturing Co. Lexmark International Lexstar Technologies Liebert Corporation Lifescan Lillian Vernon Linksys Linq Industrial Fabrics, Inc. Lionbridge Technologies Lionel Littelfuse LiveBridge LNP Engineering Plastics Lockheed Martin Longaberger LOUD Technologies Louisiana-Pacific Corporation Louisville Ladder Group LLC Lowe's Lucent Ludlow Building Products Lund International Lyall Alabama Madill Corporation Magma Design Automation Magnequench Magnetek Maida Development Co. Maidenform Mallinckrodt, Inc. The Manitowoc Company Manugistics Marathon Oil Marge Carson, Inc. Marine Accessories Corp. Maritz Marko Products, Inc. Mars, Inc. Marshall Fields Master Lock Masterwork Electronics Materials Processing, Inc. Mattell Maxim Integrated Products Maxi Switch Maxtor Corporation Maxxim Medical Maytag McDATA Corporation McKinsey & Company MeadWestvaco Measurement Specialties, Inc. Mediacopy Medtronic Mellon Bank Mentor Graphics Corp. Merck Meridian Automotive Systems Merit Abrasive Products Merrill Corporation Merrill Lynch Metasolv MetLife Michigan Magnetics Micro Motion, Inc. Micron Technology Microsoft Midcom Inc. Midwest Electric Products Milacron MKS Instruments Modern Plastics Technics Modine Manufacturing Moen Money's Foods Us Inc. Monona Wire Corp. Monsanto Moog, Inc. Morgan Stanley Motion Control Industries Motor Coach Industries International Motorola Mrs. Allison's Cookie Co. MTD Southwest MTI Technology Corporation Mulox Munro & Company My Room, Inc. Nabco Nabisco NACCO Industries National City Corporation National Electric Carbon Products National Life National Semiconductor National Textiles NCR Corporation neoIT NETGEAR Network Associates Newbold Corporation Newell Porcelain Co. Newell Rubbermaid Newell Window Furnishings New World Pasta New York Life Insurance Nice Ball Bearings Nike Noble Construction Equipment Nordstrom Northrop Grumman Northwest Airlines Nu Gro Technologies Nu-kote International NutraMax Products Nypro Alabama O'Bryan Brothers Inc. Ocwen Financial Office Depot Ogden Manufacturing Oglevee, Ltd Ohio Art Ohmite Manufacturing Co. Old Forge Lamp & Shade The Oligear Company Olympic West Sportswear Omniglow Corporation O'Neal Steel Inc. ON Semiconductor Oplink Communications, Inc. Oracle Orbitz OshKosh B'Gosh O'Sullivan Industries Otis Elevator Outsource Partners International Owens-Brigam Medical Co. Owens Corning Owens-Illinois, Inc. Oxford Automotive Oxford Industries Pacific Precision Metals Pak-Mor Manufacturing Palco Labs palmOne Paper Converting Machine Co. Parallax Power Components Paramount Apparel Parker Hannifin Parks & Wolson Machine Co. Parsons E&C;Pass & Seymour Legrand Paxar Corporation Pearson Digital Learning Peavey Electronics Corporation Pendleton Woolen Mills PeopleSoft PepsiCo Pericom Semiconductor PerkinElmer PerkinElmer Life Sciences, Inc. Perot Systems Pfaltzgraff Pfizer Phillips-Van Heusen Photronics Pinnacle Frames Pinnacle West Capital Corporation Pioneer Companies Pitney Bowes Plaid Clothing Company Planar Systems Plexus Pliant Corporation PL Industries Polaroid Polymer Sealing Solutions Portal Software Portex, Inc. Portola Packaging Port Townsend Paper Corp. Power-One Inc. Pradco Pratt & Whitney Price Pfister Pridecraft Enterprises Primanex Corporation Prime Tanning Primus Telecom Procter & Gamble Progress Lighting ProQuest Providian Financial Prudential Insurance Q.C. Onics Ventures Quadion Corporation Quaker Oats Quantegy Quark Quickie Manufacturing Corp. Qwest Communications Radio Flyer Radio Shack Rainbow Technologies Rawlings Sporting Goods Rayovac Raytheon Aircraft RBX Industries RCG Information Technology Red Kap Regal-Beloit Corporation Regal Rugs Regal Ware, Inc. Regence Group Renfro Corp. Respiratory Support Products Rexnord Industries R.G. Barry Corp. Richardson Brothers Co. Rich Products River Holding Corp. Robert Manufacturing Robert Mitchell Co. Rochester Button Co. Rockshox Rockwell Automations Rockwell Collins Rogers Rohm & Haas Ropak Northwest Roper Industries, Inc. Royce Hosiery RR Donnelley & Sons Rugged Sportswear Russell Corporation S1 Corporation S & B Engineers and Constructors Sabre Safeway SAIC Sallie Mae Samsonite Samuel-Whittar, Inc. SanDisk Corporation Sanford Sanmina-SCI Sapient Sara Lee Saturn Electronics & Engineering Sauer-Danfoss SBC Communications Scantibodies Laboratory Schott Scientific Glass Schumacher Electric Scientific Atlanta The Scott Fetzer Company Seal Glove Manufacturing Seco Manufacturing Co. SEI Investments SEMCO (Southeastern Metals Manufacturing) Sequa Corporation Seton Company Sheldahl Inc. Shipping Systems, Inc. S.H. Leggitt Co. Shugart Corp. Siebel Systems Sierra Atlantic Sights Denim Systems, Inc. Signage, Inc. Signal Transformer Signet Armorlite, Inc. Sikorsky Silicon Graphics Silvered Electronic Mica Company Simmons Juvenile Products Simonds International Simula Automotive Safety SITEL Skyworks Solutions SMC Networks SML Labels Snap-on, Inc. SNC Manufacturing Company SoftBrands Sola Optical USA Solectron Solon Manufacturing Co. Sonoco Products Co. Southwire Company Sovereign Bancorp Specialized Bicycle Components Spectrum Control Spicer Driveshaft Manufacturing Spirit Silkscreens Springs Industries Springs Window Fashions Sprint Sprint PCS SPX Corporation Square D SRAM Corporation Standard Textile Co. Stanley Furniture Stanley Works Stant Manufacturing Starkist Seafood State Farm Insurance State Street Steelcase StorageTek Store Kraft Manufacturing StrategicPoint Investment Advisors Strattec Security Corp. Strombecker Corp. STS Apparel Corporation Summitville Tiles Sun Microsystems Sunrise Medical Suntron SunTrust Banks Superior Uniform Group Supra Telecom Sure Fit SurePrep The Sutherland Group Swank, Inc. Sweetheart Cup Co. Swift Denim Sykes Enterprises Symbol Technologies Synopsys Synygy Takata Retraint Systems Target Teccor Electronics Techalloy Company, Inc. Technotrim Tecumseh Tee Jays Manufacturing Telcordia Telect Teleflex TeleTech Telex Communications Tellabs Tenneco Automotive Teradyne Texaco Exploration and Production Texas Instruments Textron Thermal Industries Therm-O-Disc, Inc. Thermo Electron Thomas & Betts Thomas Saginaw Ball Screw Co. Thomasville Furniture Three G's Manufacturing Co. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Tiffany Industries Time Warner The Timken Company Tingley Rubber Corp. TMD Friction Tomlinson Industries The Toro Company Torque-Traction Mfg. Tech. Tower Automotive Toys "R" Us Trailmobile Trailer Trans-Apparel Group TransPro, Inc. Trans Union Travelocity Trek Bicycle Corporation Trend Technologies TriMas Corp. Trinity Industries Triquint Semiconductor TriVision Partners Tropical Sportswear Trumark Industries TRW Automotive Tumbleweed Communications Tupperware Tyco Electronics Tyco International Tyler Refrigeration UCAR Carbon Company Underwriters Laboratories UniFirst Corporation Union Pacific Railroad Unison Industries Unisys United Airlines UnitedHealth Group Inc. United Online United Plastics Group US Ceramic Tile United Technologies Universal Lighting Technologies USAA Valence Technology Valeo Climate Control Valeo Switches & Detection Systems VA Software Vaughan Furniture Co. Velvac Veritas Verizon Vertiflex Products Vestshell Vermont, Inc. VF Corporation Viasystems Vilter Manufacturing Corp. Virginia Industries Virginia KMP Corporation Vishay Intertechnology Vishay Vitramon Visteon VITAL Sourcing Wabash Alloys, L.L.C. Wabash Technologies Wachovia Bank Walgreens Walls Industries Warnaco Washington Group International Washington Mutual Waterbury Companies Waterloo Industries Weavexx Webb Furniture Enterprises WebEx Weiser Lock WellChoice Wellman Thermal Systems Werner Co. West Corporation West Point Stevens Wetherill Associates Weyco Group Weyerhaeuser Whirlpool White Rodgers Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company Winpak Films Wolverine World Wide Woodstock Wire Works Woodstuff Manufacturing WorldCom World Kitchen Worldtex Wright Products Wyeth Wyman-Gordon Forgings Xerox Xpectra Incorporated Xpitax Yahoo! Yarway Corporation York International Zenith ZettaWorks Zimmerman Sign Company

one nation under CEO

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