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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Shadow Government Blackmails Everyone

The Deep State: The Unelected Shadow Government

"I have been analyzing American history in the light of what I have called structural deep events: events, like the JFK assassination, the Watergate break-in, Iran-Contra, or 9/11, which repeatedly involve law-breaking or violence, are mysterious to begin with, are embedded in ongoing covert processes, have political consequences that enlarge covert government, and are subsequently covered up by systematic falsifications in the mainstream media and internal government records." - Peter Dale Scott

"Key congressional leaders say they didn't know George Walker Bush established a "shadow government," moving dozens of senior civilian managers to secret underground locations outside Washington to ensure that the federal government could survive a devastating terrorist attack on the nation's capital" - Washington Post, Saturday edition

The Secret Government

The Hidden Government Group Linking
JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra and 9/11

The Doomsday Project and Deep Events:
JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11

'Shadow Government' News To Congress

Shadow Government Is at Work in Secret


Want to Understand the Deep State?
Here is Your Deep, Deep State

Vote all you want. The secret government won't change.

Governance is no longer conducted in accordance with the US Constitution, and in many cases within states, according to state constitutions.

Although recognizing legislation passed does not favor their interests most Americans still cling to the naive belief corruption is rare and exceptional.

Americans institutions of society: the courts, the press, and law enforcement agencies, still attempt to comply with the Constitution and the law.

This assumption hypothesizes corrupting forces are disunited.

Mounting evidence makes it clear that the situation is far worse.

The US Constitution is now used as a façade to placate the masses.

What has replaced it is what many call the Shadow Government.

It for the most part, operates in secret, as internal controls are not secure.

Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki

More than 250 children have been killed:
8 facts that expose American human rights abuses

Obama Killed a 16-Year-Old American in Yemen.
Trump Just Killed His 8-Year-Old Sister.

16-year-old Abdulrahman Anwar al-Awlaki was assassinated while eating dinner by a CIA drone airstrike in Yemen on October 14, 2011.

Anwar al-Awlaki, an American/Yemeni imam and Islamic lecturer, was assassinated by an armed CIA drone two weeks prior to the death of his son.

Anwar al-Awlaki's daughter, Nawar, is fatally shot in intelligence operation on al-Qa`ida that left at least 14 people, including a US commando, dead.

Kilcullen's Long War

"Without public debate and without congressional hearings, a segment of the Pentagon and fellow travelers have embraced a doctrine known as the Long War, which projects an "arc of instability" caused by insurgent groups from Europe to South Asia that will last between 50 and 80 years.

According to one of its engineers, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are just "small wars in the midst of a big one." - Tom Hayden

The 'Long War' quagmire

"Military intellectuals envision a prolonged Cold War against Al Qaeda, with hot wars along the way.

It happens that the Long War is over Muslim lands rich with oil, natural gas and planned pipelines. " - Tom Hayden

'War on terror' is permanent

"Last October, senior Obama officials anonymously unveiled to the Washington Post their newly minted "disposition matrix", a complex computer system that will be used to determine how a terrorist suspect will be "disposed of": indefinite detention, prosecution in a real court, assassination-by-CIA-drones, etc." - Glenn Greewald

Global Counterinsurgency: Strategic Clarity for the Long War

Fire and Forget: Short stories from the Long War

America's resumption of 'the long war'

A Setback in the Long War

Nixon on the move

Permanent Infrastructure for Permanent War

Unfolding the Future of the Long War

1954 Wackenhut founded in Coral Gables, Florida, by George Wackenhut and three former FBI agent partners.

Current and past members of the Wackenhut board of directors include Frank Carlucci, Bobby Inman, William Raborn, and Clarence Kelly.

1960 There are more police officers than hired security guards in America.

1964 Wackenhut contracts to guard the Kennedy Space Center and the US Atomic Energy Commission nuclear test site in Nevada.

From FBI reject to private warlord: the rise of George Wackenhut

Dick with Don and more Dick

Those Were The Days

1969 Richard Nixon appoints Donald Rumsfeld to head the Office of Economic Opportunity, responsible for overseeing the "War on Poverty."

Richard Nixon wants the agency restructured, and Donald Rumsfeld, with chief aide, Dick Cheney, quickly began bringing in management contractors to do the work of the civil servants.

"Don found himself with bureaucracy that hated him. He was forced to seek outside help. I remember Don reciting the Al Smith statement, 'If I don't look to my friends for help, who do I look to, my enemies?'" - Dick Cheney

Frank Carlucci succeeds Rumsfeld to become Defense secretary for Reagan.

Cloaked in contractual and formal approvals the Executive branch accelerates the process of merging government and business interests.

1970 Nixon Approves 'Huston Plan' for Domestic Surveillance'

1971 Frank Carlucci tells Congress that he is dramatically curtailing the agency's spending on management contractors.

"We did not think we were getting our money's worth." - Frank Carlucci

Nixon Passes a Rule to Doom the Post Office

1976 Daniel Guttman and Barry Willner write The Shadow Government.

Decision-making authority as well as actual services are being outsourced to overpriced consultants, secretive think tanks, and vested corporate interests.

Using a process' cloaked in formal approvals by various executive functions a drive to merge government and business interests began as early as 1969.

1980 Ronald Reagan authorizes a presidential commission on privatization.

The boundary between public and private might be erased giving private interests more opportunity to move into traditionally government roles.

The same idea surfaces in the "re-inventing government" movement taken up by the Bill Clinton:

"We would do well," one proponent wrote, "to glory in blurring of public and private and not keep trying to draw a disappearing line in the water."

Privatization has affected every aspect of American public life since then.

The most visible surge in government outsourcing has come in the military.

Purportedly acute manpower shortages has America hiring private companies to perform duties reserved in the past for the American military.

America now has over 40 corporations that provide mercenaries.

Every facet of "personal security" is now in the hands of private business.

1981 John Philip Nichols, Peter Zokosky (Armtech), and A. Robert Frye, a vice president of Wackenhut, travel to Quebec to purchase Valleyfield Chemical Products Corporation, a weapons propellant manufacturer.

The deal goes bust due to Canadian government objections.

After the death of his wife, John Philip Nichols hooks up with a junkie.

1982 Fred Alvarez, a Cabazon tribal leader, and two companions, are found murdered on the Indio reservation.

Alvarez had been critical of Nichols' and Wackenhut's dealings with the Cabazon tribe and he had received death threats.

Cabazon murders tied to corruption coverup

1983 DoD gives Cabazon authorization to manufacture weaponry.

1985 Nichols attempts to hire hitman, pleads no contest and is sentenced to prison and serves nineteen months.

1988 Supreme Court holds, California v. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians, federal and tribal interests in Indian gaming preempt state law such that state regulation of gaming did not apply to tribal gaming operations on tribal land.

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act inacted.

The stated purposes of the act includes providing a legislative basis for the operation/regulation of Indian gaming, protecting gaming as a means of generating revenue for the tribes, encouraging economic development of these tribes, and protecting enterprises from negative influences.

1990 Control of the Cabazon reservation is turned over to Mark Nichols.

A thirty thousand sqft casino and bingo hall are under construction.

Colmac Corporation is constructing a $150 million power generating plant .

Other business dealings by the Cabazon tribe included plans for a thirteen hundred luxury housing project to take advantage of HUD funding and an industrial incinerator for medical wastes.

A parimutuel offtrack betting parlor is opened courtesy of a HUD grant.

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 made the practice of Indians opening betting parlors and casinos commonplace by the early 1990s.

In fact, the act allowed tribes to buy property outside the reservation but regulate it under the same rules of sovereignty that protected the industrial incinerator and Riconosciuto's manufacture of chemical weapons from federal control creating great potential growth for such enterprises.

America's $320 Billion Shadow Government

Is the State of Emergency Superseding our Constitution?

Cheney, Rumsfeld and the "Continuity of Government"

Coronavirus: 'Continuity of Government'

August 10, 1991 Danny Casolaro is meeting an informant to "bring back the head of the Octopus" when his body was found in a hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Casolaro's investigation began with his inquiry into the case of Inslaw.

DOJ steals PROMIS software, selling it to governments and global financial institutions, after modifying it to provide a back door by to track the movement of money and fungible assets in real time globally.

The Danny Casolaro Primer: 13 reasons to doubt the official narrative

"As Casolaro headed ever deeper into the rabbit hole, he found that the Octopus had played key roles in the 1962 Cuban missile crisis (which brought the world to the brink of nuclear war), the Watergate scandal which brought down President Richard M. Nixon, and the December 1988 destruction of a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet aircraft over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Then things got really weird.

The Octopus had a significant presence at Area 51, Nevada.

The Octopus was reportedly funding research to create deadly virus.

Things took a strange turn when Casolaro met with Michael Riconosciuto, who was in the field of spies, espionage and intelligence for years." - Nick Redfern

Secret Pentagon Program Spent Millions To Research UFO

Glowing Auras and 'Black Money': Pentagon Mysterious UFO Program

Michael Riconosciuto, an electronics and computer expert, is arrested in early 1991, shortly after providing Inslaw with an affidavit in support of their lawsuit against the DoJ.

2002 Wackenhut acquired by Danish corporation Group 4 Falck.

2004 Group 4 Falck merges to form British company G4S Wackenhut.

2010 G4S Wackenhut changed its name to G4S Secure Solutions.

Octopus Revisited

The Undying Octopus:
FBI and the PROMIS affair


Within 8 days of this declaration, Riconosciuto was arrested for conspiracy to manufacture, conspiracy to distribute, possession with intent to distribute, and with distribution - a total of ten counts related to methamphetamine and methadone.

3. In spite of the threats, Riconosciuto agreed to the interview on February 7, 2000. Within one hour following the interview, he was charged with a disciplinary infraction.

4. This infraction was expunged at a BOP hearing on February 11, 2000.

5. Within an hour of this hearing, the FBI charged Riconosciuto with solicitation of murder; the charge relating to the expunged incident.

6. Because of this allegation, Riconosciuto is placed in solitary confinement for several months.

7. Upon his return to the general prison population, Riconosciuto is transferred to the FCI Allenwood, Pennsylvania, with the reputation of being a "threat" to BOP staff members.

8. On February 5, 2001, Riconosciuto wrote a certified letter (Exhibit A) to his attorney, Don Bailey, that he had contact with someone in an Islamic group called the "Base" and that group was currently in preparation for an attack in the US, but would not divulge specific details unless the US Government granted immunity from prosecution to his sources.

9. On February 13, 2001, Riconosciuto sent a certified letter (Exhibit B) to Congressman Bryan Baird (D- W A), in an effort to expedite the reporting of his information to the appropriate authorities.

10. On February 19, 2001, Louis Buffardi, another Riconosciuto attorney, wrote to Secretary of State Colin Powell, with a cc to Attorney General John Ashcroft (Exhibit C), to the effect that he had a client with information concerning an imminent terrorist attack in the United States, and Buffardi asked that someone other than the FBI obtain the details from his client.

11. On February 20, 2001 Riconosciuto filed BOP Form 148 (Exhibit D), for use of a private telephone to handle sensitive conversations relating to matters mentioned in 8, 9, and 10, above.

12. Once he received his private telephone, Riconosciuto told this reporter that he had conversations concerning the afore-mentioned topics with, among others, John O'Neill, former FBI terrorist expert in charge of security for the World Trade Center.

13. On an unrecalled day in March 2001, Riconosciuto was visited by Special Agent (SA) Keith Cutri of the Williamsport, Pennsylvania, FBI agency.

14. Riconosciuto furnished SA Cutri with the identification of an individual in New Jersey (unidentified herein to eliminate damage or complications to future official investigations) who:

a. Was coordinating forthcoming terrorist attacks on the United States.
b. Had information on the movement of Soviet-made shoulder-fired missiles.
c. Was coordinating forthcoming skyjackings.
d. Was coordinating bombings and espionage.
e. Knew the identities of "sleepers" in the United States and overseas.

15. Riconosciuto also furnished SA Cutri with information on a false ID ring in Montreal, Canada, and in New Jersey, and could furnish the exact false ID of 30 terrorists who had been chosen for actions inside the United States.

16. Riconosciuto further told SA Cutri 37 Soviet-made missiles were being handled through Thabet Aviation in Quebec City, Canada, also brokered old but serviceable aircraft (Swearingtons, DC-9s, 747s, and high-performance military) to be used in drug-running and future terrorist attacks in a so-called "40 minute" war scenario using aircraft as flying "missiles".

17. Riconosciuto further informed SA Cutri that terrorists were taking flight training in various types of aircraft brokered by Thabet, and if given immunity for himself and his contacts, he would provide specific information where said training was taking place and the identities of the students involved." - Terrorism Cover Up in America, Ted Gunderson

The 7 Blind men and the US Elephant

Deep State America

Hidden Government Group

America's Shadow Government

Controlled by the Shadow Government

Continuity of Government / Shadow Government

The Unelected Shadow Government Is Here to Stay

Beyond Orwellian Nightmares and Neoliberal Authoritarianism

Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power

in the shadows hides the puppetmaster

March 1, 2002 "Execution of the classified "Continuity of Operations Plan" resulted not from the Cold War threat of intercontinental missiles, the scenario rehearsed for decades, but from heightened fears that the al Qaeda terrorist network might somehow obtain a portable nuclear weapon, according to three officials with first-hand knowledge.

Although US intelligence has no specific knowledge the risk is thought great enough to justify the disruption of activating the shadow government.

Deployed "on the fly" in the first hours of turmoil on Sept. 11, one party said, the shadow government has evolved into an indefinite precaution.

For that reason, the high-ranking officials representing their departments have begun rotating in and out of the assignment at one of two fortified locations along the East Coast.

Rotation is among several changes made in late October or early November, sources said, to the standing directive Bush inherited from a line of presidents reaching back to Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Officials who are activated for what some of them call "bunker duty" live and work underground 24 hours a day, away from their families.

As it settles in for the long haul, the shadow government has sent home most of the first wave of deployed personnel, replacing them at 90-day intervals.

The civilian cadre present in the bunkers usually numbers 70 to 150, and "fluctuates based on intelligence" about terrorist threats, according to a senior official involved in managing the program.

It draws from every Cabinet department and some independent agencies.

Its first mission, in the event of a disabling blow to Washington, would be to prevent collapse of essential government functions." - Barton Gellman and Susan Schmidt, Washington Post

2003 3,512 security contracts for domestic security functions.

2006 In the 22 month period ending in August the Department of Homeland Security has issued more than 115,000 security related contracts.

It was not until the mid–19th century that urban governments, by setting up local police forces, made global property protection a state responsibility.

No one with wealth relies on state guarantees of security.

People with wealth have withdrawn into protected walled enclaves.

The chief obligations of government is simply to dispense justice - to resolve disputes, oversee legal business, mete out punishment.

Lawyers increasingly shun the civil courts - congested, expensive, fickle - instead they buy private arbitration, provided by "rent a judge" companies.

Those sentenced to prison may very well do their time in a private facility.

Faced with rising numbers of inmates, governments found the cost effective way is to turn the prison industry over to the private sector - companies such as the behemoth Nashville based Corrections Corporation of America.

Public colleges and universities are fast losing their 'public' character.

These institutions were created by an act signed by Abraham Lincoln in 1862 providing federal land grants to states for financing higher education.

Nationwide, state legislatures are picking up only about two-thirds of the annual cost of public higher education.

To a large degree it's money from private donors and private corporations, creating an incipient "academic-industrial complex" at public and private institutions alike.

At the University of California at Berkeley, one administrator is officially known as the Bank of America Dean of the Haas School of Business.

Money for university research comes with strings attached - pushing research in certain directions and ownership of patents derived from sponsored research.

Sociologists have a term for what is occurring: they call it the "externalization of state functions."

Water and sewage systems are being privatized, as are airports and highways and public hospitals.

Voucher programs and charter schools are a way of shifting education toward the private sector.

The protection of nuclear waste is in private hands.

Meat inspection is done largely by the meatpacking companies themselves.

The privatization of terminal operations at American ports began three decades ago and 80% of them were already operated by foreign companies.

Serious proposals to privatize portions of Social Security have been on the table, and Obamacare effectively puts an enormous government program into the hands of private insurance and drug companies.

Many government services now charge user fees.

Detailed statistical data was once freely available to everyone as public information, now that information must be bought from a private provider.

The vaults of the Smithsonian were once open to documentary film makers.

Now a contractual agreement between the Smithsonian and the cable company Showtime, the Smithsonian Channel, has jurisdiction over, and priority access to, certain kinds of material.

A considerable amount of tax collection is now done, in effect, by casinos; rather than raise taxes to pay for services, legislatures legalize gambling and then take a rake-off from the profits earned by private casino companies.

It's "tax farming" for the modern age, recalling the hated Roman practice of selling the right to collect taxes to private individuals (including the apostle Matthew in the Gospels), who were then allowed to keep anything over what they had agreed to collect for the government.

As the recent revelations about torture have made clear, even official interrogations for national security purposes have been outsourced -
to other countries through the process known as "extraordinary rendition."

The sale of naming rights for public facilities nomenclature creates mutants such as the Mitsubishi Wild Wetland Trail at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx and Whataburger Field in Corpus Christi.

To attract more corporate underwriting, the Department of the Interior has proposed national parks be liberally opened up to the sale of naming rights.

An analyst at Johns Hopkins observes, "Contractors have become so big and entrenched that it's a fiction that the government maintains any control."

One obvious recent example is the rebuilding effort in Iraq.

There may have been no alternative to giving the reconstruction job in Iraq to private corporations, including Bechtel and Halliburton, but the result has been an effort that defies management or accountability.

The evidence of widespread corruption in Iraq is beyond dispute.

Private companies are exempt from regulations applying to government.

Private records can't be obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

They can use foreign subsidiaries to avoid laws meant to restrain American companies.

Before the war, Halliburton itself used subsidiaries to do business with
Iran, Iraq, and Libya, despite official American trade sanctions against them.

Secret intelligence work - translation, airborne surveillance, computing, interrogation, analysis, reporting, briefing - is being outsourced.

The intelligence community is further fragmented by a "spy drain" draws officers out of the public sector and into the private market (Snowden).

The drain isn't restricted to spies: at least 90 former top officials at the Department of Homeland Security and the White House Office of Homeland Security now work for private companies in the domestic-security business.

The government has turned the job of border police over to multi-national contractors, a task that will in turn be subcontracted out to smaller firms.

Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman submit bids to build a high-tech "virtual fence" along the Mexican border, with an array of motion detectors, satellite monitors, and aerial drones which Boeing wins.

While being erected Donald Trump decides a hard steel wall would be a reminder of his stamina and remind Americans of keeping America great.

A Homeland Security official concedes the abdication of government leadership, "We're asking you to come back and tell us what to do."

Late 1990s study suggests that the "privatization rate" - the rate at which public functions are being outsourced - is roughly doubling every year.

On paper the federal workforce nationwide, leaving the military aside, appears to total about two million people.

If you add in all the people in the private sector doing essentially government jobs with federal grants and contracts, then the figure rises by 10.5 million.

The commercialization of government probably explains why so many Washington entities are now referred to as shops: "lobby shop," "counterterrorism shop."

There's no question that in certain ways the private sector can outperform the public sector.

Users of Federal Express, U.P.S., and DHL would sooner renounce citizenship than go back to relying only on the US Postal Service.

The problem is the cumulative effect of privatization across the board - projected out over decades, over a century, over two - and the leaching of management capacity from government.

The activities of government are, in effect, being franchised out.

You can't help lingering over the concept of "franchise."

The word originally had to do with political freedom and social responsibility.

Derived from the Old French word franc, meaning "free," it later came to be associated with the most fundamental political freedom of all: to exercise your franchise meant to exercise your right to vote.

Only much later, in the mid–20th century, did the idea of being granted "certain rights" acquire its commercial connotation: the right to market a company's services or products, such as fried chicken or Tupperware.

Today, to have a franchise on something is in effect to have control over it." - adapted from Cullen Murphy

deep state swamp

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