US Government forged al-Qa`ida

Imperial Anatomy of al-Qa`ida

al-Qa`ida antithetical to Kashmiri Struggle

Usamah bin Laden: 911 not al-Qa`ida

"When the American combat forces entered Saudia Arabia, the land of the two holy places, there was strong protest from the Ulema and from students of the Shariah law all over the country against the interference of American combat forces.

It is not permissible for any non-Muslim to stay in our country." - Usamah bin Mohammad bin Laden

"To this date, however, there is no proof that al-Qa`ida was behind the 911 attacks.

Neither is there evidence that Afghanistan as a Nation State was behind or any way complicit in the 911 attacks." - Michel Chossudovsky 12/21/09

"Why do women become suicide bombers?

Like male suicide bombers, their motives vary.

Contrary to popular perception, they are not unbalanced sociopaths, nor are they poor, uneducated relgious fanatics.

According to suicide videos and interviews with those who knew them, the women are driven by the desire to avenge the deaths of relatives, to redeem the family name, to escape a sheltered life or to equalize patriarchal societies.

Many have been raped or sexually abused by enemy forces.

Once dishonored, they are no longer marriageable.

With their deaths they reinvent themselves as martyrs, redeeming the family name and recouping lost honor."- Mia Bloom

The main mobilization appeal of Usamah bin Mohammad bin Laden, al-Qa`ida (al-Qaeda, al-Qa`ida) and all other Islamic fanatics is the presence of American combat troops stationed on Islamic soil.

Suicide bombing is driven by the presence of foreign military forces.

The speeches and sermons of Usamah bin Mohammad bin Laden begin by calling attention to the presence of tens of thousands of American combat troops on the Arabian Peninsula.

1996 Usamah bin Mohammad bin Laden states there is an American plan; that the Americans were going to use combat troops to conquer Iraq, break it into three pieces, give a piece of it to Israel, and then do the same thing to Saudi Arabia.

The government of the US appears to be on the path to fulfill the predictions Usamah bin Mohammad bin Laden which helps mobilization appeals.

1998 The US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania are bombed eight years to the day US troops arrive in Saudi Arabia to begin the Gulf War in the aftermath of the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq.

There are still American combat troops on the Arabian Peninsula.

If Islam was the pivotal factor in suicide bomb attacks then the largest Sharia country on Earth, Iran - 70 million people - three times the population of Iraq and three times the population of Saudi Arabia - would be active.

There has not yet been a suicide bomber from Iran and there never will be as Shi'a are not Sunni.

Wahhabism is a Sunni cult.

Sudan is a country of 21 million people.

Sudan's government practices an extreme form of Sharia.

Sudan is so congenial to Usamah bin Mohammad bin Laden that he spends three years in Sudan in the 1990s.

There has never been an al-Qa`ida suicide bomber from Sudan.

The first complete set of data on every al-Qa`ida suicide bomber from 1995 to early 2004 concludes that suicide bombers are not from some of the largest Islamic countries on Earth.

23 are from Islamic countries with American combat troops.

Before the invasion, Iraq never had a suicide bomb attack in its history.

After the invasion:  
3/03 - 7/03 2
8/03 - 12/03 23
1/04 - 5/04 29
6/04 - 10/04 40
11/04 - 3/05 73
4/05 - 9/05 112

American combat troops stationed in Iraq incite suicide bombings.

The suicide bombers in Iraq were produced by the invasion of Iraq.

Iraqi suicide bombers come from two groups - Iraqi Sunnis and Saudis - the two populations most vulnerable to transformation by the presence of large American combat troops on the Arabian Peninsula.

This is consistent with the strategic logic of suicide bombings.

2003 al-Qa`ida appears to have made a deliberate decision not to attack America in the short term.

Norwegian intelligence obtains an al-Qa`ida planning document claiming al-Qa`ida should not try to attack the continent of North America in the short term but instead should focus its energies on hitting America's allies in order to try to split the coalition.

The document then goes on to do an analsis of whether the terrorists should hit Britain, Poland, or Spain.

The document concludes that the terrorists should hit Spain just before the March 2004 elections because Spain could not withstand two, maximum three, blows before withdrawing from the coalition, and then others would fall like dominoes.

That is exactly what happened.

2004 "al-Qa`ida" attacks Spain in Madrid.

Spain Struggles to Absorb Worst Terrorist Attack in Its History

Spain's Retreat After The Madrid Bombings Rewards Terrorism

Spain withdraws from the coalition. Others followed.

Studying patterns of suicide bombings shows religion matters, but not quite in the way most in the West imagine.

In virtually every instance where an occupation has produced a suicide bombing campaign, there has been a relgious difference between the occupier and the occupied community.

Bombs vests strapped to people first appeared in Sri Lanka where Sinhala Buddhists had a dispute with the Hindu Tamil Tigers.

A religious difference between the occupier and the occupied enables terrorists to demonize the occupier in vicious ways as 'other'.

In Lebanon there were 41 suicide terrorist attacks from 1982 to 1986.

When the military forces of the US, France and Israel withdrew from the vast bulk of Lebanese territory, the Lebanese suicide bomber's did not follow the Israelis to Tel Aviv.

This is also the pattern of the second intifada with the Palestinians.

As Israel withdrew from Palestinian controlled territory, there was a decline of the suicide bombing campaign.

The purpose of a suicide bomb attack is not to die but to inflict the maximum number of casualties in a gruesome manner to make the enemy withdraw.

If Usamah bin Mohammad bin Laden or Anwar al-Awlaki have no obvious infringement, like stationed troops, they have nothing for their call for jihad to stand on.

On the other hand if they see states topple, as in the cases of Iraq and Saddam Hussein, Libya and Muammar Gaddafi, the attempt on Bashar al-Assad and Syria through the ISIS proxy there are plenty of examples to call for jihad.

"The central motive for suicide bombing and catastrophic terrorism is response to foreign occupation, the presence of American combat troops.

The longer American combat forces stay on the ground on the Arabian Peninsula and in Iraq, the greater the risk of the next 911, whether that is a suicide bombing campaign, a nuclear attack, or a biological attack.

Evidence shows the presence of American combat troops is clearly the pivotal factor driving suicide bombings in Iraq." - Robert Pape, University of Chicago

"US intelligence officials have concluded there are only about 100 al-Qa`ida fighters in the entire country of Afghanistan. Intelligence officials estimate there are several hundred al Qaeda fighters just across the border in Pakistan." - Richard Esposito, Matthew Cole and Brian Ross 12/02/09

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