contradictory propaganda

"Many of the nation's leading public-relations experts have  been  indoctrinating  themselves  in  the lore of psychiatry and the social sciences in order to increase skill  at  engineering  consent  to  their propositions."

Vance Packard 1957

1990 United States Ambassador, April C. Glaspie directly to Saddam Hussein, ''We have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait."

''We were reluctant to draw a line in the sand,'' a senior Administration official said. ''I can't see the American public supporting the deployment of troops over a dispute over 20 miles of desert territory and it is not clear that the local countries would have supported that kind of commitment. The basic principle is not to make threats you can't deliver on. That was one reason there was a certain degree of hedging on what was said. The crucial factor in determining the American response was not the reality but the extent of the invasion.''

"Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, for example, was quoted as telling journalists at a press breakfast on July 19 that the American commitment made during the Iran-Iraq War to come to Kuwait's defense if it were attacked was still valid. The same point was also made by Paul Wolfowitz, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, at a private luncheon with Arab ambassadors." - By Elaine Sciolino With Michael R. Gordon, US Gave Iraq Little Reason Not to Mount Kuwait Assault, NYT, 11/23/1990

George HW Bush pays Binladen Brothers Construction - later the Saudi Binladen Group - to help build airfields for US aircraft and later to construct an American air base in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Prince Waleed bin Talal becomes an associate of the The Carlyle Group with his purchase of 10% of the preferred stock of Citicorp.

The Carlyle Group is a huge international investment and 'defense' firm.

Directors at various times have included George HW Bush, Frank Carlucci, James Baker, Richard Darman.

The Saudi royal family is a key investor in Carlyle.

"When a ponerogenic process encompasses a society's entire ruling class, or nation, or when opposition from normal people is stifled - as a result of the mass character of the phenomenon, or by using spellbinding means and physical compulsion, including censorship - we are dealing with a macrosocial ponerologic phenomenon." - Andrew M. Lobaczewski

August 2, 1991 Upon the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq the Kuwaiti government hires at least twenty law and lobby firms to help shape the opinion of the American people.

The largest PR firm on Earth, Hill & Knowlton, sponsors "Kuwaiti Liberation Day" passing out tens of thousands of T-shirts.

Thomas Ross, senior vice-president, Pentagon spokesman during the Carter administration;

Frank Mankiewicz, vice chairman, former press secretary and advisor to Robert F. Kennedy, president of National Public Radio;

Robert Gray, the chairman of Hill & Knowlton US offices had leading role Ronald Reagan' presidential campaign;

Lauri J. Fitz-Pegado, supervisor of the Kuwait account, former Foreign Service Officer at the US Information Agency;

Lew Allison, producer of Hill & Knowlton video news releases – distributed to news channels and often broadcast unedited as "news" – was a former producer at both CBS and NBC news.

Craig Fuller, the president of Hill & Knowlton, Chief of Staff for Ronald Reagan, handled campaign public relations of George HW Bush during the 1988 elections and later became Phillip Morris' top public relations man.

Charlotte Beers, "a former Madison Avenue advertising executive who was recently named the State Department Undersecretary of State for 'public diplomacy', the official government euphemism for 'public relations', is "planning a television advertising campaign to influence Islamic opinion."

Victory of 'Perception Management'

January 17, 1991 - Operation Desert Storm

"I am not a national-security strategist or a military tactician.

I am a politician, a person who uses communication to meet public-policy or corporate-policy objectives.

I am an information warrior and a perception manager.

We've worked in ninety-one countries.

Going all the way back to Panama, I've been involved in every war, with the exception of Somalia."- John Rendon

During the first Gulf war, each of the big three networks had profound financial ties to the war.

ABC was owned by Capital Cities, now owned by Disney.

ABC chairman is on the board of directors of Texaco.

CBS, at the time owned by Westinghouse, now owned by Viacom, is also owned the RAND and Honeywell, both of which are major defense contractors.

NBC is owned by General Electric, which had a $2 billion weapons contract with the US military, making both the Tomahawk and the Patriot missiles.

The Kuwaiti royal family are major General Electric stockholders.

Jack F. Welch, CEO of General Electric, insists that NBC News had no greater responsibility for public service than any of traditional General Electric lines of business.

During the Gulf war the Associated Press sent photographer Scott Applewhite to cover victims of a SCUD missile attack near Dhahran.

The warhead hit an American tent, killing 25 Army reservists and wounding 70.

Scott Applewhite, an accredited pool member, was stopped by US Army military police.

When he objected, they punched and hand cuffed him while ripping the film from his cameras.

"Frankly, I looked on it as a problem to be managed. The information function was extraordinarily important. I did not have a lot of confidence that I could leave that to the press." - Richard Bruce Cheney, America's Team: Media and the Military

1998 In an impressive collection of news reports, Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) showed that in , ABC World News This Morning, NBC Today, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, CNN, USA Today, New York Times, Washington Post, and Newsday all reported the fact that the United Nations weapons inspection teams were removed from Iraq by order of the United Nations.

US air attacks could delay Clinton impeachment

February 1998 A report by Peter Jennings cites records obtained by ABC News which showed that The Rendon Group spent more than $23 million dollars in the first year of its contract with the CIA.

The Rendon Group
is hired to run a covert
propaganda campaign to make
Saddam Hussein a boggieman.

The Rendon Group hires individuals with experience in both government and media.

"Through its network of international offices and strategic alliances The Rendon Group provides communication services to clients in more than 78 countries and maintains contact with government officials, decision-makers, and news media around the globe." - Rendon Group website

John Rendon, the firm's founder and senior partner, "previously served as a Public Information Officer for the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and as a member of Jimmy Carter's national political staff.

Phil Angellis, the Director of Operations, spent 22 years working in the Massachusetts State Senate.

Jeff Schmidt, producer/editor/videographer, was on staff at ESPN.

Tara Haggett, production manager, has coordinated various levels of marketing campaigns and post production for over 40 movies.

"Our clients are government agencies, private sector enterprises, and non-governmental organizations that face the challenge of achieving information superiority in order to impact public opinion and outcomes." - Rendon Group website

Depleted Uranium

October 7, 2001 - Invasion of Afghanistan

al-Qa`ida command is numbered at between 1200 to 2500 men with Taliban troops numbered at between 10 to 30 thousand men.

Richard Myers, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, reports 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles, launched by British and US submarines and ships, 25 strike aircraft from US aircraft carriers, US$ Carl Vinson and US$ Enterprise and 15 US Air Force bombers - B-1 Lancer, B-2 Spirit, B-52 Stratofortress are involved in the first wave, launched from Diego Garcia.

The Lincoln Group, acting as intermediary between military and media outlets, covertly places over 1,000 stories authored by military information operatives, translated into Arabic and placed in Baghdad newspapers.

American commanders in Iraq found the Baghdad Press Club.

Iraqi journalists are paid to cover and produce stories about American reconstruction efforts, such as openings of schools and sewage plants.

Charlie Black Catapulting the Propaganda

October 26, 2001

USA Patriot Act (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism) is signed into law by George Bush.

November, 2001 Karl Rove meets with entertainment executives to discuss the war on terror and ways that Talmudwood might work together with the administration's communications strategy.

Hundreds of millions of dollars is spent on media projects specifically designed to sell "good" news about the invasion and occupation.

Marketed as an attempt to unify the American people it is a strategy that cements the hold of the transnational elite over the American people while appearing to be bold and broad initiative to end terrorist acts.

The meeting is spearheaded by Karl Rove and Jack Valenti and organized by Sherry Lansing of Paramount Pictures.

Among those represented at the meeting are CBS, Viacom, Showtime, Dreamworks, HBO, and MGM including writers Steven E. DeSouza, David Engelbach, and directors Joseph Zito, David Fincher, Spike Jonze, Mary Lambert, and Randal Kleiser.

A part of the Institute for Creative Technologies, assembled by Brigadier General Kenneth Bergquis, they are requested to "engage in apocalyptic brainstorming of the category that has yielded acts of cinematic terrorism."

February 19, 2002

Although the US government is barred by law from planting propaganda in America, Pentagon actions of the Office of Strategic Influence leads to disinfo planted in foreign news being picked up by American broadcasters.

(This changes on July 2, 2013 when the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 repeals the domestic prohibition, allowing government propaganda to be directed and created for Americans for the first time in over 40 years.)

ABC World News, NBC Today, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, CNN, USA Today, New York Times, Washington Post, and Newsday - report Saddam Hussein has forced weapons inspectors out.

In an early attempt to stamp out dissenting opinions the District of Columbia police force arrests 120 protestors protesting the war in Iraq.

In a legal settlement reached in the summer of 2007 the District of Columbia agreed to pay the protestors illegally detained $1 million.

14 other demonstrators illegally arrested are paid $640,000.

"We're cowards lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away." - Bill Maher

Less than a week later, his show is cancelled by ABC.

Gerald Levin of America Online informs MSNBC that AOL already helped terror investigators by "providing access to e-mail traffic."

"There's an implicit quid pro quo here. The industry seems to be saying to the administration, 'we're patriotic, we're supporting the war … now free us from constraints'." - Jeff Chester, Center for Digital Democracy

2003 French officials formally complain their country is the victim of a campaign of 'repeated disinformation.'

January 30, 2003, to February 12, 2003

A quantitative study from Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) conducted concerning ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, and The News Hour with Jim Lehrer on PBS concludes that of the 393 on-camera sources who appear in nightly news stories about Iraq, more than two-thirds (267) of the guests are from the US and 75% of those (199) are either current or former government or military officials with only one expressing skepticism about the war.

March 20, 2003 A coalition of countries, principally the United States and Great Britain, invade Iraq.

The Geneva Convention forbids the targeting of civilian installations – whether state-owned or not – unless being used for military purposes.

Under the Geneva Convention broadcasting propaganda is not military use.

"The coalition of the willing" launches missiles at the Iraqi television offices and US media applaudes the action without a single reference to its illegality.

"The first war plan has failed because of Iraqi résistance. Now they are trying to write another war plan. Clearly the war planners misjudged the determination of the Iraqi people." - Peter Arnett

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Peter Arnett, an NBC and National Geographic correspondent in Baghdad, is fired for granting an interview with state controlled Iraqi television.

"My NBC reporting career was turned to ashes because I stated the obvious to Iraq television; that the US war timetable has fallen by the wayside. I don't want to give aid and comfort to the enemy – I just want to be able to tell the truth." - Peter Arnett

the latest news

Oliver North, the National Security Council staffer of the Iran-Contra scandal, is a frontline "embedded" war correspondent for Fox News.

Scott Sforza, a former ABC producer, designs the White House 'message of the day' backdrops and helps design the $250,000 set at the US Central Command forward headquarters in Doha, Qatar.

Bob DeServi, a former NBC cameraman has the title of associate director of communications for production.

Greg Jenkins a former FoxNews television producer in Washington is now the director of presidential advance.

Greg Jenkins manages a small army of staff who move days ahead of Bush and his entourage to set up the staging of all White House events.

"We pay particular attention to not only what the president says but what the American people see." - Dan Bartlett.

January 2, 2006 Michael Rubin is political adviser for the Coalition Provisional Authority (Baghdad) following two years (2002-2004) as staff assistant on Iran and Iraq in the Office of Special Plans in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

"The poll in the summer of 2006 showed that 43% of Americans continue to believe that Saddam Hussein was personally involved in 911.

The White House misinformation campaign has been the cornerstone of Bush's political survival.

In speech after speech, Bush and Cheney have done their best to deceive Americans." - Bill Rolfing

September 22, 2008 "The International Monetary Fund has retained the major public relations firm Hill & Knowlton for one year, to boost the international financial institution "global outreach."

The IMF plays a crucial role around the world working to stabilize financial markets. H&K's regional expertise and global network means the firm is ideally suited to support the IMF.

The firm will also design "customized contact programs with key opinion formers and influencers." - Paul Taaffe, Hill & Knowlton

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