Gautama Christ

The names of God and especially those of His representative

Who is called Jesus or Christ according to holy books

These names have been used, worn out and left

On the shores of rivers of human lives

Like the empty shells of a mollusk.

However when we touch these sacred but exhausted

Names, these wounded scattered petals

Which have come out of the oceans of compassion and fear

Something still remains, a sip of water,

A rainbow footprint that still shimmers in the light.

While the names of God were used

By the best and the worst, by the clean and the dirty

By the white and the black, by bloody murderers

And by victims flaming gold with napalm

While Nixon with his hands Of Cain blessed those condemned to death,

While fewer and fewer divine footprints were found on the beach

People began to study colors,

The future of honey, the sign of uranium

They looked with anxiety and hope for the possibilities

Of killing self or not killing self, of organizing themselves into a fabric

Pablo Neruda

Of going further on, of breaking through limits without stopping

What we came across in these blood thirsty times

With their smoke of burning trash, their dead ashes

As we weren't able to stop looking

We often stopped to look at the names of God

We lifted them with tenderness because they reminded us

Of our ancestors, of the first people, those who said the prayers

Those who discovered the hymn that united them in misfortune

And now seeing the empty fragments which sheltered those ancient people

We feel those smooth substances, worn out and used up by good and by evil.

Pablo Neruda

Om Mani Padme Hum

Nicholas Gonzalez: Victim of the pharma assassins?

"My personal experience supports and confirms what I have since learned as a social scientist with a doctorate in the history of religions: Healing has always and everywhere in human history been practiced by religious experts.

Life, death, illness and mystery are the province of both religion and science.

In fact, one can demonstrate that the physician, a medical scientist, is also a religious expert.

In our seriously misguided technological society, we divide knowing about ultimate things from religious practice, calling it "science," which is merely the generic word for rational knowledge.

In our actual experience, religion and technology are intermixed.

Attempts to separate medical practice from spiritual life is not only lamentable, it is impractical.

People seek consolation when they or their loved ones are ill, and they hope for miracles.

I am not arguing that prayer heals all ills or that science is incomplete without rituals.

I am arguing that the mystery of being human includes the necessity of religion - in one form or another.

I argue this because I am an agnostic scientist with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in any form that it takes." - Jean E. Rosenfeld 12/06

Healthy Human Microbiome

Human Blood Microbiome

Human Gut Microbiome

200 different types of human cells.

Approximately 1300 different enzymes found in those human cells.

Physical decay boils down to three factors:

Not enough minerals in the diet.

Not enough fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) in the diet.

Nutrients not readily bioavailable, intestinal system not properly absorbing.


Over a period of time, if your diet lacks vitamins and minerals from a poor diet and/or contains high levels of phytates (from grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes), the blood chemistry and the ratio of calcium and phosphorous become out of balance, which results in minerals being pulled from bones, causing tooth and bone loss.

Foods to focus on are: Coconut oil, grass-fed organic dairy (especially butter), grass-fed meats, seafood and bone broths.

Organic cooked vegetables (soups with bone broth are ideal).

Organ and gland meats are good but only if organic.

Limit foods that are high in phytic acid, like grains, beans, nuts and seeds, (soak seeds to reduce phytochemical protection) as well as limiting processed food intake full of processed flours and sugars that upset blood sugar balance.

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