I Am A Rock

Like A Rock

Diamonds and Rust

Ad Campaign Invents Diamond Engagement Ring

"A diamond is forever," the implication is that ownership of a thing of guaranteed value will give oneself a value of the same permanent unassailability.

It is as though one did not have to be lovable to be loved if one is wearing a diamond, a magic ring that attracts all persons at all times." - Jean Liedloff


Chinese charater for endure

to bear with tolerance

to continue in existence; last

to suffer patiently without yielding

to carry on through, despite hardships

No greater misfortune can happen to us,
than not to be able to bear misfortune

"Every man, like every dog, has an individual limit of endurance.

Most men reach their limit after about thirty days of more or less continuous stress under the conditions of modern combat.

The more than averagely susceptible succumb in only fifteen days.

The more than averagely tough can resist for forty-five days.

Strong or weak, in the long run all of them break down.

All, that is to say, of those who are initially sane.

For, ironically enough, the only people who can hold up indefinitely under the stress of modern war are psychotics.

Individual insanity is immune to the consequence of collective insanity."

Aldous Huxley


Strong Enough

Joseph Marshall III

Sisyphus Rolling Rock Up Hill

Papa Was A Rolling Stone

"The grace and benefits of the Creator are eternal and infinite.

Misery is hard to endure but over time it is relieved, and anguish vanishes.

After the deep despair of frustration, hope blossoms.

After the sun descends, thousands of stars shine.

The Will of the Creator reigns supreme." - Rumi

Gut Microbes Link Stress and Autoimmune Disease

Abnormalities in neuroendocrine stress response in psychosis

Health may hinge on being cheerful during stress

"We are trying to figure out what causes aging and premature aging.

We all know that stress appears to age people - just look at the aging of our presidents after four years.

The new study demonstrates that there is no such thing as separation of mind and body - the very molecules in our bodies are responsive to our psychological environment." - Dr. Dennis Novack, who studies the link between emotions and health at Drexel University College of Medicine

Scientists have identified the first direct link between stress and aging, a finding that explains why intense, long-term emotional strain can make individuals chronically sick and grow old before their time.

Chronic stress hastens the shriveling of the tips of the bundles of genes inside cells shortening their life span and speeding overall deterioration of the body according to a study involving mothers caring for chronically ill children.

The study focused on the telomeres in the chromosomes of particular immune cells of 58 women between the ages of 20 and 50.

Telomeres cap the ends of chromosomes and shorten as cells reproduce.

When they reach a minimum level the cells can no longer reproduce.

The report, published in the late fall of 2004 by the National Academy of Sciences, found that the telomeres in the cells of women under stress had undergone the equivalent of 10 years of additional aging, compared to women living more normal lives.

"Chronic stress has the potential to shorten the life of immune cells.

This is the first time that psychological stress has been linked to a cellular indicator of aging in healthy people." - Elissa Epel of University of California at San Francisco

Stress conditions such as a wound can also trigger cancer formation.

"Different conditions can trigger stress signaling: physical stress, emotional stress, infections, inflammation - all these things cause cancer." - Tian Xu

watching people

Doctor My Eyes

Emotion is an automatic response to environmental conditions.

People repress unpleasant emotions which lead to unpleasant thoughts.

Subconscious emotional repression is a "normal" human response.

Shame follows guilt at sins committed, debts that demand repayment.

The easiest method of doing this is simply avoiding the unpleasant thought patterns that might lead you down the rabbit hole of 'negativity.'

Anyone that has lived for any length of time observing the movements of their own emotions recognizes the stirrings of neurotic thought patterns under times of physical or emotional stress that absorb conscious thought.

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