Chinese charater for the respect of nature

"Science is the Way of Truth."

Slobodan Lang

Science is constructing theories of natural functions.

Philosophically we design thought models or theories.
Experimentation reveals model design validity.

Falsifying designs are easier than proving them.

"In the pre-scientific world, power was God's.

There was not much that man could do even in the most favorable circumstances, and the circumstances were liable to become unfavorable if men incurred the divine displeasure.

This showed itself in earthquakes, pestilences, famines, and defeats in war.

Since such events are frequent, it was obviously very easy to incur divine displeasure.

Judging by the analogy of earthly monarchs, men decided that the thing most displeasing to the Deity is a lack of humility.

If you wished to slip through life without disaster, you must be meek; you must be aware of your defenselessness, and constantly ready to confess it.

But the God before whom you humbled yourself was conceived in the likeness of man, so that the universe seemed human and warm and cozy, like home if you are the youngest of a large family, painful at times, but never alien and incomprehensible.

In the scientific world, all this is different.

It is not by prayer and humility that you cause things to go as you wish, but by acquiring a knowledge of natural laws.

The power you acquire in this way is much greater and much more reliable that that formerly supposed to be acquired by prayer, because you never could tell whether your prayer would be favorably heard in heaven.

The power of prayer, moreover, had recognized limits; it would have been impious to ask too much.

But the power of science has no known limits.

We were told that faith could remove mountains, but no one believed it; we are now told that the atomic bomb can remove mountains, and everyone believes it." - Bertrand Russell, Impact of Science on Society

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"His delight is in the Law of God. On the Law of God he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water, the tree yields its fruit in season and its leaf does not wither."- Psalm 1:2-3

"Traditional Christian doctrine has no problem with using science to explain how the phenomena of the universe work together.

Traditional Christian doctrine teaches everything, even the most well understood aspects of reality, exist because of the creative act of God, and that knowledge of this creative act is understood through self-reflection." - Marilyn Lundberg

"Though they recognize in their hearts the Law of God to be one and the same, yet from every direction they issue a new command, and in every season proclaim a fresh decree. No two are found to agree on one and the same law, for they seek no God but their own desire." - Bahá'u'lláh


The Scientist

laws of classical physics

The law of falling bodies as observed by Galileo Galilei:

Heavier denser bodies fall at the same rate as lighter smaller bodies.

May be immediately proved through casual experimentation.

3 laws govern the motion of the planets as observed by Johannes Kepler:

The planets move in elliptical, not circulal orbits.

The velocities of the planets are not uniform but vary at different points in their orbits.

The areas swept by the radius vectors in equal times are equal.

The velocities of the planets relative to each other can be expressed mathematically:

The squares of the periods of revolution are proportional to the cubes of the distances from the sun.

May be immediately proved through casual observation.

The law of gravity as observed by Johannes Kepler:

A force emanating from the sun governs the motion of the celestial bodies.

Weight arises from the mutual attraction between two bodies.

May be immediately proved through casual observation. Don't trip!



3 physical laws of motion as observed by Isaac Newton:

(1) Every body perseveres in its state of rest or of moving uniformly in a straight line, except so far as it is made to change that state by external force.

(2) Change of motion is proportional to the applied force, and takes place in the direction in which the force is applied.

(3) Reaction is always equal and opposite to action, that is to say, the actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal and in opposite directions.

May be immediately proved through casual experimentation.

Laws of electromagnetism as observed by James Clerk Maxwell:

Electricity and magnetism are two aspects of a single unified force of nature.

Proved through experimentation.

Laws of thermodynamics as observed by James Clerk Maxwell:

Thermodynamic laws and properties of gases may be derived from a statistical description of molecular motion.

Proved through experimentation.

Periodic law of the elements as observed by Dimitri Ivanovich Mendeleev:

Elements placed according to the value of their atomic weights present a clear perodicity of properties.

Proved through experimentation.

The law of electrolysis as observed by Svante Arrhenius:

Explains the electrical conductivity of highly dilute solutions.

Can be proved by joining a copper water pipe to a steel water pipe.
The molecules from one will migrate to the other causing joint failure.

The law of global warming as observed by Svante Arrhenius:

Explains how carbonic acid (carbin dioxide) has the ability to trap heat.

"On the influence of carbonic acid in the air upon the temperature of the ground" by Svante Arrhenius was published in 1896.

Proved through the observation of natural phenomena since mid-1800's.

19th century glacier retreat in the Alps preceded the emergence of industrial black carbon deposition on high-alpine glaciers

Ohm's law as observed by German physicist Georg Ohm:

The current flowing in a metallic conductor maintained at constant temperature is
directly proportional to the potential difference (voltage) between its ends.

Used every day by electricians.

Tenative laws of physics that have not been throughly proven:

Quantum theory as defined by Max Planck:

The energy of electromagnetic energy is found only in discrete packets of quantum.
The amount of such energy must be a whole number multiplier of Planck's constant.

"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a next generation grows up that is familiar with it."- Max Planck

higher vibration

laws of biology

The laws of heredity as observed by Gregor Johann Mendel:

The law of segregation;
parental elements pass into the germ cells of the offspring without influencing each other.

The law of independent assortment;
inheritance of one element does not govern the inheritance of any other element.

Proved through work in the garden.

The laws of evolution as observed by Charles Darwin:

The law of natural selection, known as anagensis;

Small, random, inheritable differences among individuals results in varying chances of survival and reproduction in the ecological niche in which the individual organism exists.

The law of divergence, known as speciation;

Genetic changes may accumulate within an isolated segment of a species as that isolated population adapts to it's ecological niche. At some point the species will become so divergent that individuals with a common ancestor will be unable to interbreed, branching into two distinct species.

Natural selection is proved through biogeography, animal husbandry, experimentation, embroyology, palenontolgy or fossil records, and morphology which is supported by genomics, the deoxyribonucleic acid analysis of the genome structure of living entities and populations of living entities.

Divergence is proved by deoxyribonucleic acid analysis as no two living entities are identical, including identical twins.

The law of diminishing returns as observed by Thomas Robert Malthius:

Population, when unchecked, increases in a geometric ratio, while subsistence increases only in arithmetic ratio. Accordingly, there is a strong and constantly operating check on population because of the difficulty of subsistence. The price of food will tend to increase, owing to the necessity of employing additional land of inferior quality to increase production.

The economics of declining birth rates

The Last Word on Overpopulation

Europe Regions Face Depopulation

'H. G. Wells and Population Control:
From a Eugenic Public Policy to the Eugenics of Personal Choice'

US Birth Rate Not High Enough To Keep Population Stable

Depopulation Through Stealth Sterilization

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Kiawah Island: The New "Jekyll Island"

Secret billionaire club seeks population control

Government Control of Birth is the Socialist Way

Law of Dispersal Probability whatever it is that hits the fan will not be evenly distributed


"There are a number of basic laws that
govern the universe as basic principles.

They have been discovered not fabricated.

Four of these are worthy of "introductory" notation:

Law of Non-Contradiction
(B or not B)

Law of Identity
(B is B)

Law of the Excluded Middle
(either B or not B)

Law of Rational Inference
(If A = B and B = C then A = C)

Without adhering to these laws of logic,
it is impossible to think logically.

Logic really means,
putting your thoughts in order.

Without these laws it would be impossible
to put your thoughts in order

C. Matthew McMahon

Theory of special relativity as defined by Albert Einstein:

Coordinate space and time are not absolute as the speed of light is invariant.

Theory of relativity as defined by Albert Einstein:

Gravitational fields are manifestations of curvature of spacetime.

Theory of light as defined by Albert Einstein:

Light exhibits quantum properties in the photoelectric effect.

Isacc Newton theorized the transmission of material particles, or corpuscules, sent off in all directions from luminous bodies, traversing space, in right lines, with the velocity of approxiamately 186,300 miles per second.

Newton argued that the geometric nature of reflection and refraction of light could only be explained if light was made of particles, referred to as corpuscles, because waves do not tend to travel in straight lines.

Newton sought to disprove Christiaan Huygens' theory that light was made of waves.

The theory of the nature of light known as the undulatory or wave theory consisted of the propagation of vibrations or undulations in a subtile, elastic medium, or ether, known to pervade all space, and to be thus set in vibratory motion by the action of luminous bodies, as the atmosphere is by sonorous bodies.

The currently accepted theory, electro-magnetic theory of light, most accurately describes the properties of light as a form of electro-magnetic oscillations.

Michelson-Morley experiment is the prelude to the theory of relativity.

Albert Michelson attempted to detect the passage of Earth through the Ether with the use of an interferometer – an instrument he invented.

At that time it was postulated the propagation of waves needed a medium.

Sound travels through the medium of air.

It was theorized light waves from the sun travel through the medium of Ether.

Theory: A difference in the measured speed of the to-and-fro motion of a light beam within the interferometer will be caused by the forward motion of the earth during the light beam's time of transmission. The difference in light speed will cause a "fringe shift" to be seen in the interferometer.

No fringe shift could be detected !

Theoretical physics was no longer unified !

To solve the problem Einstein 'postulated' the speed of light is a constant, like Plank's constant irrespective of the motion, not just of the light source, but also of the Observer.

traveling light

"The Observer" part is very hard to accept.

"A sound wave travels at a constant speed in air (of a given temperature and density) whatever the motion of the sound source. Sound from an airplane travels forward at a speed that is unaffected by the speed of the plane.

But if you travel toward that approaching sound wave then you must add your speed to that of the plane's sound wave if you are to know the speed with which it approaches you.

Einstein 'postulated' that the simple "addition of velocities" that applies to sound does not hold true for light.

Light waves approach us at the same speed whether we travel toward or away from that light beam.

Einstein didn't observe this - he postulated it.

Einstein said: "Let's assume it is true."

What follows from it?

Well, speed is distance divided by time.

When you move toward that light beam, which (Einstein said) always approaches at a constant speed irrespective of how you (the Observer) move, then space must contract, and time must dilate to exactly the extent that is needed to ensure that the light approaches at an ever-constant speed.

It's a bizarre claim.

What Einstein did was take the fundamentals of physics, space and time, and claim that they must be subordinated to a velocity." -Tom Bethell

evolution of science

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