God is the ultimate mystery of being and as such is beyond the ability of mere mortal humans to translate into easily understood logically symbolic archetypyical concepts that convey enough information to paint an image of the reality of God


Chinese charater for myth

myth: mystery

Chinese charater for mystery

the mystical experience

mystery of the human psyche

Vedic Cosmology: Mysteries of the Sacred Universe


"Consider now,
were the parched and barren soil
of these hearts to remain unchanged
how could they ever become the recipients
of the Revelation of the Mysteries of God,
and the Revealers of the Divine Essence?" - Bahá'u'lláh

The spirit of the depths spoke to me:
'You are an image of the unending world,
all the last mysteries of becoming
and passing away live in you.
If you did not possess all this,
how could you know?'- CG Jung

"For the mystic and the artist,
something greater than ourselves
flows through us.

Breath flows through us,
food flows through us,
matter flows through us,
replacing every cell and atom
in our bodies repeatedly
over the course of a lifetime.

Life flows through us.
Life lives us,
despite our misperception
that it is the other way around."
- Charles Eisenstein

stand in rapt awe

"In the mystical life, gathering-in is prayer and silent contemplation, adoration, and thanksgiving: giving is the performing of acts of compassion and justice in the world. Breathe in through worship the majestic peace, bliss, and strength of Allah; breathe out in loving and just action the power that has been bestowed on you by Allah." - Rumi

"The beautiful land they crossed was stitched by mountain ridges between high, broad plateaus. Crossing them, Bistami felt they had traveled up into a higher space, where sunsets threw long shadows over a vast, dark, windy world.

Once when a last shard of sunset light shot under dark lowering clouds, Bistami heard from somewhere in their camp a musician playing a Turkish oboe, carving in the air a long plaintive melody that wound on and on, a song of the dusky plateaus's very soul.

The sultana stood at the edge of camp, listening with him, her fine head turned like a hawk's as she watched the sun descend. It dropped at the very speed of time itself. There was no need to speak in this singing world, so huge, so knotted; no human mind could ever comprehend it, even the music only touched the hem of it, and even that strand they failed to understand - they only felt it.

The universal whole was beyond them.

And yet; and yet; sometimes, as at this moment, at dusk, in the wind, we catch, with a sixth sense we don't know we have, glimpses of that larger world-vast shapes of cosmic significance, a sense of everything holy to dimensions beyond sense or thought or even feeling - this visible world of ours, lit from within, stuffed vibrant with reality." - Kim Stanley Robinson


There is deep mystery - the mystery of life, consciousness, reality and your natural place within that existent reality.

Existence is a mysterium, a mystery, tremendum et fascinans-tremendous, terrifyingly horrific when initially contemplated because understanding smashes all of your fixed notions of existent reality.

Horrific, yet at the same time utterly fascinating, the beauty of nature and your own being. When you start thinking about these things, about the mystery within, which includes Eternal Life , there are not too many symbolic conceptual images for you to use.

At some point without prior intellectual knowledge of your own you begin to recognize that the symbolic conceptual images conveyed to you in your personal spiritual experiences are already present in other systems of thought, cultures and religions.

When you recognize these spiritual experiences as being parallel to those of other individuals from other cultures, other social systems or from an individual that lived twenty years, a hundred years, or a thousand years before you were born, then you understand that these individuals had a spiritual life that was nearly identical to your own spiritual life.

The BLACK moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come. At the darkest moment copmes the light.

"The erring wanderer,
lost in the wilds of remoteness and nothingness,
will enter the tabernacle of life,
and attain reunion with his heart's desire."

In the deepest bleakest blackest moment
the true message of transformation comes through

The divine spark of the Creator and Sustainer in you does not die - this is your Eternal Soul.

The divine spark of the Creator and Sustainer that lives within in you flames up and burns away the ego detritus that has enveloped your Eternal Soul with unnatural desire or false understanding revealing in full the human heart.

The divine spark of the Creator and Sustainer in you survives ego death and is resurrected.

Heaven and hell both reside within the Eternal Soul of each and every man or woman.

This is the great realization of the Upanishads of India in the ninth century B.C.

All the gods, all the heavens, all the worlds, are within each of us.

They are magnified archetypical dreams, manifestations of the imagination filled with symbolic conceptual imagery.

That is what myths are.

The mystery of life and existence is beyond accurate human conception.

Everything we think about is first bounded by the terminology of the concepts we use to define reality - of being and not being, many and single, true and untrue.

We first compartmentalize our thoughts by thinking in terms of opposites. We do this in order to decide how to think about the object of contemplation.

Will we hold the object up in the light so that we see it for what it truly is?

Or perhaps we take the object into the dark because we are afraid that if we look too closely we may actually see something we did not want to see !

self transformation

noumenon, is beyond pairs of opposites.
Human beings search for a way of experiencing reality that is transcendent as the Eternal Soul aches to be reunited with the Ineffable.

The Eternal Soul searches for spiritually transforming experience as such inform consciousness.

Human beings want to be resonate in harmony with the grand symphony that is existent reality.

Human beings want to feel the mystery that informs all things - to feel the divine presence within.

There are no symbolic conceptual images that have the ability to properly portray the actual mystical experience - they can only suggest it.

The noumenon and the ultimate mystery of existence can not be translated into symbolic archetypical concepts, primitive material symbols or any other type of fundamental conceptual structure that can be understood by the rational mind as understanding only comes from Walking the Thinspace.


mystical experience

"Mysticism denotes the exploration of spiritual mystery. We are drenched in mystery. It is scientifically verified that all phenomena of observable reality in essence consist of varied frequencies of electromagnetic waves, and all we know about the nature of such waves is that they are emissions of light, and yet we have no idea what the essential nature of light is, or why this magnificent bewildering reality of ours has been illuminated to a limited degree within the embodied mind.

We are permeated by mystery.

Encompassed by ever greater mystery.

Mysticism implies an attentive intimate relationship to that which is mysterious, enigmatic, esoteric, baffling, igniting an intense feeling of genuine awe and spell-binding wonder.

Basically, mysticism is both the philosophy and the science of the numinous - the striving for knowledge and communion with divine dimensions." - Lew Paz

Jesus of Nazareth, a Tannaim, was attempting to bring the mystical experience back to the common people after the mystical experience was banned by the Pharisees.

The Talmud teaches that direct forms of prophecy
ended shortly after the destruction of the First Temple in 586 BC.

Jesus of Nazareth was crucified for his attempt to bring the mystical religious experience, the Kingdom of God back to the common man.

No institutionalized religion in the past or present wants subscribing members to have their own unique mystical experience.

The mystical experience opens the individual Eternal Soul to the spiritual, moral, and physical truths of existent reality, as forged by the Creator, opening the doors of perception by tearing away the veil of institutionalized deception.

Those that have a unique mystical experience are considered insane in American culture and given mood altering drugs.

wisdom is a danger to society

God is the ultimate mystery of being and as such is beyond the ability of mere mortal humans to translate into easily understood logically symbolic archetypyical concepts that convey enough information to paint an image of the reality of God

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