Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom

"There is limited certainty in
all branches of human knowledge."

Marie-Jean Antoine Nicholas de Caritat

Chinese charater for knowledge

"With reference to phenomena of a ponerogenic nature, mere proper knowledge alone can begin the healing of
the individual by helping their minds regain harmony."

Andrew Lobaczewski

All knowledge is relational.

Truth only occurs in the presence
of certainty
of the accuracy of knowledge.

"With fixed and steady gaze, born of the unerring eye of God, scan for a while the horizon of divine knowledge, and contemplate those words of perfection which the Eternal hath revealed, that happly the mysteries of divine wisdom, hidden ere now beneath the veil of glory within the tabernacle of His grace, may be made manifest unto you." - Bahá'u'lláh

"However much you study, you cannot know without action.

A donkey laden with books is neither an intellectual nor a wise man.

Does it matter to him whether he carries firewood or book?"- Saadi Shiraz

Knowledge can only be gleaned from the point of view of the observer.

Two major political points of view were first seen at the French Revolution.

These two points of view - Conservative or Liberal - are directly related to the way in which the individual envisions Reality.

These points of view are dependent upon whether subconscious reliance is more heavily weighted toward emotional knowledge or rational knowledge.

At this point in time there are two political camps but these do not reflect a standard understanding of politics as left wing or right wing.

These two camps can be identified as Collectivist or Individualist.

knowledge is defined as:



understanding something

familiarity gained by actual experience

totality of what has been perceived or discovered

Knowledge differs from data or information in that new knowledge may be discovered by combinations of existing knowledge using logical inference.

you have the right to remain ignorant !

"Intuition and analysis are the two methods of intellectual inquiry."

Henri Bergson

Three Forms of Knowledge

Ibn EI-Arabi of Spain instructed his followers:

There are three forms of knowledge.

limits of intellectual knowledge

"The tendency of the intellect is to fabricate.

Philosophers distinguish between the matter of our knowledge and its form.

The matter is given by the perceptive faculties taken in the elementary state.

The form is the totality of the relations set up between these materials in order to constitute a systematic knowledge." - Henri Bergson

The first is intellectual or relational knowledge, which is in fact only information and the collection of facts, and the use of these to arrive at further intellectual concepts.

Relational knowledge is a linear, sequential system of abstract concepts and symbols, characterized by a dialectic whose function it is to discriminate, divide, compare, measure and categorize.

This sentence shares relational knowledge. This is intellectualism.

kindness knowledge

Second comes the knowledge of emotional states, which includes both an understanding of underlying causes of emotional response and strange states of being in which man thinks that he has perceived something supreme but cannot avail himself of it.

Emotional intelligence springs from knowledge of emotional states.

Knowledge of emotional states is synonymous with intuitive knowledge.

This sentence cannot share emotional knowledge but an image can.

Third comes spontaneous True Knowledge, which is Gnosis.

Within Gnosis, man perceives correctness immediately as Natural Law stands out clearly in relief.

Scholastics and scientists concentrate upon the first form of knowledge.

Emotionalists and experientalists use the second form.

Others use the two combined, or either one alternatively.

The people who attain to truth are those who know how to connect themselves with the reality which lies beyond both these forms of knowledge.

These are the real Sufis, the Dervishes who have Attained.

to know

practical understanding

fixed in the mind as true beyond doubt

to truly discern the character or nature of something

To perceive directly; grasp in the mind with clarity and certainty

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