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Ancient Egyptian Handbook of Spells Deciphered

In front of the towering golden sandstone entrance to the temple of Edfu stands an granite statue of a falcon, 12-feet tall, representing Horus.

Sculpted into Horus' chest is a small figure of Ptolemy.

To buttress his political legitimacy, the alien neo-pharaoh carved himself into the stone of a powerful god.

The Pharaoh of Egypt had been playing this game for 5,000 years.

Three millenniums before the birth of Jesus of Nazareth descended gods, the Pharaohs, had already built a unified kingdom down the valley of the Nile.

The Pharaohs presented themselves as children and intimates of the sun god Ra, of Isis and Osiris and of their divine offspring - Horus.

Ra, the sun god, went through a daily cycle of death and rebirth, dying at the end of each day and being reborn in the morning as Ra-Horakhty or Horus, and it was through this cycle that the blessed dead traveled so as to enjoy rebirth along with the Sun.

Local deities in the Mediterranean region were interchangeable in whole or in part for the deities of like nature or kind of trade partners due to the large movement of trade goods.

Over the centuries, as the politics changed, there were deity mergers, hostile deity takeovers and synthetic blending of religious traditions.

Luxor luminaries Amun and Ra eventually merged to become Amun-Ra, a strong new brand.

304 BC Ptolemy I Soter declares himself Pharaoh of Egypt and creates a powerful Hellenistic dynasty that rules an area stretching from southern Syria to Cyrene and south to Nubia.

Ptolemy founds the 'museum' of Alexandria within the precincts of the Catechetical School of Alexandria and installs the stone idol Serapis.

Ancient temples added the prefix of the Mystery to the begining of the word that described the thought form the temple followed - "Serapeum", "Mithraeum".

The generic term harkens back to the Muses and is museum.

In addition to the Serapeum, within the Catechetical School, the Library of Alexandria contains between two hundred thousands and half million of books and manuscripts.

The Ptolemaic successors of Alexander III of Macedonia promoted Serapis, a deliberate blending of gods worshiped by the tribes surrounding the Mediterranean with the most well known Greek and Roman gods.

"Isis was part of a sacred triad.

The Egyptians deified 'emanations' of the supreme, unknowable godhead.
Heart-tongue-seed, Isis-Osiris-Horus, Ptah-Shu-Tefnut, reigned for forty centuries, an Eternal Evolving Godhead.

Crucially, the Egyptian priests linked the gods directly to their ruling kings:

'Throughout the 4000 years of Egyptian history every Pharaoh was the incarnation of the youthful Horus, and therefore the son of Isis, the Goddess Mother who had suckled and reared him.

At death ... as Osiris he held sway over 'Those Yonder' in the shadowy kingdom of the dead.' – R. E. Witt (Isis in the Ancient World, p15)

Thus the 'Father' and 'Son' were inseparable, were of 'one essence,' the same stuff in continuous metamorphosis.

The pharaohs stepped into the trinity on Earth (as Horus) and became the heavenly element (as Osiris) after death.

In the endless cycle Isis functioned as sister, wife and mother, a sort of 'ḦṍḸẙ ṦṕḯṝḭṰ', keeping the cycle flowing." - Kenneth Humphreys

At the Greco-Roman temple of Philae, you see a mother-and-child image sculpted on the walls of the sanctuary, but the face of the mother has been chiseled away.

In a Christian time, Isis was rebranded Mary, turning Horus into Christ.

287 BC Perhaps the most consequential of the religious developments that took place in the Hellenistic period were the dramatic growth of Judaism in the Greek-speaking world, and in Judaea itself the beginnings of both Pharisaic and Messianic Judaism.

Ptolemy I Soter of Egypt gave a royal welcome to the Seventy Sages from the Land of Israel whom he invited to Alexandria to translate the Law of Moses into the Greek language.

At the feast, the Sages of Israel were seated at a separate table on which Kosher food was served for them.

The feast lasted for seven days, and each day the King asked the Sages of Israel, in turn, one question each.

Turning to the oldest one among them, he asked, "What would your Torah advise the King to do so the years of his reign be peaceful and happy?"

The Sage replied, "The King should reign with justice. He should know that there is a supreme King of kings over all the world, Who reigns with justice and mercy, and every king should be a servant to Him."

The King turned to the next Sage and asked him, "How can man find happiness in his life?"

Replied the Sage, "Let man remember that G-d knows everything he does, sees or thinks. Let him be kind and just and worship G-d."

Turning to the third Sage the King asked, "How should a man win friends?"

The Sage replied, "Let him be a friend to others, always trying to do somebody a favor without expecting anything in return, just as G-d is kind to all His creatures, without demanding a reward."

To the fourth Sage the King addressed the following question, "What should the King do to those who find fault with his actions?"

The Sage replied, "Let the King be patient and forgiving. Even in his anger he should not be harsh in his judgment and show mercy always. Then his subjects will speak well of the King."

It was the turn of the fifth Sage to answer the following question: "How should the King deal with enemies?"

"Let him seek peace always, for peace is stronger than all armies and weapons," was the reply.

"Would not the enemies think that this is a sign of the King's weakness?" asked the King of the sixth Sage.

"While seeking peace always, the King should not neglect his army. He must be ready to beat off any enemy attack," was the reply.

The King now turned to the seventh Sage and asked him, "What is the greatest treasure in the world?"

The Sage replied, "The knowledge of G-d; to know that G-d is the Master of the world and the Source of All Life and All Good."

The Ptolemies, like the Persian kings from the sixth to the late fourth century BC, were happy to put the local government of Judaea in the hands of the High Priest at the Jerusalem temple and the Sanhedrin.

The Jewish supreme court, consisting of 71 rabbis, was called the Sanhedrin ha-Gadol.

August 29, 30 BC Caesarion, Ptolemy XV, executed on the orders of Octavian.

With the fall of the Ptolemaic Kingdom, Egypt is made into a Roman colony, marking the end of the Hellenistic age.

January 27 BC Octavian, having amassed constitutional power for the new Egyptian colony, renames himself Augustus ('the Revered') and establishes himself as the first Roman emperor, inaugurating the Principate era of the Roman Empire.

"Politics, seen from this perspective of 5,000 years of Egyptian history, is something very different from what you find in American civics textbooks.

It's not about the installation of this or that logically and legally constructed political system, based on this or that ideology.

It's about rulers borrowing, blending and merging gods, ideologies and legal systems, adapting to internal and external forces, mixing coercion and patronage, sharing some of the spoils where necessary, but always with the goal of maximizing their own power and wealth and hanging on to it for as long possible - for yourself, and your children, and your children's children.

Those who take the legitimating religion or ideology too seriously - be it Osirisism or socialism - are missing the point. The gods are continually morphing; what endures over the millenniums is men's lust for power and wealth and their vain quest for immortality." - Timothy Garton Ash

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