Aeon Christ

Gnostic Mystery traditions

create the first version of Christianity

In the Golden Age mankind knew the Secret of the Mystery of Life.

Ancient mankind lived a blessed life in symbiotic communion with Nature until a terrible communal wrong occurred and Lumière Infinie withdrew.

2,000 years ago a wide ranging Pagan Gnostic mystery tradition flourished among all the cosmopolitan cultures of the ancient world which had been trading, conquering and synthesizing each other for centuries.

Alexander III of Macedonia transformed entire Mediterranean region into essentially one Hellenized culture.

The meaning of the term 'Gnosis' has been obscured over time.

Gnosis is simply knowing reality for what reality truly is.

All Gnostic Mystery traditions have common metaphysical themes which contain codes for living.

That which stands in common among the Gnostic Mystery traditions:

Gnosis is the Way to the Redemption of the Eternal Soul.

A Gnostic is simply an individual that 'knows' aspects of reality that others have not bothered to observe.

A Gnostic has peeled away enough hyperreal cultural overlays to 'see' aspects of reality as they truly are.

The single most important element that a Gnostic knows is as real as the ground upon which we stand is the eternal existence of Æon - the Creator.

Agnostics have conditioned beliefs, preconceived notions and subscribe to fanciful ideologies used as lenses through which reality is distorted.

order versus chaos

Agnostics, by definition, are unable to observe Æon.

Æon permeating all levels of reality, impossible to describe, must be met!

After the Hebrews were dislocated to Babylon, the notion of a Savior arose.

This foreshadowed the rise, the fall and the rebirth of the Zaddikim.

Alexanderian Hebrew mythweavers claimed that the Pagan philosophers received their wisdom from Moshe Rabbenu.

ALL intellectual advances came from the Hebrews.

In a world dominated by the Pharisaic worldview of the Babylonian Talmud many things are obscure and incomprehensible due to a single element:

Alexanderian Hebrew mythweavers synthesized the religious history of other cultures as Hamurabbi did in Babylon including Egyptian, Ugarit and Babylonian - claiming it to be Divine Revelation.

Recognizing the slow-acting poison of ponerology already incorporated into Hebrew history - Alexanderian Hebrew mythweavers chose to exorcise any ponerological elements allegorically with exegesis.

Unfortunately allegory on allegory only muddles the metaphor, particularly cross-culturally, as the allegory originated in the myths of other cultures!

In combining Gnostic Mysteries with Hebrew allegory by using narrative style of Herodotus the Alexandrian Hebrews may not have recognized the depth of the ponerological elements introduced into Hebrew scripture.

"Christian Gnosticism is simply a secondary version of the older Gnosticism' which attached itself to the emergent Christian sect and appropriated for itself the figure of Jesus Christ." - Birger Pearson

At the beginning, the Alexandrian Hebrew mythweavers were divided into multiple schools of thought which synthesized different elements of other cultures myths two of which were the Therapeutae and the Essenes.

The Hebrew historian, Josephus, suggests the Essenes were Pythagoreans.

Philo of Alexandria, known as "the Pythagorean," described the Essenes and the Therapeutae as two branches of a single school of mystery philosophy.

Honoring Moshe Rabbenu they also followed the Pagan philosopher, Pythagoras whose disciples set up Serapheum throughout the World.

Philo used the allegory of Stoic philosophy and Hebrew exegesis in an attempt to fuse and harmonize Greek philosophy with Hebrew philosophy.

Philo came from a family with social connections to the priesthood in Judah, the Hasmonean, Herodian and the Julio-Claudian dynasties.

Philo was a contemporary to Jesus of Nazareth.

Under the influence of the cosmopolitan Greek world, Hebrew mystics, sought to find greater depth in Hebrew "history".

An allegedly chain of historical prophecies was developed and blended to support a historical Israel designed to support the agenda of a religious priesthood-clique seeking power.

A fake genealogy of Israel was produced from tribal tales and legends.

Genealogy was adapted to show that a very disparate group were a single tribe leading all the way back to Yahweh, the Father.

Alexanderian Hebrews, Pharisees, declared their "history" to be the literal historical truth but it is already compounded with mystical allegory.

Within a needle fanatic sect of deposed Hasmonean dynasty Sadducee high priesthood, the Zaddikim, a ponerological school of thought began to form.

The Zaddikim synthesized Hebrew tradition with Hellenism and Gnostic Mystery mythology to produce distinctive variations on ancient thought forms.

This ponerolgical approach was, from the beginning, contaminated by certain elements that allowed it to be easily distorted psychologically.

Those familiar with ponerology understand those elements are the work of social engineers with the intent of enslaving humanity.

Elements present in Alexanderian Hebrew "historical scripture" included:

- ponerological aspects of Hellenized state religion of the Egyptians;

- emotion inspiring psychological tactics of the Gnostic Mystery traditions;

- a psychopathic manner of rewriting history after the model of Herodotus.

This cobbled together hybrid religion, sold to the world by the marketing genius Saul of Tarsus, came to be known as Pauline Christianity.

Saul of Tarsus expounds upon the Gnostic Mystery of Christ by overlaying it on a living individual who has been recently executed, Defiant Jesus.

The Hellenized Hebrew Saul of Tarsus synthesizes:

the works of Plato (Timaeus);

the Hebrew scriptures of the Pharisees;

the Tzaddik myths of Sadducees of the Hasmonian dynasty;

wide spread mystery school myths of a Dying and Resurrecting Chrestus.

This became the Jesus narratives under Roman Emperor Constantine.

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