"A foolish man was raving at a donkey.

It took no notice.

A wiser man who was watching said:

'The donkey will never learn your language -

better that you should observe silence

and master the tongue of the donkey'."

Saadi of Shiraz

The Golden Ass or Metamorphoses

The moment the sun put the darkness to flight and ushered in a new day, I woke up and arose at once.

Being an eager student of the miraculous I examined attentively the heart of Thessaly, renowned the world over as the cradle of magic arts and spells.

I imagined that everything everywhere had been changed by some infernal spell into a different shape - I thought the very stones I stumbled against must be petrified human beings.

I thought the birds I heard singing and the trees growing around the city walls had acquired their feathers and leaves in the same way.

I thought the fountains were liquefied human bodies.

I expected statues and pictures to start walking, walls to speak, oxen and other cattle to utter prophecies, and oracles to issue suddenly from the very sky or from the bright sun.

I saw a woman passing by with a train of attendants and hurried to overtake her.

Walking with her was an old man; the moment he saw me, 'My God,' he cried, 'it's Lucius for sure,' and he embraced me and whispered in the woman's ear.

"I'm Byrrhena: I expect you've often heard my name mentioned as that of one of those who brought you up.

I implore you by Diana there, do be warned by me: watch out for the wicked wiles and criminal enticements of that woman Pamphile.

Never lower your guard as she is a mistress of graveyard spells."

I heard the magic word 'magic', so far from resolving to steer clear of Pamphile, I itched to enrol myself as her pupil and to pay handsomely for the privilege - in a word to take a running leap right into the abyss.

When evening began to fall, Pamphile looked at the lamp and said: 'We'll have a cloudburst tomorrow'.

When Milo asked her how she knew she said the lamp predicted it.

Milo laughed: 'That's quite a prophetess we keep here, this lamp observes everything that happens in the heavens from her stand - or observatory?'

I said, 'I can count this as the first of my own heroic exploits, on the model of the Labours of Hercules - for laying low three wineskins is surely equivalent to dealing with three-headed Cerberus. I'm happy and willing to forgive you for what you did and what I suffered in consequence - on one condition. Will you do as I earnestly ask you, and show me your mistress when she is actually practising her supernatural arts?'

"This is deadly serious, you must be religiously discreet about it," Milo said.

Photis came to me one day in a great state of excitement to tell me that her mistress, having got nowhere in her love affair by other means, was going that night to feather herself as a bird and fly off to her beloved in that shape.

Pamphile used her magic arts deliberately to transform herself into an owl.

I tore off my clothes, and plunging my hands into the box I scooped out a generous portion of the ointment and rubbed it all over myself.

I flapped my arms up and down in imitation of a bird.

But no down or feathers appeared!

Instead my hair became coarse and shaggy, my soft skin hardened into hide, my fingers and toes lost their separate identity and coalesced into hooves, and from the end of my spine there protruded a long tail.

My face became enormous and my mouth widened; my nostrils dilated and my lips hung down; and my ears became monstrously long and hairy.

I meanwhile, though I was now the complete ass and what had been Lucius was a beast of burden, still felt and thought like a man.

metememepyschosis metamorphosis

Wondering Aloud

Wond'ring Aloud, Again

Butterfly: The Mysteries of Transformation

The Psychology of Self-Transformation

Through ego death we experience apocatastasis,

the rebirth, reconstitution and renewal,

at the heart of the archetype of the apocalypse

which retores spirit, soul and body to homeostasis.

Three Objectives of Metememepyschosis Metamorphosis

- to acquire True Knowledge into the Relationships of All Things;

- to acquire an Ultimate Understanding of the Noumenon;

- to transmigration of the Eternal Soul into Gnosis.

After years of observation, careful study of process', immersion in multiple creative endeavors and mastery of the nine levels of Druidic training a Druid achieves Metememepyschosis Metamorphosis which includes:

A full understanding of intellectual knowledge, emotional knowledge and the difference between these and True Knowledge;

The ability to transmigrate the Eternal Soul between the gnashing of teeth, Limbo and Nirvana. Druids can transmigrate the soul of a wasteland king)

Total cognition of shallow subadjacent time, cyclical equidistant time and the Rainbow Spiral of Golden Time or Gnosis.


Metaphysics of metamorphosis

The Human Brain Can Create Structures in Up to 11 Dimensions

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