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Mass Deportation

"Immigration, legal and illegal, keeps wages lower than they otherwise would be." - James P. Smith

"You can't have a huge increase in the labor supply without having an impact on the wage structure.

If one cares about the well-being of the less advantaged, having a guest worker program to import hundreds of thousands of workers is a huge mistake." - George J. Borjas

"The assertion that there are jobs that Americans simply will not perform is an asinine idea on its face.

Would you mow your neighbors lawn for $50,000 a month?

Of course you would. Would you do it for $20 a week?

Of course not. So the problem isn't the job, it's circumventing market forces to determine the fair value of the job." - John Boydstun

Joseph Stalin used migration as a method of controlling target populations.

By removing Ukrainians and replacing them with Russians Joseph Stalin gained control of the Ukraine.

Poverty stricken settlers from Latin America replaced mostly Protestant American middle class workers with Catholic Latin American unskilled workers willing to work for reduced wages in poor conditions.

Herbert Hoover ordered the deportation of all illegal aliens in order to make jobs available to American soldiers after WWI.

"The operators were bringing in Mexicans to work as scabs in the mines.

In this operation they were protected by the military all the way from the Mexican borders.

They were brought in to the strike territory without knowing the conditions, promised enormous wages and easy work.

They were packed in cattle cars, in charge of gunmen, and if when arriving, they attempted to leave, they were shot.

Hundreds of these poor fellows had been lured into the mines with promises of free land.

When they got off the trains, they were driven like cattle into the mines by gunmen." - Mary "Mother" Jones 1925

Harry Truman deported over two million illegal aliens to create jobs for returning World War II veterans.

Dwight Eisenhower deported 13 million Mexican nationals with 'Operation Wetback' so that Korean veterans could find work.

"Between 1925 and 1965, US immigration levels were so low that the foreign-born population declined.

During that period, the US built the largest economy ever seen while making huge strides for civil rights establishing a vast stable middle class.

The idea that we suddenly can't run a country without an unlimited supply of uneducated and unskilled foreigners is absurd." - Michael Scott

"No matter what the politicians and activists want, Blacks and impoverished white Cajuns will not be first in line to rebuild the Hurricane Katrina ravaged Gulf Coast and New Orleans.

Latino 'settlers', many of them undocumented, will.

When done they are going to stay, making New Orleans like Los Angeles.

The federal government made the transformation possible.

George W. Bush promised Washington will pick up the greater part of the cost for "one of the largest reconstruction efforts the world has ever seen."

To that end, George W. Bush suspended provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act that would have required government contractors to pay prevailing wages in devastated parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

The Department of Homeland Security temporarily suspended sanctioning employers who hire workers who cannot document their citizenship.

The idea is to benefit Americans who may have lost everything in the hurricane, but the main effect will be to let contractors hire illegal immigrants." - Gregory Rodriquez, New America Foundation.

Illegal aliens were hired to work for 'Pioneer' contractors.

Illegal aliens were paid $3 per square yard to install blue plastic tarps over damaged roofs while the corporate contractor employing them charged $150 per square yard.

A few illegal aliens actually did get paid for the work they did.

"Kenyon, a division of the huge funeral amalgamation Service Corporation International (and a major Bush campaign donor), was hired to retrieve the dead from homes and streets.

The corporation charged, on average, $12,500 per victim." - Davidson Loehr


1862 Chinese Immigration and the Physiological Cause of Decay of a Nation by Arthur Stout published.

1878 The Medico Literary Journal editor explains "This foul contagion is progressively tainting the Anglo-Saxon blood."

1889 Exclusion Act passed.

Samuel Gompers has lead the American Federation of Labor in a decades-long vilification campaign against the Chinese.

1902 Gompers co-authored a booklet called Some Reasons for Chinese Exclusion: Meat Versus Rice.

"The racial differences between American whites and Asiatics would never be overcome. The superior whites had to exclude the inferior Asiatics by law, or if necessary, by force of arms. The Yellow Man found it natural to lie, cheat, and murder and 99 out of 100 Chinese are gamblers." - Samuel Gompers

1906 "Maintenance of the nation depends on racial purity." - Samuel Gompers

2005 Walmart agreed to pay a fine of $11 million to settle charges that it used hundreds of illegal aliens to clean stores.

The Labor Department agrees to give Walmart a fifteen day notice before undertaking any labor related investigations.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests 125 illegal aliens on an in-house Walmart construction project.

2008 389 illegal immigrants are arrested at a kosher meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa.

Agriprocessors Inc. was opened in the late 1980s by Orthodox Jews.

2009 Right Management surveys 900 workers finding 60% intend to leave their jobs in 2010.

Employment Dynamics and Growth Expectations Report said 55% of employees plan to change jobs, careers or industries "when the economy recovers." surveyed 4,285 full-time, private-sector employees:

40% said they had difficulty staying motivated in their current jobs, and 24% said they didn't feel loyal to their current employers.

Wealth trickles down to the politicians and top bureaucrats as well as the friends and supporters of politicians and top bureaucrats. Very little ever ends up in the hands of illegal aliens. It is true illegal aliens will take jobs intelligent Americans will not take.

We still remember the Grapes of Wrath!

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