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Personal Myth: The Only World We Know

Chinese charater for myth

"Myth renders the Eternal Soul visible so that it may be visualized, represented, heard, and made audible."
Jean Gebser

Chinese charater for myth

Myths express the profound permanent tendencies in the nature of man.

Myths are designed for spiritual instruction.

They reveal guideposts on the journey through life.

Myths, like fables, contain moral visions that can be understood consciously.

Unlike fables, which are basically limited to a one event thread, myths include a narrative of multiple events that build threads on multiple levels of understanding, typically both subconsciously and consciously.

As a social culture evolves the myths that men hold evolve as well.

The essence of the timeless mythical narrative is its evolutive capacity, its dynamism, its vitality.

Defining myths literally is a huge mistake as some of the mythical narrative elements designed to stimulate the subconscious become corrupt as they are not meant to be taken literally.

Doing so robs the myth of the very thing that makes it a myth:

the interpretation of a very direct relation between man and the temporal structure of his life.

All civilization is grounded in myth.

The civilization of the Middle Ages was grounded on the myth of the fall, the redemption on the cross, and the carrying of the grace of redemption to man through the sacraments.

The cathedral was the center of the sacrament, and the castle was the center protecting the cathedral.

There you have the two forms of government - the government of the spirit and the government of the physical life, both in accord with the one source, xion.

There were three centers of creativity in the Middle Ages.

The first is the cottage, where the common people are.

Second is the cathedral, associated monasteries and hermitages.

A last is the castle, where the Father Protector lives.

paper castle

In the center of empire we always find the temple, the palace, and, on the outskirts, the village.

In Middle Age Europe the cathedral, the castle, and the cottage assume these roles.

They are different generating centers, but in so far as this is one civilization, they are all operating in the same symbolic field.

"We must have no illusions; when facts are presented in all their brutality and nakedness, and when, in contrast, a mythical, expository system is presented, man spontaneously chooses the myth and refuses to acknowledge reality." - Jacques Ellull

The telling of stories is a double-edged sword

Those who craft and perpetuate the stories of our culture are in a position of both great responsibility and great power – the power to influence, even determine, the behavior of whole populations.

Myth building is social engineering:

step 1: decide on the outcome you desire;

step 2: get all the "facts" lined up;

step 3: round up people that agree with you;

step 4: interview them - 1% - appear to represent the whole social culture;

step 5: collect your monetary reward for myth building!

Delusions of grandeur of the social engineer

Oral Tradition

"Myth appears as the condition governing the adherence of the masses of men to a certain civilization and to its processes of development or of crisis. The definition of myth as the "motivating global image" is certainly the most exact." - Jaque Ellul

Children are afraid of the unexplained so many years ago the ancients began telling mythical narratives to both entertain and enlighten the listeners.

As these mythweavers spun their yarns they attempted to share with the younger generation all the knowledge they had accumulated.

This body of knowledge was incorporated into the myths of the tribe warning of possible pitfalls and suggesting fundamental principle courses of action.

Myths are clues to the spiritual potentialities of a fulfilled human life.

When a mythology collides with another mythology an alchemic reaction occurs and they amalgamate.

Once they do you get a much more complex mythology.

Mythology of other cultures appear fragmented as each culture internalizes so much cultural traditon it is subconsciously known and overlooked when creating and retelling mythical narratives.

The whole mythologies of all Great Religions are well wrought poems that point through the Veil of Cognitive Blindness to the noumenon.

Gnostic Mystery traditions carry a carefully crafted poetry within which the Acolyte finds Inspiriting Visions that bring Reality Alive.

The first condition of any modern mythology must be to cleanse the Doors of Perception.

The second condition is to Awaken the Heart.

Using a natural philosophical approach and thought patterns congruent with a natural way of thinking in conjunction with an accurate understanding of the rules of conduct combined with a full understanding of the noumenon psychically correct myths may be wrought.

Unfortunatetly as MICE culture does not recognize spirituality as a valid form of expression we can not take on the mask of an active god as active gods must be confined.


"Myths are stories about the wisdom of life.

What we are taught academically is not the wisdom of life.

Although we receive technological information there is reluctance to admit the life changing aspects of the technologies we persue.

In science today - antropology, linguistics, the study of religion, and so forth - there is a tendency to specialization.

A specialist scholar has to know his subject extensively in order to be a competent specialist.

To study Buddhism, for instance, you have to be able to handle not only all - the European languages in which the discussions of the Oriental come, particularly French, German, English, and Italian, but also Sanskrit, Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, and several other languages.

This is a tremendous task.

Such a specialist can't also be wondering about the difference between the Iroquois and Algonquin.

Specialization tends to limit the field of problems that the specialist is concerned with.

The individual who isn't a specialist, but a generalist like myself, sees something over here that he has learned from the specialist, some thing over there that he has learned from another specialist - and neither of them has considered the problem of why this occurs here and also there.

The generalist gets into a range of other problems that are more genuinely human than specifically cultural. " - adapted from Joesph Campbell

Keeper of teh Golden Key

The main themes of myths are the same,
and they have always been the same.

There are historical as well as psychological
aspects of the similarity of myths.

If you want to find your own mythology,
the GOLDEN KEY is with what society do you associate?

Every existent mythology has grown up in a society in a bounded field.


cultural immersion

There are two related types of mythology:

Individual mythology is in relation to personal apperception and worldview.

Individual mythology grounds you in the noumenon giving you an abode.

Culturally specific mythology is in relation to cultural conditioning.

Culturally specific mythology grounds you in the culture.

Ancient mythology breaks the boundaries of the rational mind allowing the individual to examine reality from the perspectives of both magical and mythical consciousness.

Every mythology has to do with the wisdom of life as related to a specific culture at a specific time.

The original intent of every mythology was to integrate the individual into his culture and the culture into the field of nature.

Mythology attempts to unite the field of nature and culture with Eternal Soul.

Mythology attempts to make connections between your conscious thoughts and subconscious emotions.

As we are biologically the same culturally specific myths share subconscious images and conceptual archetypes but include culturally specific overlays.

The same power that animates our lives animates all the life on Earth.

mythological understanding

The folk tale is designed as entertainment.

Enlightened ethical storytellers will include instruction and end with a moral to the folk tale.

The legend is designed to elicit social cohesion.

The slayer of dragons saves the culture from imminent catastrophe.

"There's a fine saying in India in regard to these two orders of myths, the folk idea and the elementary idea.

The folk aspect is called desi, which means "provincial," having to do with your culture.

That is for young people.

Through desi a young person is brought into the culture and is taught to go out and slay monsters.

"Okay, here's a soldier suit, we've got the job for you."

But there's also the elementary idea.

The Sanskrit name for that is marga, which means 'The Way.'

The Way is the trail back to the reality of the Self or Eternal Soul.

The myth comes from the imagination, and it leads back to it.

The society teaches you what the myths are, and then it disengages you so that in your meditations you can follow 'the Way'." - Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell Monomyth

Myth basically serves four functions.

The first is the mystical function which teaches you awe.

The second has a cosmological dimension, showing you the shape of the noumenon.

The third function is the sociological one - supporting and validating a certain social order.

The final function is transcend your animalistic material nature.

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