Proof of God

proof of God

Two arguments generally adduced by theologians:

The a priori argument, proceeds from theoretical deduction to the hypothesis of probable causes.

The a posteriori argument, proceeds from empirical observation to the hypothesis of probable causes.

Three intellectual logical subarguments:

-The cosmological, by which it is proved that there must be a First Cause of all objects, for every effect must have a cause.

-The teleological, or the argument from design.

We see everywhere the operations of an Intelligent Cause in nature.

-The moral argument, or anthropological argument, based an order within the history of mankind, which exhibits a moral order and purpose which can be explained on the supposition of the existence of a natural moral order.

Three arguments generally agreed upon by mystics:

-The argument of the Senses:

Observe existent reality and stand in awe of Creation.

-The argument of the Eternal Soul:

Look within and find the divine spark of the Soul of the Creator.

-The argument of the Heart:

Hear the sound of the Voice of God overwhelming selfish desire.

inside the pattern

Most people have a primitive and simplistic notion of the Ineffable.

Most people have only a simplistic and primitive understanding of Science.

Many thoughtful individuals have spent a lot of time thinking, debating and writing about something mysterious and profound, impossible to describe in material terms, but as REAL as the ground we stand on.

There are as many labels for this complex conceptual structural snapshot of reality as there are label designers.

Æon, Creation, Universe, Reality, Māyā chronicle the Indescribable Whole.

There is something far more elusive, complex and mysterious than the great-white-father-on-a-cloud that resides in the minds of children.

Gnostic Schools of Mystery chose to share the gift of true knowledge scientifically as opposed to mystical narratives and magical proverbs.

Human beings have mutually shared emotional experiences.

Emotions like compassion, empathy, anger, jealousy, embarrassment, happiness and contentment have always been shared between humans.

Science now can explain this phenomena as mirror neuron connections.

One of these mutually shared emotional experiences has been the emotion of mystical spirituality - a 'feeling' of communion with the Ineffable.

The mystical experience of communion, a common human experience, cannot be accurately described as the Object, the Ineffable Whole, is impossible for the human mind to conceptualize properly due to scale.

Inability to conceptualize is not proof of inexistence.

To deny the existence of compassion, peace or happiness, as they cannot be adequately described or verbally expressed rationally, is utterly irrational.

Inadequate and incorrect conceptualization stems from the mandate of using a tangible physical model to share the ground of any mystical experience.

Mystical experience must be modeled in a metaphorical or allegorical way - the terminology understood by the materially oriented bicameral mind.

nine attributes of the Ineffable

(expressing the inexpressible)

"An attribute is a permanent quality of a thing. It is that which is predicable of a thing as essential to its nature.

The natural attributes of the Ineffable are those permanent qualities which belong to its nature."

Charles G. Finney

the Ineffable:

Emanant - informs the noumenon

Sovereign - acts with total liberty

Omniscient - has total knowledge

Transcendent - is beyond description

Eternal - has no begining and no end

Limitless - has no limits or boundaries

Omnipresent - is present everywhere at once

Omnibenevolent - grants inanimate matter Life

Omnipotence - has unlimited authority and absolute power

The path to the Ineffable lies open to all.

There is an intractable problem with expressing the inexpressible.

Consciousness shies away from Burning Bush of the Eternal Soul.

Akhenaten the Heretic found the Ineffable in the face of the Sun.

Moshe Rabbenu saw this as hersey knowing the Ineffable can not be described as the "face" of the Ineffable is different for every person.

Each and every person experiences the Ineffable in a different manner as this answers the needs of his or her own particular temperament.

Buddhists, not looking for a Source of Creation, see "nothingness," that which Europeans term void and others term ether.

Chingiz Khan, a Tengri Shamanist, began each speech to his followers dedicated to the will of the "Endless Blue Sky."

"Endless Blue Sky" translation is incorrect if one sees an empty endless sky.

The endless sky is an analogous metaphor for the eternal transcendent nature of the noumenon.

Unable to think in the abstract manner children are recited fables that define the Ineffable in literal terms.

Children, grown into adults, without an enlightened understanding of myths they took literally as children will fall into error and spirtual corruption.

The Ineffable is not imaginary but a real power described metaphorically that acts temporally in the physical realm continually.

Buddhists call this "silence" as the Ineffable does not have a human voice.

To access communion with the Ineffable one must pass beyond imprinted ego patterns and achieve a selfless state of Integral Consciousness.

Time slows to an imperceptible crawl, becoming Eternity.

The Veil of Cognitive Blindness falls.

The Grindstone of Repressed Emotion is lifted.

ankh = the key to eternal life

Quantum physics proves that there IS an afterlife

the concept of eternal life & the concept of life after death

the concept of Eternal Life morphed into the concept of Life after Death

realize this:

when you are conscious and thoughtful you lose your fear of death!

when you are unconscious you lose your fear of death!

truth is simple (but seldom ever seen):

You are either alive and feeling - or you are unconscious (same as dead).

The idea of heaven is to ease the fear of a childlike mentality.

The concept of Eternal Life descended the Rainbow Spiral to become corrupted by the power crazed religious social engineeners.

Time to Mutiny!

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