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Lord Jeffery Amherst and Smallpox Blankets

1712 First record of variolation for smallpox in France.

1715 Lady Mary Montague suffers from an episode of smallpox - variola - which severely disfigures her beautiful face.

1717 Variolation against smallpox instituted in England by Lady Montague after she returns from Türkey where it is in an experimental stage.

1721 Cotton Mather attempts variolation by smearing smallpox pus into scratches of healthy people.

Over 220 people are treated during the first six months of experimentation.

Only six have no apparent reaction.

Mather is bitterly attacked for recommending this practice.

Charles Maitland is granted a royal license to perform a trial of variolation on six prisoners in Newgate on August 9, 1721.

1722 Charles Maitland successfully variolates the two daughters of the Princess of Wales.

The procedure gains general acceptance after this success.

Although only 2% to 3% of variolated persons die from the disease they became the source of new epidemics of other diseases (e.g., tuberculosis and syphilis) transmitted by the procedure itself.

Even so variolation rapidly gains popularity among the aristocracy of Europe.

The case-fatality rate associated with variolation is 10 times lower than that associated with naturally occurring smallpox.

In Wales, a Dr. Wright refers to variolation against smallpox in the British Isles as "an ancient practice".

A citizen of Wales, 99 years old, states that variolation had been practiced during his entire lifetime, and his mother stated it was common during her life, as she got smallpox through her "innoculation".

1723 First record of smallpox variolation in Ireland, when a doctor in Dublin variolates 25 people.

Three died and variolation is briefly abandoned.

1724 First record of variolation for smallpox in Germany.

It soon fell into disfavor due to the number of deaths.

Years later, doctors are able to reintroduce variolation.

1740 Smallpox epidemic in Berlin.

1750s Multiple blueblood European princes die of smallpox, giving further impetus for the wide spread use of variolation.

1754 Variolation for smallpox introduced in Rome.

In ancient Greece and Rome variolation against smallpox was not practiced.

They were famous in antiquity for their general habits of cleanliness.

Smallpox is carried there by those who have been variolated.

1763 Epidemic of smallpox in France wipes out a large part of the population.

It is immediately attributed to variolation, and the practice is prohibited by the French government for five years.

1768 The medical profession in France is successful in instituting variolation inoculation.

The word "inoculation" is derived from the Latin inoculare, meaning "to graft."

Inoculation referred to the subcutaneous instillation of smallpox virus into nonimmune individuals.

The inoculator usually used a lancet wet with fresh matter taken from a ripe pustule of some person who suffered from smallpox.

The material was then subcutaneously introduced on the arms or legs of the nonimmune person.

1778 Danish physicians move to open two major variolation inoculation houses in Denmark, by order of the King.

In Italy, infants are inoculated by Neapolitan nurses without the knowledge of parents bypassing informed consent.


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