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history of anti-vaccination movements


1712 First record of variolation for smallpox in France.

1715 Lady Mary Montague suffers from an episode of smallpox - variola - which severely disfigures her beautiful face.

1717 Variolation against smallpox instituted in England by Lady Montague after she returns from Türkey where it is in an experimental stage.

1721 Cotton Mather attempts variolation by smearing smallpox pus into scratches of healthy people.

Over 220 people are treated during the first six months of experimentation.

Only six have no apparent reaction.

Cotton Mather described them as "rattle-snakes" and "barbarians."

Mather is bitterly attacked for recommending this practice.

Charles Maitland is granted a royal license to perform a trial of variolation on six prisoners in Newgate on August 9, 1721.

1722 Charles Maitland successfully variolates the two daughters of the Princess of Wales.

The procedure gains general acceptance after this success.

Although only 2% to 3% of variolated persons die from the disease they became the source of new epidemics of other diseases (tuberculosis and syphilis) transmitted by the procedure itself.

Even so variolation rapidly gains popularity among the aristocracy of Europe.

The case-fatality rate associated with variolation is 10 times lower than that associated with naturally occurring smallpox.

In Wales, a Dr. Wright refers to variolation against smallpox in the British Isles as "an ancient practice".

A citizen of Wales, 99 years old, states that variolation had been practiced during his entire lifetime, and his mother stated it was common during her life, as she got smallpox through her "innoculation".

1723 First record of smallpox variolation in Ireland, when a doctor in Dublin variolates 25 people.

Three died and variolation is briefly abandoned.

1724 First record of variolation for smallpox in Germany.

It soon fell into disfavor due to the number of deaths.

Years later, doctors are able to reintroduce variolation.

1740 Smallpox epidemic in Berlin.

1750s Multiple blueblood European princes die of smallpox, giving further impetus for the wide spread use of variolation.

1754 Variolation for smallpox introduced in Rome.

In ancient Greece and Rome variolation against smallpox was not practiced.

They were famous in antiquity for their general habits of cleanliness.

How Plumbers Saved the World

Smallpox is carried there by those who have been variolated.

1763 Epidemic of smallpox in France wipes out a large part of the population.

It is immediately attributed to variolation, and the practice is prohibited by the French government for five years.

1768 The medical profession in France is successful in instituting variolation inoculation.

The word "inoculation" is derived from the Latin inoculare, meaning "to graft."

Inoculation referred to the subcutaneous instillation of smallpox exosomes into nonimmune individuals.

The inoculator usually used a lancet wet with fresh matter taken from a ripe pustule of some person who suffered from smallpox.

The material was then subcutaneously introduced on the arms or legs of the nonimmune person.

John Quier's experiments with smallpox inoculation in a population of 850 slaves.

Quier is a British doctor serving as a plantation physician in rural Jamaica.

"Quier did not simply inoculate to prevent disease.

We see from his reports that he used slaves to explore questions that doctors in Europe dared not.

He wanted to know, for example, whether one could safely inoculate menstruating or pregnant women.

He also wanted to know if it was safe to inoculate newborn infants or a person already suffering from dropsy, yaws or fever." - Londa Schiebinger

Yaws is an infectious disease caused by a spiral-shaped bacterium (spirochete) known as Treponema pertenue common to tropical areas of South and Central America, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Islands.

Yaws is usually transmitted by direct contact with the infected skin.

1778 Danish physicians move to open two major variolation inoculation houses in Denmark, by order of the King.

In Italy, infants are inoculated by Neapolitan nurses without the knowledge of parents bypassing informed consent.

Vaccination Agenda: Implicit Transhumanism/Dehumanism

1790 Edward Jenner buys a medical degree from St. Andrews University for £15.

1791 Edward Jenner vaccinates his 18 month old son with swine pox.

1796 Edward Jenner is credited with the concept of vaccination which is an entirely different creature than variolation.

Jenner vaccinates an 8 year old boy with smallpox pus.

Jenner goes on to vaccinate the boy 20 times.

The boy dies from tuberculosis at the age of 20.

1798 General vaccine programs with cowpox instituted in the US.

Edward Jenner vaccinates his son with cowpox.

His son will die of tuberculosis at the age of 21.

1800 Benjamin Waterhouse at Harvard University introduces vaccination in Massachusetts.

1801 First widespread experimentation with vaccines begin.

1802 The British government gives Edward Jenner £10,000 for continued experimentation with "smallpox vaccine."

1809 Massachusetts encourages its towns to make provision for the vaccination of inhabitants with cow pox vaccines.

1810 The London Medical Observer (Vol.VI, 1810) publishes particulars of "535 cases of smallpox after vaccination, 97 fatal cases of smallpox after vaccination and 150 cases of vaccine injury, ten of whom are medical men."

1822 The British government advances Edward Jenner another £20,000 for "smallpox vaccine" experimentation.

Jenner suppresses reports which indicate his concept is causing more deaths than saving lives.

"Jenner looked upon the whole thing as a superfluity, and he hung up "Surgeon, apothecary," over his door without any of the qualifications that warranted the assumption.

It was not until twenty years after he was in practice that he thought it advisable to get a few letters after his name.

Consequently he then communicated with a Scotch University and obtained the degree of Doctor of Medicine for the sum of £15 and nothing more.

It is true that a little while before, he had obtained a Fellowship of the Royal Society, but his latest biographer and apologist, Dr. Norman Moore, had to confess that it was obtained by little less than a fraud.

A few years after this, rather dissatisfied with the only medical qualification he had obtained, Jenner communicated with the University of Oxford and asked them to grant him their honorary degree of MD and got it.

Then he sent to the Royal College of Physicians in London to get their diploma, and even presented his Oxford degree as an argument in his favor.

They told him distinctly that until he passed the usual examinations they were not going to give him any more degrees." – Dr Walter Hadwen, 1896

1831 Smallpox epidemic in Wurtemberg, Germany, where 995 vaccinated people succumb to the disease.

In Marseilles, France, 2000 vaccinated people are stricken with smallpox.

1853 In England, the Compulsory Vaccination Act.

From 1853 to 1860, vaccination reaches 75% of the live births and more than 90% of the population.

1855 Massachusetts requires vaccination as a condition for school admittance.

1857 Vaccination in England enforced by fines.

Smallpox epidemic begins in England that lasts until 1859.

Over 14,000 die.

1860 Encyclopaedia Brittanica (8th Edition) states "nothing is more likely to prove hurtful to the cause of vaccination and render the public careless of securing to themselves its benefits, than the belief that they would require to submit to re-vaccination every 10 to 15 years".

Later, in the 11th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the policy would change: "it is desirable that vaccination should be repeated at the age of 7 to 10 years, and thereafter at intervals during life".

1863 Second major epidemic of smallpox in England kills 20,000.

Sanitation Over Vaccination!

The Truth About Viruses

How Plumbing (Not Vaccines) Eradicated Disease

Study Shows Soap May Be More Effective Than Vaccines

In the Vaccine Debate, the 'Experts' are the Historians

1867 Vaccination Act of 1867 in England begins to elicit protest from the population and an increase in the number of antiVax groups.

It compels vaccination of an infant within the first 90 days of life.

Those who object are continually badgered by magistrates and fined until the child turned 14.

The law is passed on the assurance of medical officials that smallpox vaccinations are safe.

Nonpayment of fines for skipping smallpox vaccination result in harsh penalties.

"The fact must also be mentioned that the good rules laid down by Jenner, in regard to the essential conditions to genuineness and full efficacy of vaccination, have for years been grossly neglected by the medical profession.

The Purveyor-General in New York kept up as large a stock of good 'virus' as the public dispensaries and private practitioners could supply.

In the remote lines of the army there were occasions when an adequate supply of fresh 'virus' could not be obtained as soon as wanted, or there were some occasions when none but deteriorated crusts, or dubious sores which came from inoculation by them, could, for weeks, be obtained.

In the first two years of the war there were 4132 cases of variola and varioloid officially reported to the Medical Bureau.

In addition to these, there were nearly as many more cases of the disease that were not returned to the Bureau in the lists of the war hospital admissions.

Outbreaks of smallpox in hospitals did not, during that period, enter into the bureau records of the contagion, except in certain fatal cases.

There were many cases of the disease, fatal and otherwise, among recruits at the temporary depots for the volunteers in the several States, which at that period of the war never were officially returned.

In the course of such thorough vaccinations, we have known a completely pock-marked man exhibit a normal susceptibility to vaccinia.

The total number of official deaths from small-pox in the army in the first two years was 1544." - Sanitary Memoirs of the War of the Rebellion collected and published by the US Sanitary Commission, 1867

1870 Third major smallpox epidemic in England killd 44,800.

1871 In the next three years in Birmingham, England there are 7,706 cases of smallpox, out of these, 6,795 have been vaccinated.

Select committee of the Privy Council convened to inquire into the Vaccination Act of 1867 (England), as 97.5% of the people who die from smallpox are vaccinated.

In Bavaria vaccination is compulsory and re-vaccination is commonplace.

Out of 30,472 cases of smallpox, 29,429 had been vaccinated.

Worldwide epidemic of smallpox claims 8 million people worldwide.

1872 Japan institutes compulsory smallpox vaccination.

Within 20 years 165,000 smallpox cases manifest themselves.

1872 In England, 87% of infants are vaccinated for smallpox.

Over 19,000 die in England and Wales.

1880 Smallpox vaccinations start in the United States.

Charles Creighton

1884 In England, Dr. Charles Creighton is asked to write an article for the Encyclopedia Britannica on vaccination.

After much research internationally, he concludes that vaccination constituted "a gross superstition".

Later, Creighton writes two books, "Cowpox and Vaccinal Syphilis" and "Jenner and Vaccination".

In England, more that 1700 children vaccinated for smallpox die of syphillis.

Dr. Sobatta of the German Army reports on the results of vaccination to the German Vaccination Commission, which subsequently publishes data proving that re-vaccination does not work.

Deaths from vaccination are routinely covered up by physicians.

Robert Koch and Friedrich Loeffler, based on earlier concepts described by Jakob Henle, state four postualtes to identify an infectious contagion.

· The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms.

· The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in pure culture.

·The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism.

· The microorganism must be reisolated from the inoculated, diseased experimental host and identified as being identical to the original specific causative agent.

July 6, 1885 Louis Pasteur amalgamates a rabies vaccine by growing the 'virus' in rabbits and then drying the affected nerve tissue.

Louis Pasteur, an unlicensed physician, treats 9-year old Joseph Meister badly mauled by a rabid dog.

Joseph Meister avoids the disease, Louis Pasteur is hailed as a hero and the criminal matter is not pursued.


General vaccination program against rabies begins in the US.

1886 A seven year period begins in Japan where 25,474,370 vaccinations and re-vaccinations are performed in Japan, representing 66% of the entire population of Japan.

During that period, there are 165,774 cases of smallpox with 28,979 deaths.

1887 In England, Dr. Edgar M. Crookshank, professor of pathology and bacteriology at Kings College, is asked by the British government to investigate the cowpox outbreak in Wiltshire.

The result of the investigation is contained in two volumes of "The History and Pathology of Vaccination", in which he states that "the credit given to vaccination belongs to sanitation".

good citizens do not ask questions

How to respond to vocal vaccine deniers in public

Effects of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis or tetanus vaccination on allergies and
allergy related respiratory symptoms among children and adolescents in the US

1888 Bacteriological Institute opens in Paris for experimentation with animals and production of vaccines and sera.

Other institutes open around the world modeled after the Paris Institute.

Bacteriological Institute in Odessa, Russia tries its hand at a vaccine for anthrax.

Over 4500 sheep are vaccinated; 3700 of them die from the vaccination.

"The evidence as to re-vaccination on a large scale comes from the army.

According to a competent statistician (A. Vogt), the death rate from smallpox in the German army, in which all recruits are re-vaccinated, was 60 per cent, more than among the civil population of the same age.

It was ten times greater among the infantry than among the cavalry, and sixty times more among the Hessians than among the Wurtembergers.

The Bavarian contingent, which was re-vaccinated without exception, had five times the death rate from smallpox in the epidemic of 1870-71 that the Bavarian civil population of the same ages had, although re-vaccination is not obligatory among the latter."- Dr. Charles Creighton M.A., M.D. Encyclopedia Britannica, published in 1888

"Notwithstanding the fact that Prussia was the best re-vaccinated country in Europe, its mortality from smallpox in the epidemic of 1871 was higher (59,839) than in any other northern state. "- Dr. Charles Creighton M.A., M.D. Encyclopedia Britannica, published in 1888

Germ theory replaces the miasma theory (foul, nebulous vapors cause illness).
Miasma theory, first decribed by Roman architectural writer Vitruvius who described the potential effects of miasma (Latin nebula) from fetid swamplands when visiting a city:

"For when the morning breezes blow toward the town at sunrise, if they bring with them mist from marshes and, mingled with the mist, the poisonous breath of creatures of the marshes to be wafted into the bodies of the inhabitants, they will make the site unhealthy."

Miasma theory replaced Demon theory - evil spirts cause afflictions.

"Invisible enemies perceptible only by experts, germs to a certain degree reflect the age-old belief in demonic powers." - Thomas A. Metzger

1889 In England, a royal commission is appointed to inquire into certain aspects of the vaccination question.

The committee, in session for 7 years, issues 6 reports, with the final report in 1896.

The result of the final report is the Vaccination Act of 1898.

1895 Diptheria vaccination program begins.

Over the period lasting until 1907, 63,249 cases of diptheria are vaccinated.

Over 8,900 die, giving a fatality rate of 14%.

Over the same period, 11,716 cases are not vaccinated, of which 703 died, giving a fatality rate of 6%.

1896 Carlo Ruta, a professor at the University of Perugia in Italy, states that "vaccination is a world-wide delusion and an unscientific practice, with consequences measured today with tears and sorrow without end."


Shokpona - worship icon of smallpox

1898 Vaccination Act of 1898 in England.

Elections held for the "board of guardians", the administrators of the vaccination laws.

600 boards are pledged not to enforce law.

Vaccination Act of 1898 containes the first "conscience clause", although no claims of conscience are ever approved by magistrates.

A conscience clause, conscientious objection, is a legislative provision relieving a person of compliance on approved exemption grounds.

MMR Vaccine Caused Viral Mumps Outbreak

Mumps vaccine and its preparation

Heat Stable Rotavirus Vaccine

Serological association of measles virus and
human herpesvirus-6 with brain autoantibodies in autism

Merck vaccine fraud exposed by two Merck virologists;
faked mumps vaccine efficacy results for over a decade, says lawsuit

Court Awards $969,474.91 for MMR Vaccine Causing Boy's Autism

Merck Has Some Explaining To Do Over Its MMR Vaccine Claims

Measles Vaccination Before the MMR Vaccine


1963 John Enders transforms their Edmonston-B strain of measles 'virus' into a vaccine and licenses it in the United States.

Vaccinated children develop Atypical Measles Syndrome (AMS).

1967 General vaccination program for mumps rubulavirus begins in the United States after attenuated mumps vaccine licensed.

1968 An 'improved' measles vaccine is developed by Maurice Hilleman director of the Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research.

1970 US Dept of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) reports " as much as 26% of children receiving rubella (german measles) vaccination in national testing programs developed arthralgia and arthritis. Many had to seek medical attention and some were hospitalized."

1987 Measles outbreak in a vaccinated school population

1988 Two scientific studies find that new rubella vaccine introduced in 1979 was found to be the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Epstein-Barr 'virus'), an immune disorder first reported in 1982.

Research indicates that 25% of those vaccinated against rubella show no evidence of developing a natural immunity to rubella within five years.

In Wyoming, 73% of rubella cases occur in vaccinated children.

New York Times article Nov 8, page C-1, "It is estimated that adolescence is now lasting until the late 20's and that this represented evidence of a general developmental delay in a generation."

A measles-mumps-rubella vaccine manufactured by Smith Kline & French Laboratories causes adverse reactions in significant numbers of Japanese.

Smith Kline & French Laboratories demand indemnity.

1989 MMR vaccine is introduced in Japan.

Parents who refuse the compulsory vaccine are fined.

After three months, officials realize one in 900 children has developed adverse reactions to the vaccine, a rate 2,000 times higher than expected.

Mumps outbreak in a highly vaccinated population

1993 Japanese remove MMR mandate against measles and rubella.

Japan offers 22 vaccines for the 110 infectious diseases in the registry.

"Under the existing law, the decision to vaccinate your child or not is basically left up to the parents." - Tetsuo Nakayama, Dean of Kitasato University's Graduate School of Infection Control Sciences

Japan versus USA vaccination program

1995 Varicella(chickenpox) added to US vaccine schedule.

1998 Association of measles virus with brain autoantibodies

2002 Abnormal autoimmunity in children with autism

2006 6,500 cases of mumps among college students.

Booster dose varicella added to US vaccine schedule.

2007 Mumps Outbreaks in Canada and the United States

2009 In a tradition observant Jewish community, a boy returning from a trip to the United Kingdom begins showing mumps symptoms while at a summer camp. More than 3,400 cases reported.

2011 Outbreak of Measles Among Prior Immunity

2012 Differentiating wild from attenuated during outbreak

Thirteen Men in One Prison Jailed for "Shaken Baby Syndrome"

Mumps Outbreaks in Vaccinated Populations

2014 The untold story of measles

Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated

2015 Measles Transmitted by the Vaccinated

2016 Biosafety considerations for attenuated measles virus

2017 More than 5300 cases of mumps are reported.

Measles Outbreak in Highly Vaccinated

2018 College student with measles vaccinated

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