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Pertussis Microbe Outsmarts the Vaccines

America's Iatrogenic Over-Vaccination Monster

Feds award family $7.4 million over disabling vaccines

The Ugly Untold Truth About the Pertussis Vaccine

[The re-emergence of pertussis in Tunisia].

1695 Paris and Rome experience ferocious epidemics of Pertussis.

1750 Scandinavia experiences a 15 year epidemic of Pertussis (whooping cough) which takes 45,000 lives.

1858 England experiences a 7 year epidemic of Pertussis (ending in 1865) in which 120,000 die.

1900 In Paris two Belgian bacteriologists Jules Bordet and Octave Gengou identify the causative agent of whooping cough as “a small ovoid Gram-negative bacterium” in an expectorate fluid specimen.

1906 Bordet and Gengou observe other forms of this bacterium after several subcultures in vitro.

They find, in contrast to the hemolytic bacteria freshly isolated from patients, these nonhemolytic bacteria were not agglutinated by infected patient serum.

1910 Bordet and Sleeswick observe the bacterium displays physiological plasticity, adapting to changes in external conditions, and that such adaptation involves changes at its cell-surface receptors.

1912 First whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine amalgamated by Jules Bordet and Octave Gengou tasked to use it in Tunisia.

After they grow Pertussis bacteria in large pots, they kill it with heat, mix it with formaldehyde and inject it into children.

1925 Danish researcher Thorvald Madsen tries a modified Pertussis vaccine and creates an epidemic in the Faroc Islands.

It does not prevent Pertussis.

1933 Danish researcher Thorvald Madsen discovers the Pertussis vaccines ability to kill infants without warning.

1936 Pertussis vaccine introduced in the US.

Autism begins to appear in children shortly thereafter.

1953 Pertussis vaccinations in France, Chile, Austria, Holland and the Scandinavian countries are positively correlated with cases of autism.

US ignores data.

The Swedish conduct a study on the Pertussis vaccine.

Anna L. Annell, a Swedish researcher, writes a major work on Pertussis which indicates that "pertussis vaccine may be associated with the most varying kinds of cerebral complications which may be cortical, subcortical or peripheral."

Encephalitis after vaccination is known to produce the same range of disabilities and impairment.

Annel also writes, "during the past few decades certain of the epidemic children's diseases, measles in particular, have shown an increased tendency to attack the central nervous system. After the 1920's a large number of cases involving CNS damage were reported."

1957 Governor Knight of California asks the legislature for $3 million in order to insure vaccination for all those under 40 years old with Salk polio vaccine.

The newspapers report that corporate profits from the Salk vaccine will be in excess of $5 billion. (Feb 6, 1957).

Governor Knight notes there are 4 million Californians under 40 and signs the bill.

Pertussis vaccination programs now exist in all industrialized nations.

1958 Neurological Complications of Pertussis Immunization

World literature now contains 107 cases of severe reaction to Pertussis vaccine (93 of those cases were in the US).

At the Fountain Hospital in London, Dr. J.M. Berg analyzed the 107 cases and found that 31 of them showed signs of permanent brain damage.

Berg calls attention to the danger of mental retardation as an effect of the Pertussis vaccine and emphasizes that "any suggestion of a neurological reaction to a Pertussis vaccination should be an absolute contraindication to further innoculation."

The US medical establishment ignores and suppresses the data.

American physicians maintain that the damage caused is small compared to "lack of 'serious' reactions in children vaccinated."

No data has ever been found to justify a basis for this conclusion.

Verdict of $147,000 rendered against Cutter Laboratories in Calfornia for the crippling of two children with the Salk polio vaccine.

Cutter Labs is the only vaccine manufacturer not part of the Rockefeller Trust.

1959 US never conducts its own clinical trials on Pertussis vaccine, but instead relies (as it still does today) on data collected by Britain's Medical Research Council in clinical trials in England in the 1950's for "proof of vaccine safety and effectiveness in newborns and children."

Pertussis vaccine found to have an allergenic effect on animals.

1960 British Medical Journal publishes an article by Swedish vaccine researcher Justus Strom, who states that neurological complications from the disease Pertussis are less than that in the Pertussis vaccine.

Strom also points out that "whooping cough (Pertussis) has evolved and become a milder disease, making it questionable whether universal vaccination is justified."

It is estimated in 1960 that over 1,000,000 children have vaccine disabilities, including learning difficulties and school behavioral problems, behavioral disturbances, allergies, speech difficulties, visual problems, and problems in adjustment and coping.

Peanut Oil Used in Vaccines Since the 1960's

Peanut oil in vaccines behind widespread peanut allergy epidemic

1961 A senior school medical officer in northern England, JM Hooper, finds that parents are beginning to refuse to bring children for a Pertussis booster shot, based on earlier violent reaction to the "vaccination."

Children are suffering from collapse, vomiting, and uncontrollable screaming.

No one pays any attention to these warnings.

1967 "It has been long known that increasing the number of Pertussis bacteria per dose of vaccine increases the frequency of reactions.

It would be surprising if decreasing the size of the infants receiving a particular vaccine did not also increase the reactions." - George Dick, Bland-Sutton Institute of Middlesex Hospital in London

A violation of a standard axiom in medicine, which matches the size and weight to an amount of substance.

Why are newborns getting the same dosage as an adult?

1970 Due to the increasingly mild nature of whooping cough ( Pertussis), infant deaths cease from naturally acquired Pertussis in Sweden.

Deaths associated with the vaccine continue.

Sweden stops Pertussis vaccination.

A study by Pittman reveals diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine can induce hypoglycemia due to increased production of insulin.

Pertussis and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccines can cause diabetes.

1974 British researcher and immunologist George Williamson Auchinvole Dick estimates that there are 80 cases of severe neurological complications from Pertussis vaccine annually.

Over 33% of these children died and another 33% were left with brain damage.

George Dick maintains he is not convinced that the benefit from the vaccine outweighs the damage.

The Association of Parents of Vaccine Damaged Children is formed in Britain, and pressures the government to study adverse reactions to Pertussis vaccine.

1975 Japan stops using Pertussis vaccine following publicity about vaccine-related deaths.

1976 "Pertussis vaccine is one of the most troublesome products to produce and assay.

It has one of the highest failure rates of all products submitted to the Bureau of Biologics for testing and release.

Approximately 15-20% of all lots which pass manufacturer tests fail to pass the tests of the Bureau." - FDA Pertussis vaccine specialist Charles Manclark

After declining steadily since 1922, cases of Pertussis (whooping cough) suddenly begin to rise significantly between 1976 and 1980, during the same time vaccination for Pertussis is increased.

The number of reported cases has risen each year after 1977.

It remains "unclear" why school age children make up the bulk of the cases.

West Germany ends mass Pertussis immunization program.

1977 The British government is pressured by the publicity following the new data about Pertussis and DPT vaccinations.

1978 Bordetella Pertussis evolves so much that different lots of vaccine made with the feed stock show different properties.

In England, Griffith studies pertussis vaccine reactions in children, noting a case in which a boy experiences brain damage 3 days after vaccination and dies 27 days later due to injection of DPT vaccine.

In the US, the FDA finances and conducts a study at UCLA from January 1, 1978 to December 15, 1979 called "Pertussis Vaccine Project: Rates, Nature and Etiology of Adverse Reactions Associated with DPT Vaccine".

1987 Sixty-six Japanese victims of Pertussis vaccine receive huge damage awards from the Japanese government.

2012 Whooping cough outbreak linked to vaccinated children

2019 100% vaccination rate whooping cough outbreak

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