Incorrect presuppositions and

give rise to confusion,

anxiety, and fear as there are no

contradictions in reality

If you are facing a contradiction

you have a faulty presupposition.

experiment with philosophy

"Philosophy - power of separate thought and thought of separate power - was unable to supersede theology.

The spectacle is the material reconstruction of the religious illusion.

Spectacular technology has not dispersed the religious mists into which human beings had projected their own alienated powers, it has merely brought those mists down to earth, to the point that even the most mundane aspects of life have become impenetrable and unbreathable.

The illusory paradise representing a total denial of earthly life is no longer projected into the heavens, it is embedded in earthly life itself.

The spectacle is the technological version of the exiling of human powers into a "world beyond"; the culmination of humanity's internal separation." - Guy Debord

Philosophical Comedy

"The courage to face the truth is the first condition of philosophic study."

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Chinese charater for philosophy

Philosophers Question the Separation of Medicine and Culture

Radically calling into question the distinction between the “objectivity of science” and the “subjectivity of culture.”

The Philosopher's Stone

"Of the philosophers, whose authority is of greater weight, their judgement is to be relied on, as they paid attention, not to matters of fiction, but to the investigation of the truth." - Lactantius

"The basic tenet of perennial philosophy is the quality of life is dependent on spiritual intelligence.

Spiritual intelligence is the capacity to conduct life in such a way that it reflects deep metaphysical understanding of reality and self.

Buddhist scriptures refer to this kind of spiritual wisdom as 'prajñ para mit'." - Stanislav Grof

A philosopher, is a "lover of Sophia."

Philosophy, a manner of thinking involving the inquiry into the essence of the object under consideration, requires critical analysis of assumptions, moral self-discipline and compassion in pursuit of fundamental wisdom.

Philosophy is the rational disciplined investigation of questions about many things: logic, knowledge, aesthetics, metaphysics, ethics and epistemology.

When applied to any particular school of knowledge, philosophy denotes the general laws or principles - foundation - on which superordinate phenomena or facts relating to the object under consideration are comprehended.

Thus philosophy, when applied to God, is theology; when applied to matter, physics; when it treats of man, it is anthropology and psychology, which are connected by logic and ethics; when it treats of the necessary conceptions and connections by which philosophy is possible, it is called metaphysics.

meaning of life according to different philosophers

"Philosophy reveals reality and mystery to be essentially synonymous.

Reality is palpable mystery.

Perception, through names or labels, does not make reality less mysterious.

It is getting at this essential nature of things beyond names and labels, as close as humanly possible, that is the activity of philosophy." - Lew Paz

The philosopher is an individual that spends time thinking deeply.

There is an unfortunate reality that we all must deal with here.

All language describing philosophy must use metaphor and analogy.

Most philosophers are attempting to make certain points -abstractly.

A scholars analysis or interpretation, observed from his or her unique perspective, may not fully reflect the philosopher' original intensions.


Visualizing the History of Philosophy as a social network

"Jung considered alchemy in a way few people before him had imagined.

Alchemy for the most part had been relegated to the status of a historical anachronism or hidden away within the confines of esoteric occultism.

To the contemporary mind, alchemists were viewed as working in their laboratories, hopelessly trying to change lead into gold.

Their practice was seen as a precursor to the modern science of chemistry.

Jung began reflection with a similar attitude, as inquiry grew deeper, he saw alchemists were speaking in symbols about the human soul working as much with the imagination as with the literal materials of their art.

The gold that they were trying to produce was not the common or vulgar gold but an aurum non vulgi or aurum philosophicum - a philosophical gold (Jung 1961)." - The Black Sun, Stanton Marlan


philosophical theory of knowledge

science of the method or grounds of knowledge

The branch of philosophy that observes:

the nature of knowledge;

the foundations of knowledge;

presuppositions about knowledge;

extent and validity of any knowledge gleaned.

Ride My See-Saw

George Orwell

Aldous Huxley

1984 (Nineteen Eighty-Four)

Brave New World

Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451


"The task of metaphysics is to make explicit

the fundamental beliefs of civilization,

natural science, or history at various times.

To understand the past one must understand

the thought process' of the subject culture."

Robin George Collingwood

Lives are ruled largely in a way that individual decisions have little effect.

Once we understand the thought patterns that inform consciousness we begin to see that we have less control over our own lives than we thought.

This realization terrorizes the psyche that feels it must be in control.

Recognition that most reactions are simply scripts frightens us to the core of being as we feel controlled from without like a puppet on a string .

Making unscripted irrational decisions suggests conscription to Fate.

If we do have free will why is it that we feel driven by a puppet master?

Just as macros in software are built to complete onerous tasks our own minds build cognitive shortcuts around thought tasks previously engaged.

There are too many variable functions in living in the modern world to stay consciously aware of as we journey on the path of living every day.

Scripts have been previously filed away in deep dark recesses of our minds.

Previously engaged riddles reassert themselves into consciousness when the subconscious sees a variable within the reasoning chain is not quite correct.

Subconscious minds cannot be fooled into seeing a logical fallacy as truth the little voice of survival will always reappear in conscious thought process'.

A new path through the deep dark forest appears in conscious thought.

One of the most important duties of a civil country is to protect roads to allow free movement of people and goods.

Cognitive functions ritually repeated are moved from conscious awareness into the twilight of the subconscious allowing scripts to run on autopilot.

It is only when our worldview is upended that we become aware the scripts have subconsciously sublimated behind a Veil of Cognitive Blindness.

Has the script made the decision for us or did we make the decision?

Did we make the decision after contemplation or due to coercion?

How is thinking outside the box even possible?

Consciousness is about motivation.

Unscripted irrational decisions break the thought frame freeing us from acting on the stage while allowing us to become our own puppet master.

As we travel through life every day we run scripts but no script can be run in its entirety without modification as environmental conditions change.

The script must remain flexible enough to remain aware of changing conditions when standing around a campfire on open ground.

quantum junction

Quantum mechanics explains how we have free will and escape a sealed fate!

Heraclitus of Ephesus characterized all existing entities as pairs of contrary properties, whereby no entity may ever occupy a single state at a single time.

Quantum mechanics and quantum superposition say the exact same thing.

In classical mechanics all things are determined leaving no choices.

The spin of an electron has two possible configurations, up or down.

An aligned configuration produces an electron flow or an electric current.

Nerves function as conductors of electrical currents.

When we make a decision we modify the flow of the electric current.

Before a choice is made the particle remains in an indeterminate state.

To choose is to flip the switch - up or down - or to spin the electron!

We do this is by reaching into the Ether and pulling out the quantum superposition while keeping our feet firmly planted on the Path of the Way !

Principle of Polarity


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