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Nervous system triggers rapid immune response

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The nervous system is a highly complex part of an animal that coordinates its actions and sensory information by transmitting signals to and from different parts of its body.

The nervous system detects environmental changes that impact the body, then works in tandem with the endocrine system to respond to such events.

The neurological system regulates immune responses throughout the entire body, and does so at speeds phenomenally faster than those claimed by immunity-boosting interventions such as immunization.

The neurological system is effected by the toxic effects of metals such as aluminum, mercury, lead, and arsenic as well as metalic salts created from reactions with chloride and fluoride.

The immune system and the nervous system

Immune responses in the central nervous system

1976 "Pertussis vaccine is one of the most troublesome products to produce and assay.

It has one of the highest failure rates of all products submitted to the Bureau of Biologics for testing and release.

Approximately 15-20% of all lots which pass manufacturer tests fail to pass the tests of the Bureau." - FDA Pertussis vaccine specialist Charles Manclark

According to a letter from the British Association for Parents of Vaccine Damaged Children, published in the British Medical Journal of February 1976:

"Two years ago we started to collect details from parents of serious reactions suffered by their children to immunizations of all kinds.

In 65% of the cases referred to us, reactions followed "triple" vaccinations.

The children in this group total 182 to date.

All are severely brain damaged, some are paralyzed, and 5 died within 18 months.

Approximately 60% of reactions (major convulsions, collapse, screaming) happened within 3 days and all within 12 days."

Dr. Jonas Salk, creator of the polio vaccine, says that analysis indicates that the live virus vaccine in use since the 1960's is the principle, if not sole cause of all polio cases since 1961.

More than 500 people receiving flu vaccinations become paralyzed with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

After declining steadily since 1922, cases of Pertussis (whooping cough) suddenly begin to rise significantly between 1976 and 1980, during the same time vaccination for Pertussis is increased.

The number of reported cases has risen each year after 1977.

It remains "unclear" why school age children make up the bulk of the cases.

West Germany ends mass Pertussis immunization program.

1977 The University of Glasgow in Scotland, Department of Community Medicine, Dr. Gordon Stuart, publishes a study analyzing 160 cases of adverse reaction caused by neurotoxicity following DPT vaccination.

In 65 of those cases, reactions to DPT shots included convulsions, hyperactivity , severe mental defects and paralysis.

In a stern statement, Stuart states, "It seems likely that most adverse reactions are unreported and/or overlooked."

The British government is pressured by the publicity following the new data about Pertussis and DPT vaccinations.

Jonas Salk again warns that live virus vaccines produce the disease.

Corporate interests remain silent and nothing is done.

A Blue Ribbon Panel is convened to investigate the reason for the drop in the general IQ of the US.

Seventy-nine theories are advanced, but none of them satisfactorily explains the drop in mental capacity of the US population.

The idea that vaccines could be part of the problem is not brought up.

Splish Splash

1978 Immune system and autoimmune disorders start to manifest themselves in the general population.

None of the diseases are new.

Most are caused by suppression of the immune system and change in the body environment, promoting pleomorphic changes in organisms which have always been in the body, and resulting pathology.

Pleomorphism: the occurrence of two or more structural forms during a life cycle.

Charlotte Parker of the University of Texas Department of Microbiology says the nature of the organism Bordetella Pertussis means different lots of vaccine made from the same strains sometimes show different properties.

In England, Griffith studies pertussis vaccine reactions in children, noting a case in which a boy experiences brain damage 3 days after vaccination and dies 27 days later due to injection of DPT vaccine.

In the US, the FDA finances and conducts a study at UCLA from January 1, 1978 to December 15, 1979 called "Pertussis Vaccine Project: Rates, Nature and Etiology of Adverse Reactions Associated with DPT Vaccine".

They also find that the incidence of all DPT reactions is much higher in the population than reported in any scientific medical literature!

1979 Two pediatricians in California report brain inflamation associated with DPT vaccine administration.

1980 It is estimated that 2 million American children with vaccine-caused disabilities.

A 1980 issue of Mutation Research notes that children re-vaccinated against smallpox had "chromosomal aberrations in their white blood cells", leading to the conclusion that smallpox vaccination is mutagenic.

1981 Dr. John Emsley and co-workers at King's College in London find that fluoride reacts strongly with the bonds which maintain the normal shapes of proteins in the body.

The work is subsequently confirmed by Dr. Steven Edwards and co-workers from the University of California in San Diego, and by Drs. Froede and Wilson from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

By distorting the configuration of the body's own protein, the immune system attacks its own protein, resulting in an autoimmune or allergic response.

The director of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) office of carcinogenic identification, Dr. Peter Infante reports in the Current Intelligence Bulletin (CIB) that formaldehyde, a common component of vaccines, has cancer causing potential.

Dr. John Higginson, director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), requires the concealing of the carcinogenic nature of formaldehyde in vaccines.

Britain conducts the National Childhood Encephalopathy Study, and finds that there exists a significant correlation between serious neurological illness and Pertussis vaccination occurring within 7 days of the shot.

New England Journal of Medicine (11/26/81) publishes a study showing that tetanus vaccines cause T lymphocyte ratios to drop below normal, with the greatest decrease after two weeks.

The altered ratios are found to be similar to those found in AIDS.

1982 34th Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology releases a study which is published in Neurology magazine indicating that out of 103 infants who die of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), 66% had been vaccinated with DPT prior to death.

Of these, 6.5% died within 12 hours of vaccination, 13% within 24 hours, 26% within 3 days, 37% died within 1 week, 61% died within 2 weeks and 70% had died within 3 weeks.

SIDS frequencies have a bimodal peak occurrence at 2 and 4 months of age - the same ages when initial doses of DPT are administered to infants.

First cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome reported.

Study by Geschwind and Behan on autism reveals the finding of an association between autism, celiac disease, dyslexia, stuttering, migraine headaches, developmental disabilities and left-handedness ( all features of post encephalitic syndrome).

The study caused a sensation because the connecting thread among the disparate conditions is the childhood vaccination program.

Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

International scientists have found autism's cause

1985 On May 3 the Assistant Secretary of Health, Edward Brandt, Jr., M.D, testifies before a Senate Committee, "every year 35,000 children suffer neurological complications because of DPT vaccine."

"DPT: A Shot in the Dark" is published, revealing aspects of collusion between government agencies, the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry.

1986 In Kansas, 1300 cases of Pertussis reported.

Over 1100 had been vaccinated.

National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, administered by the US Claims Court in Washington, DC, recognizes an association between the DPT shot and infantile spasms.

The court awards $2 million for a reaction to DPT vaccine.

150 lawsuits are pending against DPT vaccine makers.

National Health Survey finds that between 1969 and 1981, the prevalence of "activity-limiting chronic conditions" in children increased by 44%, from 2.9 million children to 3.8 million children.

Almost all of the increase happened between 1969 and 1975.

Most of these conditions are readily associated with post-encephalitic syndrome.

Childhood respiratory disease during this period increased 47%, childhood asthma increased 65% (with deaths from asthma increasing), mental and nervous system disorders increased 80%, personality and other non-psychotic disorders (behavior disorders, drug abuse and hyperactivity increased 300%, diseases of the eyes and ears (especially otitis media) rose 120%, and cases of hearing loss in the ears rose 129%.

All of these increases are identical in both high and low income groups.

Connaught Laboratory, manufacturer of DPT vaccine, changes the product info sheet to warn against "allergies", "anaphylactic sensitivity" and "some data suggests that fever is more likely to happen in those who have had local reactions, and that local reactions are more likely to occur with increasing numbers of doses of DPT."

1990 Health Consciousness magazine features article labeled "Live Virus Vaccines and Genetic Mutation" by HE Buttram, MD, in which it is determined that "the physical invasion of the human body by foreign genetic material may have the immediate effect of permanently weakening the immune system, setting in motion a new era of autoimmune disorders."

Office of Special Masters, as of October 31, indicates that "several thousand claims for compensation from injuries or death caused by vaccines have already been filed." - National Vaccine Information Center

Estimated 3 million in US with vaccine-caused disabilities.

Second Immunization Conference in Canberra, Australia. Dr. Viera Scheibnerova reports that "vaccination is the single most prevalent and most preventable cause of infant deaths"

In December a federal regulation is adopted permitting the FDA to circumvent US and International laws forbidding medical experimentation on unwilling subjects.

2002 "The present review summarizes data on neurologic complications following vaccination, and provides evidence that indicates whether they were directly associated with the vaccines.

These complications include autism (measles vaccine), multiple sclerosis (hepatitis B vaccine), meningoencephalitis (Japanese encephalitis vaccine), Guillain-Barré syndrome and giant cell arteritis (influenza vaccine), and reactions after exposure to animal rabies vaccine.

Seizures and hypotonic/hyporesponsive episodes following pertussis vaccination and potential risks associated with varicella vaccination, as well as vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis following oral poliovirus vaccination, are also described.

In addition, claims that complications are caused by adjuvants, preservatives and contaminants [i.e. macrophagic myofasciitis (aluminium), neurotoxicity (thimerosal), and new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (bovine-derived materials)] are discussed." - Neurological adverse events associated with vaccination

2017 "Autoimmune disorders, including multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes mellitus, affect about 5% of the worldwide population.

In the last decade, reports have accumulated on various autoimmune disorders, such as idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, myopericarditis, primary ovarian failure, and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), following vaccination.

Vaccination might display autoimmune side effects and potentially even trigger a full-blown autoimmune disorders." - Vaccination and autoimmune disorders

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