self in all beings

Chinese charater for extinction Chinese charater for animal kingdom

"The wild animals and birds have disappeared
because of the evil in the land
." - Jeremiah 12:4

"Habitat destruction causes extinction, which is forever."
Steve Harrington

"Every creature is better alive than dead, men and moose and pine trees, and he who understands it aright will rather preserve life than destroy it."
Henry David Thoreau

The Ecology of Disease

Mass Animal Deaths

We're on the path to losing large animals

Web of life unravelling, wildlife biologist says

'A great silence is spreading over the natural world'

Human activity has pushed Earth beyond four of nine 'planetary boundaries'

Extinctions of large animals sever the Earth's 'nutrient arteries'

Biological Annihilation On Earth Accelerating

"Convergent evidence indicates that non-human animals have the
neuroanatomical, neurochemical, and neurophysiological substrates
of conscious states along with the capacity to exhibit intentional behaviors.
Consequently, the weight of evidence indicates that humans are not unique
in possessing the neurological substrates that generate consciousness.
Non-human animals, all mammals and birds, and many other creatures,
including octopuses, also possess these neurological substrates."

The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness

human test subject

Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) Studies

StarLink Corn: What Happened

Aventis: request approval of StarLink for human consumption

Epicyte: Contraceptive Corn

Silent GMO Sterilization of the Human Race

GMO Food Causes Devastating Offspring Defects

EU releases all data on GM corn linked to cancer

Bio-Corn Tainted 430 Million Bushels, Its Maker Says

Analysis Finds GM Corn Nutritionally Dead, Highly Toxic

"Play is by no means exclusively human, a fact obvious to anyone who has ever raised a dog or a cat. And it is not just domestic animals that exhibit playfulness but wild ones too - hence the phrase, "monkeying around."
- Charles Eisenstein

"Multiple generations of children have been successfully raised to adulthood in our foothills among the bears, rattlesnakes and mountain lions. Newer residents' fears that their offspring will be mauled and mutilated tell us more about their lack of real-life living skills than the dangers of wildlife. These maladapted, fearful folks should've stayed down in the sterile, low-risk, boringly safe environment of the flatlands where they obviously belong." - Ellen Zunino

"The reduction of any issue as one of people versus animals belies the irrational assumption that to be a person is to be in opposition to nature. Isn't this symptomatic of the debased relationship to the Earth that has led to global warming? Not to mention the absurdity of destroying nature to enjoy an "artificial" nature purged of its inhabitants." - Namita Goswami

"Humans can take some steps to mitigate the effects of climate change on our own species, but we can do little to help other species and their habitats adapt. To an increasing degree, invasive species will take root, fires will burn, subtle changes will overtake environments across the globe, and all manner of species will be pushed out of their native habitats - often with nowhere else to go." - Ginette Chapman

I think I could turn and live with animals,

they are so placid and self-contain'd,

I stand and look at them long and long.

They do not sweat and whine about their condition,

They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins ,

They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God,

Not one is dissatisfied,

not one is demented with the mania of owning things,

Not one kneels to another,

nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago,

Not one is respectable or unhappy over the whole Earth.

Walt Whitman

sixth mass extinction

* land animal * water animal * air animal *

The Sixth Extinction

Tiny ‘engineers’ caused first mass extinction

With humans on the scene, extinctions skyrocket

Study says Earth on brink of mass extinction event

The Sixth Great Extinction Is Underway—and We're to Blame

We’re on the path to losing large animals

Sixth extinction threatens human survival

Index gives Earth only 82% chance of being ‘habitable’

"Every 20 minutes we lose an animal species. If this rate continues, by century's end, 50% of all living species will be gone." - Jeff Corwin

"The accumulated damage humanity has wrought over the last few thousand years is enough to cause the sixth great extinction along with demise of billions of people in the 21st century due to war, famine, and epidemic. If we continue to deplete our social, spiritual, and natural capital in a desperate gambit to control the consequences of control with yet more control, then the eventual payback will be even worse." - Charles Eisenstein

Wsetern Black Rhino

* some animals recently exterminated by mankind = extinct*

some animals are threatened or endangered

* Aardvarks * Adzebill * African Clawed Frog * African Elephants * African Grey Parrots * African Wild Dog * Akialoa * Albatross * Alligators * Amazon River Dolphin * American Black Duck * Anacondas * Andean Condors * Anemones * Angelfish * Antelopes * Antlions * Apes * Arctic Puffin * Atlas Bear * Arctic Terns * Armadillos * Arowana * Asian Elephants * Atlantic Gray Whale * Atlantic White-Sided Dolphins * Attwater's Greater Prairie-Chicken * Aurochs * Australian Brush-Turkey * Australian Fur Seal * Avocets * Axolotls * Badlands Bighorn Sheep * Babirusa * Baboons * Bachman's Warbler * Badgers * Baiji Dolphin * Baird's Sparrow * Bald Eagles * Baleen Whales * Bali Tiger * Ball Pythons * Bandicoots * Barbets * Barn Owls * Bass * Bats * Bearded Dragons * Bears * Beavers * Bees * Bellbirds * Beluga Whales * Bengal Tigers * Lesser Bilbies * Greater Bilbies * Black Bears * Black-Capped Vireo * Black Howler Monkeys * Black-Bellied PloverBlack Turnstone * Blue-Billed Duck * Blue Crabs * Bluebirds * Bluebuck * Boas * Bobcats * Bogong Moth * Bonobos * Boobies * Bottlenose Dolphins * Bottlenose Whales * Bowhead Whales * Brine Shrimp * Broad-Winged Hawks * Brown Pelicans * Bryde's Whale * Buffalo * Burrowing Owls * Bush Wren * Butterflies * Button Quail * California Condors * California Gnatcatcher * California Grizzly Bear * California Quail * California Red-Legged Frog * California Sea Lion * Camels * Canada Goose * Canaries * Cane Toads * Cape Lion * Capuchin Monkeys * Capybaras * Caribbean Monk Seal * Caribou * Carolina Parakeet * Carpenter Bees * Caspian Tiger * Cassowary * Catfish * Cats * Centipedes * Chatham Island Taiko * Cheetahs * Chestnut-Collared Longspur * Chickens * Chimpanzees * Chinchillas * Chinese Mitten Crabs * Chipmunks * Cicadas * Cichlid Fishes* Civet Cats* Clownfish * Cnidarians * Cobras * Cockatiels * Cockatoos * Coelacanth * Colossal Squids * Common Dolphins * Condors * Cooper's Hawks * Copepods * Copperheads * Corals * Costa Rican Golden Toad * Cougars * Cowbirds * Cows * Coyotes * Crabs * Cranes * Crayfish * Crickets * Crocodiles * Crows * Crown-of-Thorns Starfish * Crustaceans * Cuscus * Daddy-Long-Legs Spiders * Dainty Damselfly * Dama Gazelle * Deer * Degus * Desert Tortoise * Dik-Diks * Dingoes * Discus * Dodos * Dogs * Dolphins * Donkeys * Dorkings * Dragonflies * Damselflies * Ducks * Dung Beetles * Dusky Dolphins * Eagles * Earthworms * Eastern Cougar * Eastern Elk * Eastern Mole * Echidna * Echinoderms * Egrets * Elephant Seal * Elephant Shrews * Elephants * Elk * Emperor Penguins * Ermine * Ezo Wolf * Fainting Goats * Falcons * Falkland Island Fox * Ferrets * Fiddler Crabs * Finches * Fire Bellied Toads * Fireflies * Fishing Cats * Flame Brocade Moth * Flamingos * Florida Grasshopper Sparrow * Florida Panther * Florida Red Wolf * Flower Horn Fish * Flying Fish * Flying Foxes * Foxes * Fraser's Dolphins * Frogs * Frosted Yellow Moth * Fur Seals * Galagos * Gambian Pouched Rats * Ganges River Dolphin * Gazelles * Geckos * Geese * Gerenuks * Giant Deer Mouse * Giant Panda * Giant Salamanders * Giant Squids * Gibbons * Gila Monsters * Giraffes * Goats * Golden-Cheeked Warbler * Golden Coqui * Golden Eagles * Goldfish * Gorillas * Grant-Mackie's Wren * Grasshoppers * Gray Whales * Great Blue Herons * Great Auk * Great Egrets * Great White Shark * Greater Kudus * Green Crabs * Green Tree Pythons * Green-Winged Teal * Grey Seal * Grizzly Bear * Groundhogs * Grunion * Guanacos * Gull Island Vole * Guinea Pigs * Gypsy Moth * Hammerhead Sharks * Harbor Porpoise * Harbor Seal * Harp Seal * Harpy Eagles * Hartebeest * Harvestmen * Haast's Eagle * Hawaiian Mamo * Hawaiian Monk Seal * Hawks * Hedgehogs * Hermit Crabs * Hermit Trush * Herons * Hihi *Hippopotamuses * Honeycreepers * Honshu Wolf * Horned Puffin * Horses * Horseshoe Crabs * Howler Monkeys * Human * Hummingbirds * Humpback Whales * Hydroids * Hyenas * Iguanas * Impalas * Inyo California Towhee * Irukandji Jellyfish * Isopods * Ivory-Billed Woodpecker * Jaguars * Javan Tiger * Jellyfish * Jerusalem Crickets * Jumping Spiders * Kakapo * Kokako *Kangaroos * Kermode Bear * Kestrels * Killdeer * Orcas * Killifish * Kingfishers * Kiwis * Koalas * Koi * Komodo Dragons * Kona Grosbeak * Krill * Ladybugs * Lamprey * Lark Bunting * Laughing Owl * Least Bell's Vireo * Least Weasel * Lesser Prairie-Chicken * Lemmings * Lemurs * Leopard Geckos * Leopard Seal * Leopard Shark * Leopards * Lions * Lizards * Llamas * Lobsters * Loons * Lorises * Lungfish * Lynxes * Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches * Mako Shark * Manatees * Mandrills * Mangabeys * Manta Ray * Mantella Frogs * Marbled Salamanders * Marmosets * Marmots * Marsupial Moles * Masked Northern Bobwhite * Mauritius Blue Pigeon * Mayflies * Mazarine Blue Butterfly * McCown's Longspur * Meerkats * Mice * Millipedes * Miniature Donkeys * Mink * Minke Whales * Mockingbird * Mole Salamanders * Moles * Mollusks * Monarch Butterflies * Mongoose * Monitor Lizards * Monk Seal * Monkeys * Moose * Mosquitoes * Moths * Mountain Pine Beetle * Mountain Plover * Mules * Mute Swans * Naked Mole-Rats * Narwhals * Nematodes * Newfoundland Wolf * New Guinea Singing Dog * New Zealand's Coot * Newts * Norfolk Damselfly * Northern Aplomado Falcon * Northern Cardinals * Northern Fur Seal * Northern Gannet * Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat * Northern Right Whale * Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf * North Island Goose * Nutria * Ocelots * Octopuses * Opossums * Orache Moth * Orangutans * Orioles * Oryxes * Ospreys * Ostracod * Ostriches * Otters * Owls * Oystercatchers * Pallas' Cat * Parakeets * Parrots * Passenger Pigeon * Peafowl * Pelicans * Penguins * Peregrine Falcons * Pheasants * Philippine Eagles * Pigeons * Pigs * Platypus * Pine Marten * Piranha * Poison Dart Frogs * Polar Bear * Porcupines * Porpoises * Potbellied Pigs * Pottos * Prairie Dogs * Praying Mantids * Primates * Proboscis Monkeys * Prosimians * Puffer * Pupfish * Purple Martins * Pygmy Hippopotamus * Pygmy Right Whale * Pygmy Sperm Whale * Pyrenean Ibex * Pythons * Quagga * Quokkas * Quolls * Rabbits * Raccoons * Rainbow Lorikeets * Raptors * Rats * Rattlesnakes * Rays * Recluse Spiders * Red-Breasted Merganser * Red Kangaroos * Red Pandas * Red Tail Boas * Red-Eyed Tree Frog * Red-Tailed Hawks * Reindeer * Reptiles * Reticulated Pythons * Rhinoceroses * Right Whales * Ringed Seal * Roadrunners * Rodents * Roseate Spoonbills * Rosy Boas * Saiga Antelope * Salamanders * Salmon * San Clemente Loggerhead Shrike * San Clemente Sage Sparrow * Santa Barbara Song Sparrow * Sawfish * Scarlet Ibis * Schomburgk's Deer * Scorpions * Screech Owls *Sea Slugs * Sea Spiders * Sea Turtles * Sea Urchins * Sea-Monkeys * Seadragon * Seahorse * Sharks * Sheep * Shining Cuckoo * Shrimp * Siamese Fighting Fish * Siberian Tigers * Silkworm Moth * Silky Shark * Silver Trout * Skinks * Skunks * Sloth Bear * Snakes * Snipe-Rail * Snow Geese * Snow Leopards * Snow Monkeys * Snowy Egrets * Snowy Owls * Solenodons * Sparrows * Speckled Beauty Moth * Spectacled Bear * Sprague's Pipit * Southern California Kit Fox * Sperm Whales * Spider Crabs * Spider Monkeys * Spiders * Spinner Dolphins * Spiny Anteater * Spiny Dogfish Shark * Sponges * Spoonbills * Spotted Dolphins * Squids * Squirrels * Starfish * Star-Nosed Mole * Steller Sea Lion * Steller's Sea Eagle * Stick Insects * Storks * Striped Dolphins * Sugar Gliders * Sun Bear * Swans * Swordfish * Tahrs * Takahe * Takin * Tapirs * Tarantulas * Tarpan * Tasmanian Devils * Tasmanian Tiger * Tayras * Tegus * Termites * Terns * Texas Gray Wolf * Thresher Shark * Ticks* Tïeke * Tiger Salamanders * Tiger Shark * Tiger Snake * Tigers * Toads * Toothed Whales * Toothfish * Topis * Toucans * Tree Frogs * Trout * Trumpeter Swans * Tuataras * Tufted Puffin * Tuna * Tundra Swans * Turtles * Terrapins * Uromastyx * Vampire Bats * Vesper Sparrow * Yellowfin Cutthroat Trout * Vervet Monkeys * Vicunas * Vultures * Wallabies * Walruses * Wasps * Water Buffalo * Water Dragons * Waterbucks * Weasels * Weka * Western Black Rhino * Western Meadowlarks * Western Snowy Plover * Whale Shark * Whales * White Pelican * Whooping Cranes * Widow Spiders * Wildebeest * Wisconsin Cougar * Wobbegong Shark * Wolf Spiders * Woolly Mammoth * Wolverines * Wolves * Wombats * Wood Storks * Woodpeckers * Worms * Yaks * Zebra Finches * Zebrafish * Zebras * Zebro * Zorilla *

animal vision

children compassion animals

horns chameleon
sonic the hedgehog frog
lynx hummer
hummingbird mantis
butterfly jaguar
red butterfly
yawning lion
turtle stork
spotted owl
green mamba rhino
Mr. Red Fox mouse
lemur dumbo the flying elephant
baby fire breathing dragon dragon

they told me i could be anything so i became a frog

2007 In the spring thousands fewer seals were killed in the Canadian seal hunt in the southern Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

Unusually warm weather led to the drowning of thousands of baby seals as the sea ice melted before the baby seals learned to swim.

In September three blue whales washed up on Southern California shores after a judge decreed in August that the navy can go ahead with a high power sonar 'test' off the coast of Southern California.

2008 Thousands of bats are dying from an unknown illness in the Northeast at a rate that could cause extinction.

At eight caves in New York and one in Vermont, scientists have seen bat populations plummet over two years.

A cave that had 1,300 bats in January 2006 recently had just 38 mostly underweight bats.

At another cave, more than 90% of about 15,500 bats have died since 2005.

"A quarter of all mammal species are now endangered, mostly because their habitat is disappearing." - Olivia Judson October 14, 2008

Homo sapiens caused the demise of the genus Homo neanderthalensis.

This was probably done in two ways: by driving small family groups off of productive land and by genocidal extermination of a being seen as inferior - a communal sin.

Goodbye Cruel Life
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