"I labored misguidedly under the spirit of the time, and thought misguidedly about my Eternal Soul.

I thought and spoke much of my soul or Ātman.

I knew many learned words for her.

I judged her; turning her into a scientific object.

Ātman cannot be the object of self-judgement or intellectual knowledge anymore than self-judgement and intellectual knowledge can be the subjects of Ātman.

I had to accept what I had previously called Ātman was not Ātman, but a dead belief system imprinted on Ātman.

Hence I had to speak to Ātman as of something far off in unknown distance, which did not exist within me, but through whom I existed." - Carl Gustav Jung

Gnostic Alchemy

Of the chymical transmutation and genealogy of metals 1657

"The alchemical operations were real, only this reality was not physical but psychological. Alchemy represents the projection of a drama both cosmic and spiritual in laboratory terms. The opus magnum had two aims: the rescue of the human soul and the salvation of the cosmos." - Carl Jung

Introduction to Hermetic philosophy

Gnostikos or Gnostic alchemists understand that salvation lies in the ability to transform leaden hearts into Golden Hearts.

Gnostic alchemists recognize that this transformation occurs within the Heart changing dull lead hearts into shiny Hearts of Gold !

Shiny Hearts of Gnostikos Gold share the Joy of Creation by beaming golden rays onto all they encounter in travels through the noumenon.

old soul

Significance of the Heart in Hindusim

Old Souls Experience These 6 Universal Problems

"Prayer is not asking.

It is a longing of the soul.

It is daily admission of weakness.

It is better in prayer to have a heart

without words than words without a heart."

Mahatma Gandhi

"What we are today comes from thoughts of yesterday, present thoughts build the life of tomorrow as our life is the creation of our heart.

If a man speaks or acts with an ungrateful heart, suffering will follow him as the wheel of the cart follows the beast that draws the cart.

If a man speaks or acts with a grateful heart, happiness follows him as his own shadow follows him." - Dhammapada

The heart sends neurological information to the brain and the body.

Through a pulse, the heart sends energy - a blood pressure wave.

Researchers have seen that changes in the electrical activity of brain cells occur in relation to the changes in the blood pressure wave.

The heart communicates on a biochemical level, releasing atrial peptide, a hormone that inhibits the release of other stress hormones.

The heart communicates electromagnetically.

An EKG measures an electrical signal produced by the heart.

This signal can be picked up anywhere on the body.


"The heart, O Emperor, is the abode of all things,

and the heart, O Emperor, is the support of all beings.

On the heart, O Emperor, all beings rest.

The heart truly, O Emperor, is the supreme Brahma.

His heart does not desert him, who, knowing thus, worships it."

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (4.1.7)

heart is the seat of divine compassion

"This is my Self within my heart, smaller than a grain of rice, than a kernal of barely, than a mustard seed, than a grain of millet or the kernel of a grain of millet." - Sandilya (3.14.3)

The Heart is the connecting link between Heaven and Earth.

The Heart holds the Key to the Stairway to Heaven.

In the hollow of your heart experience bliss and enter a dream state.

It is here you come face to face with the very secret of your existence.

Your heart is your weak spot. Unless you protect it well you can succumb to the negative mirror neurons of individuals that wish to control you.

It is therefore important that you fill your heart with compassion as compassion is the only defense to mirror neurons bent on domination.

The Narada Bhakti Sutras declare the Creator and Sustainer is of the form of compassion and eternal bliss, and so is the Eternal Soul.

Those who attains Nirvana becomes eternal and blissful.

We fail to experience Nirvana by choosing illusions and duality.

The compassion of Shiva-Nataraja, manifested Creator and Sustainer, emanates from the heart without duality and without objectification, an infinite ocean of compassion within the noumenon.

hard heart without nature

Cannabinoid receptors in atherosclerosis

Statins stimulate atherosclerosis and heart failure

Cannabinoid therapy reduces progression of atherosclerosis

Agápe is more intense and powerful than any human being can imagine.

Agápe radiates in all directions touching everyone who comes into contact with it, just as light radiates from the sun touching everything in its path.

This intense vulnerable compassion cannot be sustained indefinitely.

Emanated compassion allows escape from detachment and indifference.

broken heart strings

Broken Heart Syndrome

Chinese charater for brokenheart

You really can die from a broken heart

Heartbeat Fluctuations May Affect How Wise You Are

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in winter of 2005 suggests that many individuals suffering mild heart attacks may have actually experienced what researchers dubbed "broken heart syndrome."

The biochemistry associated with stress cardiomyopathy, which causes temporary heart failure, was described for the first time.

Stress cardiomyopathy triggered by an emotional jolt and typified by high levels of stress hormones known as catecholamines in the bloodstream.

The condition resembles a heart attack and can cause death.

An understanding of normal cardiac physiology is essential before rhythm disturbances can be understood.

Rhythm disturbances result from abnormalities of impulse formation or conduction seen with previous myocardial infarction and scar formation.

A slight intraventricular conduction delay is a nonspecific finding indicating some process or other damaging the electrical system of the heart.

In stress cardiomyopathy - "broken heart syndrome," apical ballooning syndrome or takotsubo cardiomyopathy - intense emotional or physical stress causes rapid and severe heart muscle weakness (cardiomyopathy).

This potentially life-threatening condition occurs after emotional stressors such as grief (e.g. death of a loved one), fear, extreme anger, and surprise.

It can occur following physical stressors such as stroke, seizure, difficulty breathing (such as a flare of asthma or emphysema), or significant bleeding.

While the causes of the conditions are different, symptoms of stress cardiomyopathy are often similar to those of a heart attack:

Chest pain

Shortness of breath



Nausea and vomiting

Weakness Palpitations (the sensation of the heart pounding)

Similar to a heart attack, patients with stress cardiomyopathy can present with low blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and even shock.

Unlike a heart attack, which kills heart cells, it seems stress cardiomyopathy uses adrenaline and other hormones to temporarily stun heart cells.

It is difficult to assess the prevalence of cardiomyopathy accurately.

Many cases go undiagnosed and patients with undiagnosed cardiomyopathy can present with sudden cardiac death.

Strict diagnostic criteria are lacking.

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