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"Whenever there is a strong lock used there is something precious hidden.

The thicker the Veil, the more valuable the jewel.

A hoard of treasure is guarded by a large snake; do not dwell on the hideousness of the snake, contemplate the dazzling and the priceless things you'll discover in the treasure." - Rumi

The serpent has been a symbol of long life, healing, and knowledge among almost all cultures and religions since the beginning of recorded history.

The serpent was revered by the Aztec, Chinese and Native Americans.

The single serpent staff appears on a Sumerian vase of 2000 BC representing the healing god Ningishita, model for the Greek god of healing Æsculapius.

The medical professions in America use the caduceus - a pole entwined with 2 snakes, which originally was a symbol of heralds and commerce.

Ironically, this is the staff of Mercury (Hermes) who is the god of thieves.

The traditional symbol of medicine is the staff of Æsculapius with a single serpent encircling a staff, classically a rough-hewn knotty oak tree limb.

got gnosis

"The serpent represents magical power, which also appears
where animal drives are aroused imperceptibly in us."

Carl Jung, Liber Novus, Page 366

In rejuvation of life the serpent sheds skin, as the moon sheds its shadow.

The Serpent sheds its skin to be reborn, as the moon its shadow to be reborn.

Life sheds one generation after another, to be reborn.

The Serpent represents immortal energy and eternal consciousness of the Creator engaged in the field of time, throwing off death and being reborn.

The serpent is a traveling alimentary canal, that's about all it is.

It gives you that primary sense of shock, of life in its most primal quality.

Sometimes the serpent is represented as a circle eating its own tail.

The serpent represents the primary function of life, mainly eating.

Life lives on Life. The essence of life is this eating of itself !

The Ouroboros, also spelled Oroborus, Uroboros or Uroborus, is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent swallowing its own tail and forming a circle.

The Ouroboros is one of the oldest mystical symbols on Earth.


There are two of us talking in circles

and one of us who wants to leave

in a world forged for only us

an empty cage that has no key

don't you know we're working with flesh and blood

carving out of jealousy

Crawling into each other it's smothering

every little part of me

What kind of love is this that keeps me

hanging on despite everything it's doing to me

what is this love that keeps me coming

back for more when it will only end in misery

I know too many people unhappy

in a life from which they'd prefer to flee

watching others get everything offered

they're wanton for discovery

Oh my brother my sister my mother

you're loosing your identity

can't you see that it's you in the

window shining with intensity

What kind of love is this that keeps me

hanging on despite everything it's doing to me

what is this love that keeps me coming

back for more when it will only end in misery

Sarah McLachlan

unicorn meat

The Stone Age Diet

"The moon of true knowledge

- the educator of mankind -

hath been obscured."


Life continues by casting off death and being reborn.

The serpent in most cultures is given a positive interpretation.

In India even the most poisonous snake, the cobra, is a sacred animal and the mythological serpent king is the next thing to the Buddha.

The serpent represents the power of life engaged in the field of time, and of death, yet eternally alive; the world is but its shadow - the falling skin.

The serpent is a very powerful friend in the American Indian traditions.

Go down to the pueblos and watch the snake dance of the Hopi, they take the snakes in their mouths make friends and then send them back to the hills.

The snakes are sent back to carry the human message to the hills, just as they have brought the message of the hills to the humans.

The interplay of man and nature is illustrated in this serpent relationship.

A serpent flows like water, but its tongue continually flashes fire.

So you have the pair of opposites together in the serpent.

Young, angry and 'untouchable': India's low-caste threat to Modi

Now at that time a priest had been killed by the bite of a snake.

When they announced the matter to The Blessed One, he said:

"Surely now, 0 priests, that priest never suffused the four royal families of the snakes with his friendliness.

For if, 0 priests, that priest had suffused the four royal families of the snakes with his friendliness, that priest, 0 priests, would not have been killed by the bite of a snake.

And what are the four royal families of the snakes?

The Virilpakkhas are a royal family of snakes;

the Erapathas are a royal family of snakes;

the Chabyaputtas are a royal family of snakes;

the Kanhagotamakas are a royal family of snakes.

Surely, now, 0 priests, that priest did not suffuse the four royal families of the snakes with his friendliness.

For surely, 0 priests, if that priest had suffused the four royal families of the snakes with his friendliness, that priest, 0 priests, would not have been killed by the bite of a snake.

I enjoin, 0 priests, that ye suffuse these four royal families of the snakes with your friendliness; sing a song of defense for your protection and safeguard.

After this manner, 0 priests, shall ye sing:"

'Creatures without feet have my compassion,

And likewise those that have two feet,

And those that have four feet I care about,

And those, too, that have many feet.

'May those without feet harm me not,

And those with two feet cause no hurt;

May those with four feet harm me not,

Nor those who possess many feet.

'Let creatures all, all things that live,

All beings of whatever category,

See nothing that will bode them ill!

May naught of evil come to them!"

"Give ear, 0 priests ! The Eternal Life has been gained !"

"I will instruct you, and teach you the Doctrine.

If you will live according to my instructions, in no long time, and in this present life, you shall learn to live for yourselves, and shall realize and live in the possession of that highest bliss to which the holy life conducts."

"Let The Blessed One teach the Doctrine.

Some having but little defilement though not hearing the Doctrine perish.

Some will be found to understand the Doctrine and they will not perish."

-from the CullaVagga, Buddhist sacred text

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