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axiomatic concepts

"Concepts, in fact, are outside each other, like objects in space; and they have the same stability as such objects, on which they have been modeled.

Taken together, they constitute an "intelligible world" that resembles the world of solids in its essential characters, but whose elements are diaphanous, easier for the intellect to deal with than concrete images.

They are not, indeed, the perception itself of things, but the representation of the act by which the intellect is fixed on them.

They are, therefore, not images, but symbols.

Logic is the complete set of rules that must be followed in using symbols." - Henri Bergson

a concept is defined as :

something formed in the mind; a thought or notion

Concept and perception are entwined like vines enwrapping each other.

The process of conceptualization is an activity of interpreting perceptions.

An abstract or general idea inferred, implied, surmised or derived through induction or deduction from specific instances or general occurrences.

Conceptualization is a cognitive process using all the modes of thought to comprehend the incomprehensible in the attempt to transform something incomprehensible into something understandable.

The quality of a concept has to do with the knowledge and understanding of what is conceived, entailing configurations of relationships, meanings, all flavored, highlighted, enhanced with metaphoric imagery and symbol.

There are two basic kinds of concepts = theoretical and empirical.

A theoretical concept is an abstraction, a speculative notion, a mental model we mentally build in order to grasp something intangible.

To abstract means to draw or derive from.

A theoretical concept comes about when we abstract a comprehensive configuration of thought from that which is incomprehensible.

A theoretical concept usually takes a metaphoric form referring back to "something" not available to the 21 senses, having no concrete tangible existence in and of itself.

Theoretical concepts we are familiar with, such as "God," "democracy ," "death," "communism," "patriotism," have been traditionally formulated to suit a tacit social cultural agreement.

By accepting these concepts as having an existence we come to believe them to have a tangible existence when they do not.

You can be patriotic, but you cannot see, touch, or taste patriotism.

It is the same with all theoretical concepts.

Empirical concepts relate to tangible activities of the sensory domain: cooking, craftsmanship, poetry and terrorist supression.

We see the color of the tomato, touch for the firmness of an avocado, smell the ripeness in a peach, hear the dull thunk on a ripe melon and taste it all.

Terrorist supression calls for the physical action of "boots on the ground" and involves eyes and ears, "If you see something say something."

Theoretical concepts can work in tandem with empirical concepts.

The theoretical concept of patriotism stirs emotional implants deep in the subconscious playing back images and symbols of tangible activities: sporting events, parades, 4th of July fireworks, hot dogs, apple pie, sunstroke after too many beers and melted ice cream running down arms.

All nations inculcate a sense of patriotism in their citizens.

"As a final effort, the singer rendered some verses which described a vision of Britain being annihilated by America, and Ireland bursting her bonds.

A carefully prepared crisis is reached in the last line of the last verse, where the singer throws out her arms and cries, "The Star-Spangled Banner!"

A great cheer swelled from the throats of the assemblage.

There was a heavy rumble of booted feet thumping the floor.

Eyes gleamed with sudden fire, and calloused hands waved frantically in the air." - Stephen Crane

Those sincerely committed to self-knowledge, in all its complexity, refuse to be manipulated by the deceitful patriotic propaganda and religious rhetoric.

Theoretical concepts have the potential to deeply influence subconscious understanding of reality without conscious awareness.

Those with delusions of grandeur use the magical incantation of rhetoric to artificially program the gullible human subconscous into believing that Hiroshima was necessary.

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axiomatic concepts

Axiomatic concepts are implicit in every perception as they are the foundation of all other concepts.

Axiomatic concepts include: existence, identity, consciousness.

To perceive a thing is to perceive that it exists.

To perceive a thing is to perceive that it is something.

To perceive a thing is to perceive that one is conscious.

Axiomatic concepts cannot be defined in terms of other concepts as foundational concepts are logically prior to all other concepts.

No proof can be offered for axiomatic concepts, nor is any needed:

it is self-contradictory to deny them, for they must be accepted and used in every such denial as they are self-evident.

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