"The function of prayer is not to influence Æon,
but rather to change the nature of the one who prays."

Søren Kierkegaard

It is important for beginners in prayer to start off being detached from every satisfaction and to enter the path solely to help Jesus carry the cross.

I shall say nothing about things of which I do not have much experience.

Beginners cultivate a garden on barren soil full of abominable weeds.

The Lord pulls up the weeds and plants good seed.

With the help of the Lord we must strive, like good gardeners, to get these plants to grow and give forth a most pleasant fragrance.

rainbow rain from heaven

Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

The Garden can be watered in four ways.

Draw water from a well or waterwheel and aqueducts, water may flow from a river or a stream or water may be provided by rain from the heavens.

A Soul beginning to practice prayer will have begun to water the garden.

Rain from heaven often comes when the gardener is least expecting it, although it almost always occurs after a long period of prayer and reflection.

In mystical theology the intellect ceases to work as Lord suspends it.

When the Lord suspends the intellect and causes it to stop.

The Lord gives it that which holds its attention and makes it marvel.

Without reflection the Eternal Soul understands more in the space of a moment than the intellect can understand with diligence in many years.

prison of your mind

"The tendency of the intellect is to fabricate."

Henri Bergson

The Lord gave me, in a moment, crystal clear understanding, I knew how to explain the compassion the Lord grants through prayer in an amazing way.

Through prayer the Divine Spark of Life is recognized as the Eternal Soul.

The Lord desires enlightenment in compassion accompanied by delight.

This divine spark cannot be acquired only discovered by searching the depths of the Eternal Soul; understanding must be experienced.

The Spirit of the Lord is reflected in recollection of this divine spark.

The intellect, eager for delight, is quickly left cold as no matter how much we desire to kindle the divine spark to obtain compassionate release, we appear to be unable to do anything other than throw water on it and kill the fire.

If we do not extinguish this tiny divine spark is what will enkindle in our Eternal Soul the large fire that throws forth the flames of Compassion.

Calmly and wisely the mind must understand our efforts are like the careless use of large pieces of wood which smother this tiny divine spark.

I close my eyes.

Everything is in motion here.

The intellect representing. Memory hurrying about.

For certainly these faculties tire me out from time to time.

Although I have a poor memory, I cannot subdue it.

One should realize this and humbly say: "Lord, what am I capable of here?"

One should pay no attention to the intellect, for it is a grinding mill.

The Eternal Soul may work to recollect the memory, for often it will find itself in this Mystical Union, calm while the intellect wanders aimlessly.

If the intellect is keen it will compose speeches, search for ideas and will think it is doing something important if those ideas are well expressed.

It is better that the Eternal Soul leave the intellect alone than chase it.

"For the Eternal Soul without the mind can neither say nor do anything; for many times the mind flies away from the Eternal Soul, and in that hour the Eternal Soul neither seeth nor heareth, but is like an unreasonable thing; so great is the power of the mind." - Hermes Trimegistus

In those to whom this experience happens, the effects are remarkable!

One should not weary oneself in seeking reflections but just remain in His presence with the intellect quiet and bask in His compassion.

Intellect has a clear understanding that we are in the Presence of the Lord.

Now, in the Presence of the Lord, ask for deeper communion not with the noise of words but with longing for union with the Lord.

This mode of prayer includes many things in which more of the Compassion of the Lord is obtained than through a great deal of intellectual reflection.

The intellect thinks it has found everything, but knows not how it knows.

In the beginning I was ignorant as I didn't know the Lord was in all things, though He seemed so present to me, I thought omnipresence was impossible.

I felt the presence of Him here in my own Eternal Soul.

walking the thin space

make ignorance history know yourself

The Lord desires for us to know that He loves us, that His presence is real.

Those who have no knowledge told me that He was present only by grace.

I could not believe this, as He was present; and so I was confused.

A knowledgeable man freed me from doubt, for he told me that the Lord was present and of how the Lord communicates Himself to our Eternal Soul.

It seems impertinent as we all know that the Lord always is here with us.

The contentment the Lord grants fills the void our sin has carved out.

This contentment takes place in the very intimate depths of the Eternal Soul, and the Eternal Soul doesn't know where the contentment comes from.

The contentment the Lord grants is different from the delights of Earth.

The Lord's radiant compassion causes no harm, no matter how long it lasts.

After the Lord granted me His favor I felt much better afterward.

The experience of feeling of the Lord' compassion leaves a rare detachment.

More than spiritual knowledge alone is involved.

For now that the mind is completely detached from temporality, it appears that the Lord wants to effect this detachment in the body itself, and there is brought about a new estrangement from worldly things.

The Eternal Soul ascends, taken up to the highest tower.

In this state of divine grace the Eternal Soul sees very clearly now.

Fix the mind on true vision and everlasting wisdom.

Keep this wisdom always in mind, especially in the beginning.

Remember the short time everything lasts and how everything is nothing.

It becomes clear it is necessary to forget these things in order to live.

The tremendous power of the Lord impresses deep humility.

Favors given by the Lord make us incapable of holding back the body.

From this experience comes the need to return to everyday life; wings have sprouted enabling one to fly with ease; the fledgling has shed its down.

Intellectual humility is nothing in comparison with the true humility.

The Lord bestows a strong desire to advance in communion through prayer.

Eternal Soul, offering itself up, feels sure, while humble, that it is redeemed.

The Lord casts out servile fear and grants a feeling of awe.

Ascension of the Eternal Soul to the Lord is Ecstasy.

The body is left so light that all its weight is gone.

This feeling reaches such a point as to be compared with walking on water.

I was conscious in such a way that I could understand I was being elevated.

The brightness of the sun therein melts spiritual darkness away.

The longest space of time in this suspension of all the senses is very short.

The Eternal Soul desires periods of solitude in order to enjoy succor.

"The mind is wavering and restless,

difficult to guard and restrain:

let the wise man straighten

his mind as a maker of arrows

makes his arrows straight."


As awareness dawns the Eternal Soul loses its craving for worldly things.

It is hard to explain an experience one cannot even begin to put into words

Being raised up can only be understood through experience.

Now the quiet and calm remain as the intellect communes with the Lord.

Distracted the will brings the intellect and memory back to recollection.

The very gentle delight in being alive bestowes peace on the Eternal Soul.

Further prayer creates deeper union of the Eternal Soul with the Lord' endless compassion but what this union is, I do not know how to explain.

These matters are expounded in mystical theology; I do not know the words.

The way the Eternal Soul goes forth from itself is comparable to what happens when a fire is burning and flaming as it becomes a forceful blaze.

The flame shoots very high above the fire, but the flame is not by that reason something different from the fire but the same flame that is in the fire.

I am attempting to explain what Eternal Soul feels when in Divine Union.

Divine Union means that two separate things become One in Spirit.


"You spent all night crying, "My Lord! My Lord!"

He who heard your "My Lord' My Lord" has come.

Your grief lasted so long! Look, healing is here:

Your door was locked, look, here is the key.

You mourned and fasted before the Table of Heaven:

Break your fast now, for the new Moon is born.

Be silent, be silent, for by the command of Æon

The shock of amazement annihilates all words.


It frightens those whose intellects are concerned with things of the Earth that they have no intellect by which they can understand divine truths.

Frequently the Lord gives me an eg● the spirit within this union.

When this category of union happens I cannot engage in discourse.

Memory merged with the imagination resembles the death agony.

This suffering bears along with it great ecstacy.

It is an arduous, delightful martyrdom since it admits no earthly thing.

The Eternal Soul clearly understands that it desires only Union.

Just as joy suspends the senses, so it is suffering that suspends them here.

In this suffering the Eternal Soul is purified like gold in the crucible.

I can only say that the Eternal Soul appears to be joined to the Lord.

No one believes this if they have not experienced it!

When thought is in bondage

Truth remains Hidden,

everything is murky and unclear,

the burdensome practice of judging

brings annoyance and weariness."

Hsin Hsin Ming

The Eternal Soul understands that it is enjoying an incomprehensible good.

Sin binds us into spiritual c✡rrupti✡n and holds us in its power.

The Eternal Soul becomes obsessed with serving the Lord.

The Eternal Soul is very clearly aware this virtue came from the Lord.

In that moment the Eternal Soul understands the heavenly Gardener granted these favors through divine mercy and divine grace.

Virtue is found in the fragrance of the blooming flowers.

Reflecting on things of Earth would require no small amount of boldness.

In my opinion a background of studies is like a treasure to aid in this practice of union with the Lord if the studies are accompanied by humility.

I hold that:

Spiritually corrupt individuals have a tremendous fear of true knowledge.

They condemn humilty, not knowing the loving impulse that moves it.

The life formerly lived was nothing but a blind prisoner' life.

The Eternal Soul deplores concern about reputation and the deception it suffered in believing that what men called 'honor' was true honor.

The Eternal Soul sees authentic honor stands not with error but with Truth.

I experience consuming impulses to tell this truth to those who are rulers.

In my opinion no effort of ours brings us to epiphanous contentment.

Teresa Sanchez de Cepeda y Ahumada

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